Embodiment & Anxiety

Years ago.. I never fully understood the word embodiment let alone the actual state of being.. And if I were to reflect, I would say that for most of my life I had been very disengaged from my body despite the fact that I would intuitively and energetically perceive unseen information through it. Essentially, I was all up in my head and higher chakras and quite severed from my physicality.

Being ‘not in your body’ is often the result of some kind of trauma or event that frightened you or caused stress, anxiety, self loathing or lead heaviness in your physical body. Your Soul Self, in an attempt to find reprieve, disengages.

The Soul Self disengaging is actually a healthy safety mechanism that allows us to ‘watch’ ourselves and the event (and/or heightened period discomfort) from a position of distance and feel and know ‘while that is happening to me, it is not harming Me‘. But without adequate understanding or support (emotional, spiritual and energetic understanding) or due to prolonged periods of high stress and trauma our ‘system’ (from our cellular memory to our chakras and physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies within our field) store the information of the traumatic event creating blockages, stagnating energy, ‘building’ protective walls and mechanisms in an attempt to keep one safe. This can create new energetic ‘wiring’ and ‘programs’ that are maladaptive and incongruent with Who You Are only (unfortunately) increasing the disembodiment.

When our Human Self and Soul Self are engaged and unified we feel very alive! We feel very present in and with ourself and present in the ‘now’ moment. Our system guides us intuitively with ease towards all the things that are aligned and support us. We are able to fully receive the beauty of the moment and enjoy pleasure. We have deep empathy for others, animals and nature and act accordingly.

When you’re in your body your manifestation power is NEXT LEVEL! You feel switched on, you deeply know your power and magic. You flow and bring to life with co-creative ease your desires. Life is magic (and fucking fun!) and you feel and see and know ‘God’ in yourself and all things.


Now lets talk anxiety…

Anxiety can present itself if many different forms. From a low lying agitation and irritability to a more significant nervous or panic like feeling that is quite sensory and can be felt in your chest, stomach/solar plexus or sometimes even your hands and feet. When a person has a panic or anxiety attack it can present in a variety of ways including extreme feelings of overwhelm and fear. The person will often experience massive amounts of internal sensory stimulus within their body and energy field and as a result will pop out of their body becoming ‘disembodied’.

Anxiety can occur for many different reasons. Here are a few energetic explanations as to why one may experience anxiety.

1) If an individual is naturally highly perceptive and is picking up and processing significant amounts of unseen data off other people and surroundings this can result in them feeling overwhelmed and anxious and not realising that this is why. I see this with children or in people who have had or are currently within a huge period soul growth Shopping centres will really exasperate anxiety or will completely while a person of their personal energy rendering them drained, agitated and tired.

2) When a person has emotionally, physically and mentally burnt out due to excessive work or being under significant stress or trauma it can cause cracks or holes in our energy field. One of the things our energy field does is act as a protectant from light rays and frequencies that our being is unable to be exposed to (kind of like how the ozone layer around earth protects earth from UV rays). When an individuals field has a hole or crack in it, the person is then exposed to frequencies that their system is unable to process leading them to feel permanently anxious be in an often ‘out of body’ state.

3) Other times anxiety can be due to the person continually rejecting and abandoning Who They Are. They do not feel comfortable or accepting of their unique differences, how they think, feel or see and interrelate with the world. They may have been shamed or outcast or threatened to be outcast. This rejection of Self (both human and soul self) makes it very unpleasant to be in their body. Often these beautiful people are highly sensitive and perceptive too.


When people are going through a rapid period of soul expansion and recalibration, or life transition anxiety is present. This can be for two reasons:

1) The experience of anxiety is alerting the individual that the situation or circumstance they are within is no longer healthy or aligned and they are being internally notified to take action and intuitively guided as to how to make those changes. Usually the guidance they are being given does not make logical sense and therefore compounds the feelings of overwhelm. However, the internal instructions that a persons internal guidance systems is providing them is where alignment and the return of embodiment will be experienced.

2) Alternatively, anxiety can also be the disruption of unprocessed emotion, old memories, or energetic programs and stored beliefs within the persons field that is coming to the surface to be healed so the individual can up level and release significant experiences, stories and attachments that have been holding them back. These unprocessed emotions are conglomerates or ‘packets of energy’ that are being disrupted and dispersed and are moving through the layers of the person’s field and/or chakra system causing the individual to feel anxious and unsettled.


I have so much to say on this topic. We are by far ore than our physical, mental and emotional selves. We are incredibly intelligent and complex, multi layered and multi dimensional beings that are processing unseen information at a rapid rate from so many places (including the past and sometimes ever from other alternate parallels or past lives!). There is so much more to anxiety and depression than what we know psychologically and pathologically.


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