Tales from the Table – inside an intuitive session

Sometimes intuitive readings don’t go to plan.

In fact, that’s how it should be in my books.

A beautiful, gentle client got in touch with me to book a top-up session as there were a few things she needed confirmation and clarity on. I met Kyra back last December or January just gone, for a full reading and now six or so months later she was after a little more assistance.

This lady is a wild woman. She is fierce but ever so gentle you’d hardly know.

She is deeply in tune and connected but hasn’t embraced her many life times of skill as fully as she could. Well, not yet anyway..

But when Kyra lets herself slide softly into her passion area’s her face beams, her energy field brightens and shifts so she feels like a sparkler – there is this contagious exhilarating rush.

Right now though, she has things on her mind. Life. Challenges. Significant decisions to ponder and make. An unseen path that she can only juuuuust feel.

I knew as soon as we settled that today it wasn’t going to be me doing the work. It was her.

So I bunkered down. Anchored my energy, and expanded my field to hold the space.

As we got talking Kyra began to feel incredibly light headed and dizzy. She became nauseous and tingly and wondered what was happening.

Guiding her to ground herself, I explained that I was not going to do the work today. That she was.

Kyra’s eyes held my gaze and explained that she is is so blocked spiritually. That the last deep spiritual experience she had was when she was 18. She teared up and let out a ream of frustrations about herself, her life, the world, tears tumbled down her cheeks.

And when she tried to pull her tears and frustration back in, embarrassed. I coaxed her to let go. To let it out. Its what’s been blocking her.

Stillness settled then.

Another wave of dizzy nauseousness.

She began to cough.

Then I could see a pale blue iridescent light above her head. It was time for her to channel.

Are you ready to channel now? I asked

Kyra looked at me.

I said you have your light family with you. The answers you are seeking today aren’t going to come from me, they’re going to come from them, through you. This is part of your initiation.

She coughed some more and shied away.

But I don’t know how to do that?

Yes you do. There is no thinking involved. Just let go. Soften. You are safe.

Kyra’s guide came through even more, she wanted to speak.

And so it began…

I asked the wise old guide, a teacher, friend and mentor of Kyra’s for many lifetimes over the questions that would give Kyra the answers she came to me for.

We worked through her current challenges and how she could best navigate them, we enquired around where she was headed and what Kyra was capable of. The wise old guide spoke of Kyra’s children, of plant medicine and future possibilities. She encouraged and empowered as well as scolded with love.

She went there! She let go of all her barriers and went to the unified place inside of her. She is wild this one. Courageous and brave and ready.

An hour had evaporated.

And as quickly as the wise woman came, she left. For it was done.

The answers Kyra had been seeking were answered. But more than that, a clear connection was established.

A graceful, centred elation filled the talented woman who sat before me. She had found her way.

Sometimes…. readings don’t always go as planned.

But they always go where they need to go, oh so perfectly.

Lauren xx



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