Spirited Soul Wandering Consult

You and I are both Spirited Souls on an Adventure.

Just like Indiana Jones or Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon, we are on a journey to seek out what is seeking us.

In a Spirited Soul Wandering Intuitive Consult I share with you your Tool Kit of Light, What Sets you Alight and some Soul Growth. This session is all about re-connection to your Inner Truth enabling you to create more alignment in your life.

Tool Kit of Light

You’ve chosen to be here on Earth at this pinnacle point of game changing.

You’ve got a message to voice and gifts to share with the world. So, metaphorically speaking you packed your bag for it.

Your Tool Kit of Light is your aura layer that never changes. Within each colour band infinite information and inherent skills are available for you to access. They are you Inner Hues, and I’d like to share them with you.

What Sets you Alight

This is your purpose, your passion, your contribution to the world, along with the lesson’s you’ve chosen to attract and experience as part of your Soul’s evolution and adventure.

This isn’t something you go out and find, this is something that lays within every cell of your being. It’s what sets you alight! Most likely you know it, you can feel it in your bones, however you may not have quite held it to the light. That’s where I step in to help you do that.

Soul Growth

We take a look at where you are right now. Perhaps you’re in transition, faced with some big choices or just wanting to put your finger on why you’re feeling a certain way.

Chances are it’s to do with your Soul encouraging you to grow.

We’ll take a tour through your chakra’s, which are your “energetic organs” to give greater insight or clarity around what may be preventing you from moving forward.

After making the booking with me and prior to our session I will take the opportunity to tune into your energy and begin our connection. I will also select a crystal that will be programmed with during the consult which you can use as an anchorage tool to access and re-align you with your essence, along with soaking up the crystal’s energy goodness.

These sessions are a beautiful way to reconnect with you.

“Hello Lauren, I wanted to share something with you because as you know, I love you!! So when I was in Brisbane and had a reading from you when you were first starting to do readings, you said I was a teacher but I cared more about inspiring people than the actual topic You also said I was a healer. I haven’t forgotten those things because they ring so true. At the time I was delivering Training in the Corporate Sector even though my background is working with the disadvantaged and marginalised groups of the community. Over the past year, I’ve managed to score contracts with Training organisations and am now delivering training to the long term unemployed and disadvantaged So combining my love of teaching with the target groups that I love and inspiring them is so rewarding. So Lauren, you’ve raised my awareness of who I am and validated that for me and I wanted to share it with you.”

– Christine

Spirited Soul Wandering Intuitive Consult includes:

1 x 90 minute session

$260 Investment

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