How you’ve internalised capitalism & coming back to your natural internal state.




Signs of internalised capitalism


– You determine your worth based on your productivity

– You feel guilty for resting

– Your primary concern is to make yourself profitable

– You neglect your health

– You think ‘hard work’ is what brings happiness


Other outcomes of internalised capitalism

– burnout and exhaustion

– feeling disconnected from yourself and life leaving you questioning what the point of it all is.

– feeling so ‘maxed out’ that you’re unable to be present and available to family and friends. Relationship breakdown.

– feeling ‘out of sync’ with yourself and your own personal rhythms and needs

– you use consumerism and addictive tendencies as a coping mechanism


If you found yourself nodding along then know you’re definitely not alone.

Unpacking and healing the invisible impacts of capitalism and internalised patriarchy is where so much of our spiritual work now is. It’s the gritty, in the trenches work where we put our ‘big grown up boots’ on and begin to make active change both internally and externally about what’s really important to us as individuals and as a collective. The spiritual work has shifted away from learning about chakras to re-evaluating our personal ethics and values at a much broarder level that includes the everyone. We’ve done the initial vibrational up-levelling work and arrived to the place where we know in our bones that we’re all in this together and that it’s time to decide the direction of our future on earth. It’s now about deciding what’s really important to us and further understanding the core drivers of why we do the things we do. Why we spend our energy (be it time or money) to align and support and continue to energise (or not energise) the situations, systems and beliefs we’ve built our existing life and world upon.

Often what brings one to this table of deep personal reflection and the seeking of true meaning (as defined by one’s self) is exhaustion, burnout, deep frustration, agitation and stress.

So lets look at stress and the underpinning values of capitalism.

 Stress can be defined as;

A feeling of strain and pressure. Stress is a type of psychological pain. Small amounts of stress may be desired, beneficial, and even healthy. Positive stress can help improve performance. It can also play a factor in motivation, adaptation, and reaction to the environment. It can be a response to a situation that a person perceives to be overwhelming.

Stress is a physcial and emotional state present in the person and induced by various environmental, psychological and social factors but is uniquely perceived by the individual and intensified in response when environmental change or threat occurs internally or externally.

We live in a fast paced, highly regimented society where the current measurement for ‘success’ is based on what one earns, what material possessions are owned and the power and position the individual holds within their career or financial status.

 The capitalistic system regards profit as being one, if not the most important current collective value. If something is not profitable then it’s not valuable or is deemed less worthy. This creates an interesting juncture. Our ego (human self) clings to the attachment of being accepted and ‘successful’. Currently, profitability or financial wealth is the ‘measurement tool’ of ‘success’. This motivates our survival mechanisms and attachments influencing our egos to go rampant in an attempt to grandiose itself, fit in, be accepted, feel worthy and ‘succeed’. Combine this with misaligned stories and/or limiting beliefs about oneself, on top of any other trauma that is current and the stress one may experience in their body permanently or at any given time will be prevalent.

 Our egoic, human self has been brainwashed into the ideology that silently promotes ‘when you get here’ or ‘when you achieve this’ you will feel fulfilled and happy. Yet, that farce folklore that is storied and pressed upon us requires people to compromise themselves, their health and their relationships in an attempt to survive.

 The existing social framework is highly unnatural when it comes to individuals being able to work in harmony with their own personal rhythm and nature. When the governing systems enforce one to work or learn in regulated and regimented ways the individual is again forced to abandon oneself in favour of what has been imposed for profit.

 The stress the body experiences when having to perform in ways that is unnatural to it once again creates self disconnection and internal aggravation. This stress leaks out into other areas of ones personal life causing the individual to generate coping mechanisms to manage and survive. This capitalistic structure is effective because when you create confusion and disconnection within ones natural state of being you gain influence and power.

 It is difficult to have deep trust and respect in oneself when we are in a continual state of stress and survival and not given the opportunity to understand our natural personal rhythms, cycles and strengths. Combine this with any trauma a person, race, country or culture has experienced and you’re looking at a highly disconnected and traumatised individual, society and collective which we can observe clearly in our current social, economic, political and environmental systems.



We’ve reached a level of awareness and we’re seeing the patterns and we’re growing (both indivdually and collectively) fierce and motivated (feel that solar plexus energy, peeps!) to circuit break the patterns and heal to create a new landscape in all areas of life that’s founded on the values and principals that are deeply meaningful to all of us.

It’s a time for innovation! To be visionary and courageous within ourselves and within our world!

Game changing!

And I think many of us can feel the momentum and revolutionary rise.

 So, what can we do personally that will assist and give us unique direction as to how we can contribute to this paradigm shift?

This is a question I ask myself daily. And I think it comes down to this.. as simple and as complex as it is. We are each to take FULL responsibility for ourselves and our own individual needs, wounds, strengths and interests. As an individual heals and embraces themselves, their values and beliefs organically shift. They then begin to feel and live from the position of internal reference, rather than external reference. There is an understanding that by taking complete responsibility for our internal landscape we are now playing an active part in collective change AS WELL AS taking care of ourselves and having that ripple out to others.

Feel into that for a moment….

Allow yourself to soften and move into a state of full responsibility for yourself. Notice the sensations in your body change as you consciously take the position of being in full ownership and control of yourself and your life. How does it feel? What does it inspire in you to do? Where do you find yourself pulled towards? What are you ready to shift your alignment towards and pull your energy away from? What’s hot on your heart? Where are you ready to love?

As each person embraces themselves and addresses their own issues, self-defining what is valuable and important to them and curiously discovering and learning what their own needs are, the person becomes less stressed and takes the power back into their own hands as to how they’d like to feel and wish to live, resulting in different alignment decisions.

This is love.

This is self love. And we when really begin to love, honour and respect our whole Self than we are naturally inclined to begin to know how to do the same for everything else.

I think we’re on the right track, guys.

Don’t let the hard days get you down.

Keep anchored in you.

We’ve got this!


Big love!

Lauren x


















  1. Zillah

    Truth! This is exactly where I’m at now. Such loggerheads as to what will feed my soul and help me live life as my true self, as well as being able to help and support others. Thank you xx

  2. Sue

    This is awesome, Lauren. Thank you! It really resonated with me.Keep up your wonderful work. x


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