Hello Beautiful People! 

Welcome to the acid trip /plant medicine journey of 2022! It’s going to be a magical carpet ride of a year. One that has the potential to elevate us even further, expand us into the force of Magic and bring us into gentler communication and respect for Gaia. No, we wont get to the end of the year and be in New Earth or have transcended our physical bodies (eye roll). But – this year can soften us even further into our Self, awakening us further to our senses (including our unseen senses) more than we can imagine and seed new pathways of potency that will develop and grow.

2020-2022 OVER-VIEW. 

As I spoke about (on youtube) at the beginning of 2021 – the disruptive and transformative period of 2020-2023 can be viewed as catalyst ‘building block’ years. Kind of like when you’re doing a house reno and you think it’s straight forward and then you discover the framework pillars of the house has termites and dry rot and mould and it’s devastating news that initially brings anxiety, lots of re-consideration and a slowing down and reassessment of everything. 

2020-2021 were the years where our initial view of the world and our values were HUGELY challenged. Just like the challenge of getting your head around the hidden structural rot of the house. Many didn’t want to see it. It was, has and continues to be challenging to accept and grieve that how we naively thought the world was, was not actually how it was at all. And naturally that strikes at our own personal beliefs and values in regards to how we’ve each individually created our life. This brings up defensiveness, fear, anxiety – all natural responses to great change but also destructive energies and emotions if we were to continue to live there.

So, after the 2020 catalyst, we’ve slowly developed and shifted through a new ‘building block’ layer through 2021 – the year of the mental body. And now in 2022, we enter into the year of the Heart. 

2021 – The Mind & Mental Body. Shadow activation of Solar Plexus through Division & Censorship. 

2021 was a very mental year where each of us in our own way began to sink our teeth in to getting our heads wrapped around what’s happened and what’s unfolding. Our minds were very active and  a little more discerning. However, it is important to also understand that our mind is not just our brain/logic/mental faculties but is also our mental body! Our mental capacity extends beyond our brain and into our energy field, in particular our mental body. 

Many people throughout 2021  became very overloaded and over stimulated through the massive amounts of new and diverse spectrums of information being shared in an attempt to be a-top of the unfolding changes in the world.

This meant many people found themselves psychically entangled in strong information ‘currents’ within collective consciousness bands that were like chaotic, static-y ‘high winds’ of mental energy resulting in the experience heightened fear and anxiety in the body. (Which doesn’t support our nervous, lymph, skeletal or immune system when we’ve over-indulged or got caught up in those energies)

The more we understand that we are all psychic beings because of our foundational vibrational nature – obsessively binging on information through the mental plane didn’t bring us clarity or peace but instead potentially created more inner turmoil and worry, especially if the emotional, spiritual and physical body was neglected or under-nourished. 

If you had this mental body initiation experience and re-balanced and re-harmonised yourself through it – well done! 

What you may have also discovered, is the more you tended to your emotional energies, spiritual self and physical body through movement, self connection and nature you felt and experienced an increased harmony within you.  This supported you to continue to expand your thinking – both within your rational mind AND your mental energy field, allowing you to access new realms of thought that lead to understanding yourself more fully.

Now that you’re intentionally more harmonised, new ways of thinking, new ideas, pathways and perspectives that were resonate, soothing, inspiring and nourishing to your emotional, spiritual and physical body began to stream through, further revealing deeper truths about your values, beliefs and what’s important in your life.

If you sat with those expanded thoughts and energies you would have found guiding instructions around how to begin to create them, creating a stronger or new emerging sense of self trust and internal anchorage that you slowly began to own for others to see and feel.


2022 is the year where we are invited to go even deeper and more expansive in our energies. 

Expansiveness isn’t just about going higher – think of expansiveness like a big strong old tree. It has slowly but surely developed an expansive and wide root system that is strong and grounded to allow it to grow to expansive (there’s that word again!) heights with big beautiful branches and sensitive, alive leaves that pick up the subtlest shift in winds and sunlight. 

2022 is a year where we personally and collective become more self responsible for what nourishes us uniquely and allows us to be increasingly centred in our Self through our heart. 

