Hello Beautiful People!

It is so wonderful to enter 2023 with you! Thank you for being here to ride the waves of time together.

I wanted to bring to you a ‘snap shot’ of the major themes and growth points I’ve continually been sensing over the past 2 months in regards to the energies of this year and how we are building upon the discoveries of 2022.

I dubbed 2022 as – The Year of the Heart.

For some people it was a year where they created and expressed their heart’s desires whether that be breathing life into their visions that came from deep within their heart. Or making the choice to powerfully step away from things that no longer served them to enter the dark abyss but also free themselves from what was no longer aligned.

For many, dreams came true last year through the commitment and dedication to themselves.
For others, deep truths were revealed in cataclysms. Facades could no longer be upheld and deep desires could no longer be held back.

New paths and directions were forged with excitement and alignment.
And chapters came to an end in potentially a crushing manner.

In 2022 there was A LOT of composting and processing of lessons and themes that arose personally for you in 2020 with the emphasis on relationships. Be that with intimate relationships/partnerships, relationship with family or relationship with community and what that means for you.

No matter what you experienced last year what can be certain is that you were called into your heart centre more in honour of your authenticity. You may have asked yourself a million times – ‘what is my truth’ as you listened to the still small voice within for insight and guidance.

While there were other major themes last year such as Rest (and what that actually is)  Relationship to Nature / Earth, Relationship with Money, Relationship to Work and the exploration of these themes individually along with reviewing them at a systemic and collective level.

All of these major themes were being received and explored increasingly from the heart centre to redevelop and refine our personal and collective values as opposed to processing everything through the head/mind in an assessment, analytical way.

In many ways, 2022 saw us shift as a collective further away from the mind and intellect (head) and into our hearts – creating both comfort and discomfort, clarity and confusion from within due to what we discovered.

Well, I am dubbing 2023 as – A Spiritual Quest.

Which probably sounds quite trite – given that spirituality over the past few years has exploded in all sorts of directions and has (dare I say it) become a little skew-wiff.

But stick with me if you can… because I want to ground it down in a way that will (hopefully) make sense…

Before we get started, its important to know (and FEEL the energy) of these things..

2023 is a 7 year.
It is also a water year.
And these elements are influencing energies for us all over the course of this year.

Take a moment right now to FEEL the energy of the number 7.
What energy impressions do you sense and feel in your body when you attune yourself to the harmonics of 7?

And when you feel into the element of water, what comes to mind?

7 representing spiritual seeking & realisations, personal and collective emphasis on spirit, internal seeking of wisdom, higher guidance, personal vision, personal reflection.

Interestingly, there is also a technological and/or intellectual aspect to the number 7 too.

Water represents intuition, cleansing, fluidity, femininity, emotion, sensitivity, perceptivity and change.

I’d love to dive into the esoteric meaning of 7 but perhaps that’s for another day.

What to Expect in 2023…


I feel for the first three months of 2023 we are being called to draw our energy into ourselves to take stock, reevaluate and create practical direction and clarity of what we desire, what honouring and representing ourselves looks like and how we can do that through the use of how we use and where we place our energy.

There is a somewhat slowness to the start of this year as we reorganise and reorient ourselves and our focus using the revelations last year provided us with, with the pace of action and momentum quickening from end of March onwards. End of March feels like a fire-cracker, especially at a collective level. The words I want to use here is radicalism and revolution. And I want to link these words to systemic structures and institutions.

This year, after the last three years of change we are called to methodically and intentionally begin to take action creating solid foundations and structures for ourselves personally rather than a reliance of external structures as we continue to metamorphosis. This isn’t a quick re-build. This is a slower, intentional rebuild using the wisdom and discernment we’ve acquired over the past few years. Fluidity will be necessary.

There’s also going to be a heavy emphasis on ‘Self’ this year. Not necessarily in a selfish way but in a manner that invites us to ground down into our Self further, to walk our own path to the beat of our own drum. For some, this may result in a HUGE outpouring of creativity in a way they never knew was possible and this has the potential to reinvent a genre entirely.

Religion & Spirituality

In 2023 we are going to be called deeper into ourselves.
We are going to be called beyond the heart and into our spirit.
And this is going to feel very different from the ‘new agey’ ‘find your purpose’ ‘wear spirituality as an accessory trend’ kind of thing.

It’s going to get deeply personal, where you’ll be excavating and exploring what your relationship to spirit is. What divine connection means to you, what that looks and feels like and how important that is (or not) for your wellbeing.

There will be a healing for those who distanced themselves from spirituality over the past years. A coming home and return to spiritual principals and foundations and a possible even ‘calling’ out of unethical and unregulated practitioners within the spiritual community.

This will be both liberating and confronting.

We are going to see significant shifts within spirituality and religion at a industry and institution level.. and we already are!

