Inner Hue believes in our collective future potential and is so darn pleased we get to rise together.

Inner Hue is the online ‘home’ for new wave change agents like you who are ready to explore your own deeper unseen intuitive and energetic nature for the purpose of life expansion, conscious creation and contribution.

Inner Hue is here to contribute to the evolution of human consciousness and the incredibly exciting paradigm shift we’re experiencing on earth as we powerfully deconstruct and rebuild the governing systems, structures and stories we’ve collectively been consciously and unconsciously living by within our individual lives and as a human collective.

This space is a here to serve the seekers, change agents, radicals, thought leaders, grassroots collaborators and those who are awakening to their innate intuitive and energetic abilities so that we can rise together and create a world that reflects the truth of Who We (really) Are.

While those are punchy words backed with alignment, Inner Hue is also a creative and spiritual safe-haven that’s rooted in realness. We humans are messy, full of juxtapositions, brilliance, uncertainty and a yearning to connect and be seen and understood. And not just by others but also to be understood by our selves.

Yep, your soul is eager for you to embrace and embody the intelligence that’s stored in your cellular memory and streamed from your higher energetic centres for healing, visioning and living.


creations for you…

If you’re in need of tools to assist you in your unfolding adventure you can pocket the potent decks Lauren has created here.

If you’re craving some meaty soul food then the free Soul School Monthly ebooks are here. 

If you’re grappling with finding your footing and understanding what personal season you’re within, Lauren’s internationally published book Seasonal Soul is waiting for you. 

Intuitive readings for alignment and confirmation or one on one support is just an email away if you’re ready for taking that next step.

Mini programs (coming soon)

We are the revolutionaries.
The ones that colour outside the box.
We think, feel and see the world differently.
We feel suffocated by the systems and structures that no longer support us as people.
We know unequivocally that there is a different way.
A way that starts from the inside out. That comes from the embodiment of your grander Self.

You’re here because you are ready and unafraid to do the work.
You’re here because you have a greater vision and knowing that comes from deep within and you’re stepping up to dismantle the old to pave a new way.

The old way of being no longer applies. It is outdated.
And deep down you sense it.

SOUL SCHOOL MONTHLY: take a deep dive adventure into the unseen world of intuition & energy