It is another ‘building block’ year where we take what we’ve learnt about ourselves, the structures in our life and the beliefs we hold linked to those structures, we recognise that our greatest gift, power and influence on those in our lives the world direction we wish to contribute to comes from tending to our own wellbeing that encompasses our mind, body and spirit.

When we intentionally create and take care of our personal harmonics through addressing and reassessing the quality of our energy and expression, what we give our energy to and what we allow to influence our energy in mind, body and spirit we generate a personal sovereignty and safety that comes from within and emanates powerfully through our field and our choices and actions in positive, life giving ways. 

2022 is going to take us into our heart.  And it is here that we will start to VALUE ourselves more. And through valuing yourself, your self worth and recognising your personal values and honouring them you shine brightly being a beacon for others to do the same or them . You may be sensing this already. 


We will be asked to see deeper truths about ourselves, recognise any glaring or lingering Shadow aspects/beliefs/unprocessed painful energy and soften into further embracing ourselves.

While this will always result in divine radiance and powerful regeneration of your energy, purpose and expression, it’s not always comfortable and fun to initially navigate. It’s also not something that you’ll be able to navigate through the mechanics of your logical mind or ego construct alone. To really move into a new depth of connection and expression of yourself you have to develop or re-develop your relationship with your spiritual self. 

2022 is where we develop a new sense of knowing our Self. One that is bringing in the deeper recognition that you are a spiritual being that is a part of a great and divine Whole. And as you begin to take more time to get to know You – and the incredible diversity and spectrum of Light that you are – both your shadowy parts and your illuminate brilliance, slowly loosening your grip on solely using your mental faculties to compute things something very other-worldly, loving, gentle, playful and clear knowing opens up within you.

You will begin to slowly but surely feel more at peace in yourself and in the dichotomy of knowing but also not knowing. You will start to integrate more of your senses – trusting in the subtle cues and shifts your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies pick up. You will grow more secure and confident in honouring what is right for you – even if others don’t understand it. Your vibrational reach through your personal energy field and frequency will be larger, allowing you to play in new streams of collective and universal consciousness and your personal discernment will be more attuned to what is right for you and your personal path and direction. 

Essentially, this year is about CHOICE.  To choose to continue to experience yourself through the same consciousness bands and vibrational realities your are familiar with. OR support yourself, through self responsibility and self loving disciple to simplify and put in place new internal and external structures that support you to experience yourself, your life and the world through a broader spectrum of frequencies that comes from taking care of personal energy.

We can continue trying to run our life and our body through the same energies, routines, beliefs and avoidant, fearful constructs that deplete us. Or tend to ourselves in new and unique ways that open us to fresh possibilities, gifting us more scope, more Light, more energy and vitality in our body, mind and spirit to creatively weave our material reality from. 

Collective Shadow, Illusions and Social Chaos

In saying that, there is still going to be a chaos and confusion in the world as the layers of the Old World matrix continue to crumble and dissolve. And we will FEEL these changes ESPECIALLY if we are looking to the external world for a sense of safety and security. Doing this will only heighten your anxiety and put you into freeze, fear, mode. So ensure that when you are in a fearful flux the first place you seek solace from is the God Source within yourSelf. 

There are going to be curve balls, significant changes, revelations and truths and illusions that will arise and take us by ‘surprise’ this year. The layers/structures of the ‘matrix’ we’ve been accustomed to will continue to radically shift, evolve and dissolve.  Some of these old world matrix structures are past the point of cracking and crumbling and are rapidly moving into ‘soluble dissolve mode’ which will become evident especially towards the end of the year from October onwards. So expect endings both personally and collectively.  Expect continued change. Nothing that will be offered up this year on a collective or national structural level is concrete. Things are going to continue to change and then change again.  

Illusion & Agendas will continue to play out. This is part of the dissolution of the dense toxicity and darkness that was stagnated and indoctrinated within our collective psyche and the shadow structures of the media, banking, military, medicine, science, corporate and governmental sectors that have directed the trajectory of our world and life. While there will be more exposure of Truth, even this truth will have a skewered twist. So keep that in mind as darkness is exposed. However, it will feel both wonderful to have things increasingly ‘out in the open’ whilst it also being difficult to digest.