There will be religious institution reckonings and further division and divisiveness between people and religious institutions in regards to appropriateness and conduct and historical harm. Possibly even dark revelations revealed.

And there will be MANY people who may have once identified as spiritual denounce mainstream spirituality and turn to the framework of the church in order to reconnect with their faith.

A stark difference between those who carry spiritual light within their heart and fields and those who don’t will become more and more apparent, no matter their religious or spiritual experience or stance. And through this we will slowly come to see spirit as something different all together and there will be this stripping away of dogmas and constructs through our personal lens. Of course, this will take much longer to fully recognise and embody at a collective level, however more and more people will be noticing this.

The recognition, honouring and cultivation of spirit will increasingly re-emerge in regards to how we birth, how we die, what education actually is, the spirit in food and water, the spirit and diversity of the Gaia/Earth/Nature.

So key words – Disillusionment, Disengagement, Divide, Deepening, Awakening, Re-Emergence,  The Divine.

Science, Technology & AI

In the next few weeks I’m going to write a deep dive email about social media and technology in terms of our personal energy, group think, individual and collective consciousness and societal & cultural programming and control. I’ve been brewing on this body of work for probably over 12 months. So expect that to come…

But in terms of this year… I feel like we’re going to see quite a rapid speed up of technology and AI and its only going to increase from here on out. The world as we have known it is dramatically (dramatically!) changing and I feel we have to be mindful and discerning as we are entering both a repeat of a cycle (that harks back to Atlantis) so it will feel somewhat familiar whilst simultaneously be entirely new to us in terms of our current day paradigm of consciousness.

Ethical questions that are linked to rapid technological development may be along the lines of;

– What does it mean to be Human?
– What is sentience & what is mimicry?
– What is creativity? How do we define creativity? Is creativity soulful?
– How can we use technology to support and empower us not imprison and homogenise us?
– Does technology siphon our life-force energy, intelligence, independence, individuation and spirit or does it promote and uplift us?
– What is the appropriate use of technology? What is invasive technology in terms of privacy?

And ultimately, do we feel spiritually strong enough to be able to ask these questions?

Spirituality and Science will further compete AND unite creating progressiveness and innovation through sound and light and the continual discovery of nature based farming, healing and medicine and the power of our reciprocal relationship with Earth. With potentially more restriction or entrenchment into materialism and regressiveness that’s sold as advancement. This is in regards to the rise of transhumanism, genetic manipulation, artificial wombs and advanced micro-chips in brain or body. These themes are only going to become more present in our social culture over the next 10 years.


Instead of creating a subheading for Economics and Health and Environment, I instead want to call it ‘institutions’. I feel there are things brewing and developing in these area’s that relate to the slow implementation of new digitised systems that wish to consolidate governance through pressurised force. While I don’t feel like there will be any dramatic implementations this year or potential in the next handful of years (perhaps closer to 2028 – 2032) – I do feel like there are ‘background’ chess moves being put in place, especially around the distribution of power through money.  While that may sound very ‘conspiracy’ like (which I will own) it would be very unwise of us not to recognise the reality of what has played out over the past few years. It is unfortunate to say, but I think it would be very wise of us to have a healthy distrust of institutions and corporations in general. As truth and transparency in regards to true intentions is not something the (current) upper echelons feel is important.

Ugh, now that feels heavy.

In saying that – I also feel like there will be some significant ‘wins’ in regards to the vaccine harm and a *level* of responsibility around wrong doing taken by medical institutions in relationship to how the covid experience was managed. This no doubt will feel bitter-sweet but still, will be a step forward should it occur. There may be even quasi apologies from pharmaceutical companies in order to re-establish trust – but this will obviously be skin deep.

What is important to remember is that all of what we are navigating in this lifetime and for a while to come IS incredibly normal at a changing of epochs and ages. So nothing is out of place and you can trust in that. It’s not all doom and gloom despite it seeming like that when discussing such matters.

Having an understanding of the yuga’s is incredibly helpful. We are exiting the Kali Yuga – the darkest time in human evolution and planetary development and we are entering the Dwapara Yuga or Silver Age over the next few hundred years. So, we are in the transitory time in between the ending of one age and entering of another. It is to be expected that as this transition takes place there is a push-pull of dark power and Light.

Lastly, I wish to bring the news of the Sun and its spiritual rays. This is not just the physical light the sun radiates – but its spiritual light, it’s aura and intelligence. The Sun’s energy and communication is changing. And it is beautiful, deeply healing and restorative, and incredibly supportive when it comes to connecting with your spirit and the higher worlds. So spend time sitting in the radiance of the Sun. Not only will it support your health, it will aid you in your sovereign alignment.

Much love!

Lauren x

Ps – I want to share with you my  beautiful friend Rochelle Christiane’s podcast–  Emotional Mastery. Have a scroll through the conversations and give a few a listen.