And welcome to the Reconnect/Recode haven space where you can soften and explore yourSelf. I am so glad to have you here. Thank you for joining.

You are about to embark on a beautiful reconnection process with yourSelf, one that will strengthen your self connection and self trust, strengthening your intuitive abilities and initiate you into re-membering with more of your Self.

No two people’s experiences will be the same as this is your unique journey.

You now have access to the ‘Welcome to the Course’ content, so please make your way over and immerse yourself. You can log on to the course site using your logon and password.

Reconnect/Recode officially starts Monday 23rd August with the very first LIVE webinar happening on Thursday 26th August at 9.30am AEST. So expect another email from me with Module One and webinar details.

Finally, please email me anytime at laurenaletta@innerhue.com with any questions.

Much love

Lauren x

SOUL SCHOOL MONTHLY: take a deep dive adventure into the unseen world of intuition & energy