I ‘see’ a lot of robust, strong ’red threatening heat’ coming from China with large red ribbons of energy streaming from China to Australia and New Zealand, USA and Europe. These energies feel very old as though they’ve been developing over significant periods of time and infiltrate many countries governmental, economic, social and trading systems. There is a CLEAR triangle of energy between China, Australia and USA. Words or energies that come with this are control, power, over-reach, domination, stand-offs. And just to be clear here – I am not speaking about the people of China but the overshadow of the forces of leadership in China. 

I ‘see’ a lot of dark navy blue consciousness that is grey and dirty coming from the foundations of the USA that is decaying and will continue to decay very quickly over the next 5-7 years. The consciousness that is linked to this decaying blue frequency is old consciousness that is very unstable. It is like paint that is cracking and peeling on the exterior of a house. As it crumbles a slow but steady revolution of the people will arise.

However, decay is decay and it will be uncomfortable initially, there will be a loss of power within the energy of the country that will hurt but will in time renew. The power that is attached to this ‘dirty dark blue peeling’ consciousness is now ineffective and to be honest incompetent. This decay is not out of place though.  

The lands of Australia and New Zealand has STRONG and very ancient consciousness with a very high spiritual energy that feels like it’s been caged / captured. This high vibrational consciousness holds great and dynamic leadership and is deeply embedded in the vibrational energy of the earth/landscape. I get the sense that it is going to take a number of years for the non- indigenous people of Australia and NZ to fully feel and harmonise with the distinct and unique consciousness of these lands. Canada is also the same. There is SO MUCH potent and sovereign, spiritual power linked to the intelligence of these lands that was only understood by the Indigenous / Original People. There is massive intergenerational unpacking of indoctrinated consciousness by the masses that needs to be done and this will take time and healing and listening and re-learning and a deep deep return to understanding the language and energy of Nature. 

So, as you can see.. we are not about to beam up to New Earth. Please stop waiting for that or swallowing spiritual garble that tells you if you are ‘oh-so-spiritual’ that you’re going to ascend into a light body into a different earth. We are DECADES (if not more!) away from that if that is something that is to occur. New Earth is created by the consciousness we bring through us. This consciousness is what activates our DNA unlocking and liberating our consciousness, intelligence and potential even further. A few key quantum dance steps have to occur yet!  So our role is to be responsible for learning those ’dance steps’ where we we soften into our Selves more and anchor a new vibrational consciousness down into us in an embodied way. 

However, what is being activated and awakened now as the Grand Clock in the Sky shifts into a new cycle is showing us that WE are the ones that must respond to the cues we are receiving and slowly, surely and bravely be the conduits of the change. And this IS happening. So acknowledge yourself and how you contribute to this incredible elevation of humanities consciousness. 


Earth/Gaia feels unstable in two different ways. 

1) Exploitation of her resources is causing significant imbalance along with her feeling the ‘heat’ of humanities own consciousness imbalance. As global economic and political systems crumble we will slowly but surely begin to return to more local/community based methods of sourcing food and material that will in time stabilise the use of her resources, whilst also bringing a reduction in inflamation in our own consciousness. This will take years to move into a more cohesive and working societal structure and harmony but this year and next will bring greater ‘shake ups’ that will come through earth destructions and changes that will change/influence how we access food and material resources. Expect floods, earthquakes and eruptions that will be catastrophic in nature. I know that sounds scary and the truth is that is is scary. But we are very disconnected from Earth and hugely exploitative in how we use her and she is letting us know.

2) Gaia’s is evolving and expanding in her own consciousness and Light and this brings a natural and organic ‘instability’. If we can understand some of the earth changes through this perspective we can see a ‘positive’ side to earth changes. Gaia’s own bio-energetic field is receiving and emanating more Light and her field is expanding with the universal flow of life force energy quickening, accelerating her into the next level of her expression. This kind of accelerated evolution naturally changes earths climate and dynamics and while it’s disruptive  she totally knows what she’s doing. The more in sync we become with our own nature and natural state the smoother and more harmonise her expansion and growth will become. 


