Connected - Intuition Born Free by Inner Hue is coming soon

It will be soulful and wild.
It will evoke mystery and delight.
You will connect with your Intuition for knowledge and transformation,
And you will use it naturally and authentically to guide yourself and others.

Connected is a night where intuition, music and atmosphere meld together creating an evening of curiosity, exploration and fun!

You will be guided through an inner adventure that will be seen and felt! It’s a night dedicated to becoming whole – where our logic and intuition tango, revealing a pathway and framework to create from.

Connected is part workshop and spirited adventure and part lounge party, where you’re high on the juices of the Universe. It’s an opportunity for you to connect with your higher knowledge and Soul wisdom to uncover your existing intuitive skills.

It’s interactive.
and Sacred.

You’ll be vibing high.

It’s a Friday night with a twist.

Ticket Includes:

A 90 minute Interactive workshop where you’ll learn practices and techniques to reconnect with your inner wisdom and intuition and an introduction to your chakra’s and energy system.

Followed by 90 minutes of guided, hands on intuitive play where you get to practice and hone your intuitive skills in a safe, fun, high energy environment.

With light refreshments provided.

What you need to bring.

Journal and pen
Plus, anything you may wish to bring (crystals, oracle cards… the choice is yours!)

Dates and cost are yet to be confirmed.

To register your interest for Connected email me here.