(It’s really an 18month process as this theme is reflective of the north and south nodes in Taurus & Scorpio till July 2023 on top of the 6 numerology of this 2022 year.)

I mean – where do we go when it’s time to metamorphosis and transform?

What do we listen to as we gloriously rise into the new expression of our Self?

Our Heart.

Whether this year has been a year of endings, where you’ve been ushered into your Winter season or Dark Night of the Soul.

Or, whether it’s been a year of incredible growth, expansion and liberation of your soul expression creative brilliance.

It’s been your Heart that’s been guiding you.

I want to speak to those of you who are in The Unknown. The Void Space.

Winter has creeped upon your internal and external world and it’s cold and dark.

Once thriving expressions of you or arena’s of your life are coming to a close or have ended.

As you scan the terrain of your personal universe it feels desolate. And you feel lost and tired.

This is an uncomfortable space to be in even when you feel well equipped.

And it’s frightening as hell if you find yourself within the The Void  looking at the crumbling ruins of what you and your life once were and you have no clue as to what’s going on!

It sounds very dramatic, doesn’t it.

Truth is, sometimes it is very dramatic and deep.

You may be experiencing the void in one area of your Self and life.

For others, they may be entirely engulfed and swallowed whole by it.

So what is The Void?

The Void is the vast and empty space of no-thingness and it also is the All.

It often comes after a level of chaos, disruption or ending has ensued.

Where you’ve descended into an Unknown space within yourself, the dust settling on what was and has been. Where you know deep down you can’t return back, even if you wanted to.

The void a liminal space. It’s disorientating. Where you can’t (initially) find your footing.

Within this space you feel elements of yourself dissolving, you feel confused and perhaps feel like you don’t know who you are anymore. 

You’re changed. Even if you don’t want to be changed.

And there’s often a ‘spent-ness’ to you. Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Your luminance and life force energy is dim and you can’t sense, know or see yourself clearly- let alone the path forward clearly.

This is the Void.

The purpose of The Void

The void space is where you rest and recover and integrate what’s completed / completing.

It’s where you sit with the discomfort of the Shadow that’s arisen from within you and for you to meet it with self acceptance, self love, and self responsibility and engage in the holy act of understanding and transmuting it.

You may find past events from long ago arise. You’ll notice themes and patterns that have repeated in different ways throughout your life. You’ll re-member with delight long lost parts of yourself that felt light and natural revealing to you things you loved to do, offering you reclamation of them in a new way.

The void is where you own and recognise that you’re being re-oriented and re-written – even if you can’t put your finger on and clarify how yet.

Instead you lean in to feeling and sensing the subtle woody, earthy, watery, ever so soft energies of the morphing you without needing to instantly know it, own it and name it. You begin to create relationship with these guiding and emerging essences of yourself.

It’s a space of de-conditioning from the old energies, beliefs and stories you took on that were never yours to begin with, or that you have naturally now outgrown.

The void is the commencement of  (etheric) skin shedding. And the painful but grace gifted grieving and letting go that comes with it.

All of this requires space and time with yourself. Alone time will be necessary.

Know that you are not lost at all. That you are in the place of re-beginning.

How to work with yourself within The Void.

The void requires the active process of being receptive.

So the first step is identifying what supports you into a receptive state?

Do you need nature?
Do you need to reduce your daily task load?

What supports you to calm your racing thoughts?

What is your inner guidance offering up as a suggestion to you to so you can soften and become more receptive?

Sometimes softening into a more receptive state takes time.. days, weeks even. That’s okay. This is your journey and process, you can’t rush it. You can only be with it.

This can be really challenging to do at times because you will judge yourself, question yourself and often try to make yourself wrong.

Yet self judgment is the greatest hinderance. So be gentle and self supportive of yourself within this tender yet powerful time.

Once you’ve noticed you’re softer and more attuned to You, you’ll begin to ever so gently notice a calm within. You may not have any clue as to what’s next and yet you’ll feel a growing ease within.

This is when you know you’re finding your footing within the void.

As you allow yourself to be exactly where you are your new ‘rhythm and beat’ or impulse will begin to arise. Let yourself receive it. Allow it to permeate you gently. Be with it. Create moments to sense and feel it.

This emerging new rhythm and impulse of you is the creational energy of your next iteration of expression. Your job then is to listen to how it prompts you. Even when it doesn’t make sense. (And sometimes – especially when it doesn’t make sense!)

Resistance often arises when you reach this place of receiving clear and resonate guidance around taking the first big step. The intellect jumps back in and the judgement.

But the more you honour the prompts the more re-written and re-newed you grow. And the clearer the path becomes.

You see, to navigate the void you have to utilise your internal senses, your intuition. It is not a logical process. It’s a heart based process. A soul based process.

A process of creating deep and renewed Self Trust from within.


And what I’ve shared here are only the ‘surface level’ details of a much greater and mind blowing process.

But I will leave that for another day.

Much love

Lauren x