This year and next we are going to continue to be faced with our relationship with Death. The physical death of people, death of old ways, old systems, old consciousness. If you’re reading this and feeling those slithery fingers of fear and anxiety arise and spread through your energy and thoughts – I get it. I feel you. I experience that too. Death is scary because we’ve been taught it’s bad and something we should avoid at all cost. But a part of this HUGE cycle of change we’re in is to see the importance and purpose of death. And from there understand how we’ve been living has degraded our relationship with Life and therefore creating ‘toxic death’ that is unnatural as opposed to honouring and elevating Life through the way we live and celebrating the incredible portal and initiation of death as a beautiful completion of Life. 

Because we fear death and have been living in a degraded relationship with Life, we don’t know how to grieve and cleanse ourselves in honour of what has passed. This is when we stagnate and constrict and minimise ourselves which minimises how we live and celebrate Life. Birth, life and death is cyclic and very purposeful in nature. The more we move into harmony with ourSelves, with each other, with Earth/Gaia and the natural rhythm of Life the less toxic and destructive death we will create and experience. 


Expect significant changes within the digital world, money/economic system and within science/health. Use your discernment. There will be LOTS of innovative and progressive new offerings. AND there will be efforts to implement questionable digital systems and transhumanist agendas of enslavement that lock us in to restricted consciousness spectrums. Again – this will be something that will initially create divide. That is okay! It’s about honouring what is true and right for you while accepting another persons choice. Stay centred and manage your fear as best you can.

Because global powers and dynamics are shifting over the next couple of years economic systems are going to substantially change along with how we use and relate to money. When we entered the era of the internet, our consciousness shifted into relating to energetic currencies in a more tangible way. As old economic systems decay we will change to digital currencies. However, I don’t see digital currencies being the sole currency. As we continue to reestablish new systems over the next 10-30 years along with increasingly becoming more community based there will be multiple types of currency exchanges that are different to what we use now. It will be the people who create new forms of currency as define how it’s used. 

Health wise – because we are increasingly realising our body and being-ness needs to be supported and nourished by MANY different streams of consciousness – starting with the simple things like rest and restoration, play, creativity, nature, belonging and community, co-operation and unique spiritual self connection. We are waking up even more to the fact we are VIBRATIONAL in nature.

There will be wonderful health discoveries along with the release of held-back technologies that support our wellbeing that will begin to enter the ‘main stream’ world in response to peoples on-going retraction and questioning of the current health paradigm. The more we re-define what it means to be Hu-Man (being of Light) by tending to the ways we keep our own balance and begin to re-define ‘work’ and why we work, the more the toxic synthetic version of ‘health’ will reduce. So get curious as to what allows you and your wellbeing to thrive.

Heightened Psychic/Intuitive connection.

This is going to be HUGE for many people!

It will feel like further veils of density being lifted and a flow of higher knowledge from your Self and the Universe will flow in. You will be ushered and/or encouraged to move into a new timeline of yourself and your life. This will feel like an upswing of wind coming through, elevating you and showing you a more vibrationally aligned expression of yourself and your life.

Your job will be to care for yourself and create supports in your internal and external life that provide a framework that reflects your new timeline putting you in tune with the harmonics of it. You will get key guidance and directives about yourself, what you’re ready for, what you’re being guided to act upon, etc. Value and respect these insights and make the appropriate internal and external shifts to honour it. 

 Many people will have heightened psychic experiences where Beings from a variety of dimensions will make themselves known. Many people will be able to more easily tap into different dimensional realms.

This may feel like a mind-fuck at times. You will doubt yourself, you will think you’re making it up. And that is NORMAL to feel like that. My recommendation is that you notice and compare the quality of energy between what you psychically / intuitively experienced and what your mind/logic is telling you. Logic/rational can make sense but doesnt touch on a whole truth. An experience of something other worldly is full bodied. You can’t deny it, even when it’s hard for your human self to believe. 


Safety & Security.

– What does this mean for you?

