Understanding the power and nature of your energy field

When your energy field and your hearts electromagnetic field is open and at its natural resting state (which is unique to you) you will be in a state of coherence.

This means;
– you will feel in your body and connect to Self.
– you will be present and in the ‘now’.
– you will have clarity of thought
– you will be responsive rather than reactive.

When you are feeling stressed and in a state of ‘fear’. Or if you are constantly surrounded by people and moving from one institution to another (from work place, out into the busy concrete jungle, to a bustling home or social life) with very little time to tune in to you, you may find that;

– you feel overwhelmed and always in ‘protect’ or ‘closed off’ mode.
– you feel ‘squashed’ or smaller than you are.
– you feel irritated and grumpy.
– you feel vibrationally depleted.
– you feel stuck, stagnant and/or unable to see your way forward

Taking 10 minutes twice a day to familiarise yourself with your energy field will do wonders.

Use your breath and shift your attention to your chest / centre.
As you relax yourself and your mind and come to be present with You, you will notice your energy ‘bubble’ (aka, energy field) will open. This will assist in flushing your system, increasing / restoring your personal energy, raising your vibration and connecting you to You.



So, without going into crazy, lengthy depth and detail, it’s important to know that you’re made up of multiple levels and layers of frequencies.

Frequency is a vibration/pulse, a sound, a colour, a pattern. Each frequency expression holds massive amounts of data and information that is being broadcast continually and interacts with all other energy expressions.

You have not only your unique soul frequencies, you’re also made up of multiple layers of frequency streams or bands that are a culmination of things such as;

– intergenerational (inherited) family beliefs and constructs
– cultural and societal vibrational history and beliefs
– personal beliefs and values based on the meaning you’ve made from life experiences
– the thought forms, concepts and ideas you align with or are attuning yourself to.
– Past life carry-overs or energy streams from alternate realities you’re constructing or partially living within.

The longer a stream or band of frequency has been active within you the deeper its sound and slower it’s vibrational pulse / output is. Frequency streams like this are foundational to you that you probably don’t even realise it. These frequency streams can be positive and supportive or misaligned and hindering to you and your life.

The faster, higher pitched, more rapid in pulse a vibrational stream will usually be temporary or transitional in its expression. Examples of this are;

– new ideas
– new thought forms
– newly introduced stories and forming beliefs
– experiences that you are ‘trying on’ and/or ‘attuning to’.

It is only when you practise or continue to align and embody these vibrational streams that they strengthen and become increasingly part of your Human Self’s vibrational structure.

The important thing to know is that you are broadcasting all of these vibrational streams at once. Both your Soul based frequencies and your Human Self’s vibrational frequency make up.

This is why at times you may feel and know something deeply about yourSelf and your soul but feel ‘blocked’ or ‘prevented’ by your self (little s) on another level and layer of you.



I will keep this description short and sweet.

As you grow and expand and attune your Human Self vibrational frequency infrastructure to align and reflect your soul vibrational make up, you will be ‘plugging’ into a spectrum of consciousness bands.

Consciousness bands are larger collective streams of energy, data and information that influence your thought patterns and personal vibrational and therefore your reality.

Just like the diagram says – as you grow and expand, your over-arching vibrational frequency elevates and moves into a different consciousness bands – which then influences thought patterns and actions which ultimately creates a different physical reality and life experience.



This is a bit of a concept to wrap your head around but literally everything is happening at once.

Time is not linear. Its is occurring all at once.

So you can still have active past lives and active past experiences in this life running in the Now.

You also have future potentials you can perceive and choose to align with.

Along with many alternate realities that are existing on multiple different dimensional levels and layers.

What a cool mind fuck.

And this is all happening while you’re in the Now.


Its important and wise to ensure that you don’t have ‘too many tabs open’ or energy streams running out of your into past events, past lives and alternate realities.This significantly drains your life force energy and can heavily program you in a way that leads to you continuing to create and experience the same things.

Eg; repetitious thoughts about the past or continuing to choose old beliefs and stories (regardless of whether they’re supportive and aligned to you or not) keeps you within the same vibrational spectrum which you’re energetically broadcasting and therefore continuing to energise, magnetise and create.

You will know if you’re stuck in a repeat program by how you feel.

And you will know if you’re living on auto-pilot or through an inherited belief structure and programming, once again by how you feel.

As for alternate realities… well there are many light fractures of you in existence that are all happening simultaneously on a variety of different vibrational planes and dimensional spectrums.

You may be ‘feeding’ some realities subconsciously through your thought and feeling and funnelling your energy to them. These realities can be positive ones or ‘negative / misaligned’ ones. There are also alternate realities that exist that you’re not feeding but are in existence.



Once again I just going to simplify this right now and will elaborate on this (important) information down the track…

We are not separate from Earth. No way, Jose’

We are all individually and collectively ‘plugged’ into Earth. Which also means Earth is ‘plugged’ into us. Therefore, Earth records, stores and carries our collective past and history.

Earth has a chakra system. And a toroidal field  – North magnetic pole and south magnetic pole with a central energy column down the middle which energy flows.

This means Earth has an energy field which is made up of energy layers.

And just like us, Earth is an alive and vibrational being and entity, so she’s going through her own evolution and expansion too.

It’s very cool to think about.

There are also LOTS of other influencing factors here that I’m not including in this diagrammatic description.

As we individually begin to re-evalutate and address our personal past, including past beliefs, wounds and trauma’s – because that’s what happens when you raise your vibes and elevate.. our vibration changes. This shifts others people’s vibration and prompts them to address and re-evaluate their ‘stuff’ too and a domino effect occurs.

These vibrational shifts massively activate earths chakras and vice versa, taking both humanity and earth to the next level of collective energetic ‘clean out’. This results in collective bands of consciousness that have stored the pain, shame, wounds, abuse and cultural trauma, stigmatisation and massive oppression FINALLY erupts to be collectively addressed, cleared out and healed.

Naturally, when we are collectively working through healing old collective patterns and trauma the global climate can be a bit tense and uncomfortable however we must also see these periods of time as transitions into further liberation and freedom for all people and beings. It’s exciting and massively required.

So be loving towards yourself and towards others. We are all growing, expanding and becoming more filled with Light.

It is HUGE work we’re doing.

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  1. jess

    thanks – put into words some of what I have been feeling… <3


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