Attune is a monthly guided energetic practice to support you into deeper connection and relationship with your personal energy.

Through these 'guided tours' you will be actively getting out of your mind/mental plane and into direct relationship with your inner expression, energy organs and field.

These sessions are a wonderful and playful opportunity to create trust and intimacy with your own personal consciousness & soul energy where you'll naturally learn the difference between your lower mind and emotions and your upper astral and soul plane. As well as discovering diverse ways to create harmonisation and attunement through the incredible instrument that is your energy field!

You will learn (with my guidance but ultimately through the direct communication of your essence and energy):

  • How to actively move into a receptive intuitive state of self connection
  • Sitting with discomfort in an open and tender way that offers insight, understanding, direction and release
  • How to attune yourself to higher planes of your consciousness and receive that into your lower bodies
  • Develop confidence and trust with yourself and your own inner guidance
  • Strengthen your intuition and psychic receptivity to support you in your life

If you are a person who engages in spirituality through the mind and overthinks - these 1 hour sessions are for you.

No two Attune sessions are the same as we will focus upon different self connection and energy practises each time.

The Attune session will be held on zoom with the zoom link provided upon booking.

Attune Dates

Monday May 13th at 9.30am AEST
Monday May 13th at 4pm AEST

Monday June 3rd at 9.30am AEST
Monday June 3rd at 4pm AEST

Monday July 1st at 9.30am AEST
Monday July 1st at 4pm AEST

More dates to be opened following July 1st.