– How do you define and experience safety and security within yourself, within areas of your life? And within your relationship with the world?


Mind/Logic into Heart/Trust

This is not to say that we won’t be using our mind and logic. Not at all. But we’re being taken deeper into the embodiment of ourselves as WHOLE beings. Understanding that we are Mind/Logic, Physical form, and Soulful beings with a divinely intelligent spirit and we’re going to  asked to OWN the entirety of our Selves more.

– What is your hearts truth? 

– What is your hearts truthful expression and how can you use your mind and body honour that? 

Our thoughts and emotions are an insight into our alignment and vibrational expression and we’re becoming more harnessed at receiving multiple streams of communication about our Selves to support our self connection and personal power.


Facing the Truth. Illusion, Shadow, Endings.

Themes along these lines ARE going to arise this year both personally and collectively and at times it will feel confronting, destabilising and painful. However, it is necessary that we process our personal and collective darkness/Shadow and begin to see these deeper truths.

– What are you refusing to acknowledge or accept about yourself, your life, the world?

– What is ending that you’re still avoiding looking at or are holding on to?

 What parts of yourself are you rejecting or making wrong?

– Where do you betray or abandon yourself and why?

– Where do you sense an imbalance in yourself, your life, and in how you views things collectively?

– Where are you walled up/armoured up in protection?

– Where are you clinging to thoughts, beliefs, stories about ‘how you thought it should be’that keeps you stuck in old energies?

– Where are you rigid and trying to control your life or others by over-extending your energies/beliefs/constructs leaving you feeling exhausted and depleted?

– Where are you holding on to old shame, guilt, fear and grief that’s weighing you down?

This year is SUCH a beautiful year for cleansing. Shadow expressions of yourself will arise for you to see – don’t be afraid. Move into softness and curiosity and love so you can develop a deeper more secure relationship with yourself to heal and cleanse your energy and field.



Illusions will come up in the collective this year. Honour your own level of ability to be able to see into these illusions and use that psychic data to inform your decisions and choices. This is going to SUPER personal to everyone – just as it should be. 


Develop a new depth of spiritual connection with yourself. This is going to be really unique for everyone. What is a spiritual act and experience for you, wont be for another. And to that I say – fantastic! There is no right way to do ‘spiritual’. You get to define and decide what spiritual connection means to you. 

Other things you need to know about this…. 

Spiritual practises and supportive self nourishing routines/structures in your life that you’ve developed over the years may not be the ones that support and expand you now.

Please reflect and take stock on this.

This includes:

 The types of meditations or embodiment practises, daily movement or self connection you do.

– Pay attention to what structures/routines in your life are old in energy and reflect an old version/expression of you.

These things are not necessarily the things that will support you to elevate into the emerging timeline and expression of yourself.

Let them and that the outdated version of you that is attached to them go. This takes time. Be gentle with yourself as you release old versions and layers of you.

Support yourself to feel safe and secure in sitting in the space between and be open to a new pulse that WILL come in to cue you next.


– Recognise that you require a variety of nourishment to inspire and energise you.

Discover and learn the variety of ways you need to nourish yourself.

Community interactions at your local cafe or market, morning or evening walks, reading a couple of pages of a book, sitting quietly in contemplation, being really present to your child or fur baby, getting you hands dirty in the garden, painting or drawing of an evening – not because you’re a ‘painter’ but because it brings you pleasure. Cooking food with presence, conversations with friends, a little time in your week where you can be in your own energy, giving yourself regular hand or feet massages.

As you introduce new things that feed and nourish you, you will heal, balance your energies, discover, grow and recognise how beautifully human you are and potentially how starved and depleted you were because you’re activities were so limited previously.

This will create a new sense of safety and security in yourself, opening you up.


Take time to BE in nature.

Like, really BE in nature as regularly as you can be. Where you open up and feel the energies of a cathedral of trees, or the wisdom of one great big old grandfather or grandmother tree. Swim in the ocean or fresh creeks. Nature supports you to return to your own true nature – and that is needed right now. 

Sending you so much love!

Have a blast of a ride. The highs, the lows and the space in-between.

Lauren x