BEYOND THE VEILS is a 4 module/4 week deep dive intuitive development course that guides you through the foundational knowledge that provides clarity, depth of understanding & confidence
in your natural intuitive and spiritual nature.

Over the course of the 4 weeks you will

  • Have the opportunity to participate in the weekly live calls or watch the replay.
  • Develop & strengthen connection with your incredible holy human form through energetic activities.
  • Understand the importance and playfulness of cultivating your intuitive skill to support you & your life.
  • Partake in the private inner hue village community to share experiences, celebrate wins and ask questions.

As Caroline Myss put it so clearly – ‘Intuition is not novel, it is a necessity’


Cultivating & trusting your intuition is such a deep passion of mine. There’s nothing quite like having deep trust & connection to your inner being. To be able to support & celebrate others as they
reclaim and redevelop this inherent, essential & natural human ability brings me incredible joy.


  • Making sense of spirituality through our human form.
  • Spiritual to Material (not the other way round!)
  • What intuition actually is. Developing awareness & understanding of our 4 bodies – Physical, Etheric, Astral & Spirit.
  • The role of the Heart.


  • Exploring what it means to be a spiritually starved society & the impacts of materialism and the intellect.
  • The cost of betraying or denying your spiritual sense.
  • Understanding our lower and upper emotional & mental bodies to cultivate integration & create transformation & change. (This is key!)
  • Intuition & Trauma


  • Preparing our body for spiritual engagement.
  • Creating orientation in your Self.
  • Balancing your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies for confident discernment and trust in your intuition & spiritual essence.
  • Understanding your own unique intuitive language.


    • Exploration of your clairs/ psychic senses. Participate in a group live activity.
    • Strengthening & developing your spiritual sense.
    • Psychic protection & self care when spiritually developing or doing intuitive work.

      Pre course material accessible upon joining

      Course starts Monday 18th September.

      Course lives are held on:
      Monday 18th September
      Monday 25th September
      Monday 2nd October
      Monday 9th October

      Two live sessions held to cater to time difference
      Monday @ 9.30am
      Monday @ 7pm

      Duration of sessions – 90mins

      All sessions will be recorded and uploaded into the Beyond the Veils course portal.

      SOUL SCHOOL MONTHLY: take a deep dive adventure into the unseen world of intuition & energy