ANXIETY, EXHAUSTION & BURNOUT are wicked little teachers…

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After the brilliant fullness of last year I crashed and burned in December.

The day it really hit me was Christmas Eve.. I still hadn’t done any christmas shopping and found myself hurried and exhausted with all the other droves of people in a large shopping centre. One minute I was on auto-pilot “get it done” mode then next minute I found myself tucked away in the corner of Big W crying. For two hours. Think snot and tears.

Why was I crying? Nothing had “happened”. No big disaster. (Just the minor issue of completely annihilating myself with over work and commitments over the course of an 18month period)

My body was exhausted. My emotions and energy were beyond frayed. I was bone tired in every which way.

Physically. Emotionally. Mentally. Spiritually.

I mean, I knew I was tired. The fact my skin had been burning like a Chinese burn on and off for the previous 3 months was a subtle hint, right? But I had deadlines to meet and I was having fun! Nothing a bit of ignoring wouldn’t take care of. (I know you do that too!)

After letting it all out, I dusted myself off, hopped off to do the shopping and decided a couple of weeks off over Christmas and New Year was just what I needed!

My Soul Self laughed at my Human Self’s two week holiday decision.

December passed.. my normally responsive body did not recover from the time out like it usually did. Instead I proceeded to become more unstuck.

Low level anxiety grew till it felt like strangulation on the daily. Panic attacks appeared like a boogie monster jumping unexpectedly out from random places in public having me racing back to my car in a white hot mess!

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Tales from the Table – Inside an intuitive session













Sometimes intuitive readings don’t go to plan.

In fact, that’s how it should be in my books.

A beautiful, gentle client got in touch with me to book a top-up session as there were a few things she needed confirmation and clarity on. I met Kyra back last December or January just gone, for a full reading and now six or so months later she was after a little more assistance.

This lady is a wild woman. She is fierce but ever so gentle you’d hardly know.

She is deeply in tune and connected but hasn’t embraced her many life times of skill as fully as she could. Well, not yet anyway..

But when Kyra lets herself slide softly into her passion area’s her face beams, her energy field brightens and shifts so she feels like a sparkler – there is this contagious exhilarating rush.

Right now though, she has things on her mind. Life. Challenges. Significant decisions to ponder and make. An unseen path that she can only juuuuust feel.

I knew as soon as we settled that today it wasn’t going to be me doing the work. It was her.

So I bunkered down. Anchored my energy, and expanded my field to hold the space.

As we got talking Kyra began to feel incredibly light headed and dizzy. She became nauseous and tingly and wondered what was happening.

Guiding her to ground herself, I explained that I was not going to do the work today. That she was.

Kyra’s eyes held my gaze and explained that she is is so blocked spiritually. That the last deep spiritual experience she had was when she was 18. She teared up and let out a ream of frustrations about herself, her life, the world, tears tumbled down her cheeks.

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Step by step Intuitive guide on How to Start Something New.












Sometimes we know it’s time to start something new. Or even just start.

We may not know where, how or even what on, but we know we need to make a move.

Committing to that decision and intention in itself kick starts a whole bunch of magic!

And seeing as I am feeling the call to start a new project, the rise of old and familiar feelings of nervousness, fear, excitement and “oh boy, what if this fails” is pretty present.

Thing is though, I don’t feel near a terrified as I once did. And that’s because I’ve been around this little merry-go-round a couple of times now and I’m noticing a pretty familiar pattern of guidance and instruction and wanted to share with you, especially if you’re ready to start that thing.


Step One :

Every day. (EVERY DAY!!!!) step into your Self.

Got that?

Every day, multiple times a day even, step into You.
The You you feel. The You you witness when you’re daydreaming delicious daydreams. The You who is living and giving in a way that completely reflects Who You Are.

I don’t mean, watch yourSelf being awesome in the day dream. I mean STEP INTO that You.

You will know when you step into You, because instantly you will feel energised and alive. You wont have to wait, it will be immediate.

Try it now and see.

When we choose ourselves – when you decide to become You, you connect to Source. You will experience an abundance of energy! You will feel ignited and wonderfully content with who you are and where you’re at.

The more you connect with You, the clearer your direction will become. So if you’ve been feeling lost, start here.











Step Two:

Receiving Vision

As you develop and strengthen your connection with the real You, things will very rapidly begin to become clear.

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Full Moon Channelling from the Cosmic Crew










My guides brought this little Full Moon guidance in for you all. :)


As the moon rises so must you.

Do not fear.

Any discomfort of rising emotions you may be experiencing are what we would call growing pains.

For some are being stretched and awakened to a capacity they have not been stretched and awaked to before.

For others, you have been building momentum to soar.

Regardless, the change is inevitable.

This has been a period of deep transformation and awakening. Of dramatic shifts and the integrations of shadows and your greater Being. A period of time that commenced in what you call 2012.

Here now heralds the opening of a new door.

Each of you carry a unique coding that you have been slowly accessing, guiding you to make seemingly non-sensical changes within your life.

We wish to assure you it has not been illogical or random. But measured and to plan.

The accelerated energy you are about to be immersed in will rapidly flow you towards your grandest intention.

And here is what we wish to make clear….








Ensure your intention reflects your highest truth and desires for yourself but also extends beyond your life – to ALL life. You will receive whatever you emit.

Make peace with your shadow, it is there to support you. It is your fossil fuel when integrated.

Disconnect from all behaviours that no longer serve you. You know what they are by how you feel.

And so, it is time for you to turn downstream.

You are not even your most current thought about yourSelf. You have moved beyond even that.

You are ALL the grandness you have refused to accept. And it is time now for you to begin to embrace.

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For Creatives & Life Architects.. what you may be missing.

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This post is for you if you’re in the processing of making things happen!

If you’re creating some kind of change in your life or business… and are having a little trouble bringing it into being OR are keen to really get it moving and shaking…

This is for you if you’re feeling a little fearful, in need of some inner nourishment and confidence too!

I’ve spent a good lot of my life feeling scared, unsupported, and not grounded. Living up in my higher chakras was safe.

But I realised I couldn’t keep doing this if I actually wanted to make my dreams, real.

I knew I needed to address this issue and I also sensed it wasn’t going to be through an external action..

I needed to ground. And learn how to switch between the higher and lower states pronto!

Let me tell you… it’s been THE BEST decision and commitment I’ve made to myself in forever! And it just keeps getting better.


CREATORS… Which one are you?

For us creatives and spiritual adventurer’s we find it very easy to dream and vision.

I could almost bet inspired idea’s flow in frequently and rapidly when they do!
Your mind and heart see’s the world creatively. You have an innate ability to be able to grasp hold of the deeper message and meaning and you FEEL really hard.

You’re a visual consumer and a heart based feeler.

These are your primary creation modes.

What this tells me is your heart chakra and your third eye are frequently getting a work out. Depending on your unique structure.. I would also add that your crown and sacral chakra get a decent flexing too.

For the more practical creators…

You guys are about your base, sacral, and heart chakra’s.

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INSIGHTFUL & (kinda) CONTROVERSIAL – Why there’s no Index in the Oracle Book. (Plus a step by step intuitive oracle guide)

Living With Soul

IMG_0819(Photo via @janehallisey)

So… I’ve been waiting for this. A beautiful seeking soul recently came knock knock knocking at my door asking….

“Am I missing something? There doesn’t seem to be an index or alphabetical order to the Oracle book?”

Bless. And no, there is nothing missing…
I didn’t include an index, nor any strong structure around the order and flow of the channelled guidance within the book.

Yep. None.

How does that make you feel? A little lost? Out at sea? Confused?

I know. I am sorry for that. But you see… I’m here to support you in getting in touch with your natural intuitive abilities and internal self trust and belief…. not enable you to continue to heavily rely on an external support.

But I do get it. Logically it “makes sense” to have a system, a structure, an index to the oracle book.
It creates ease when you need to find out what the heck that card means right?! I know it….

But… I’ve been a sneaky sausage.

I haven’t included an index because I wanted to create a S P A C E between you and the external, already formed answer we all quickly seek above and beyond our own intuitive knowing and guidance.

I am asking you to go off the beaten track. Into your own woods. To more deeply connect and strengthen your intuitive wisdom.

The cards are visual prompts that will speak to you, eliciting, evoking and stirring up soul juices. It is your job to allow the whispers of your own internal knowing to come to the surface.

That means there needs to be a presence within yourSelf and a pause before you race to the book for guidance.

How could I do this I pondered? What is a simple and non threatening way I can allow a
“g-a-p” so natural flourishing goodness could rise up?

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