Intuitive Leadership Mentoring

Webinar Workshops

If you are at a place in yourSelf and life where you’re feeling really called within and are trying to understand what’s going on for you – this workshop series might be just what you need.

Hello! And welcome to something new I’m doing – Webinar Workshops!

It feels exciting, albeit slightly nerve wracking to stick my neck out a little bit more and openly talk, share and teach you what I have learnt and discovered about all things intuitive and soul based.

Each workshop is held at two different times, which hopefully means you’re able to join in no matter where you are in the world. And if you do happen to miss it, there is the replay delivered straight to your inbox.

You have two options;

  • Join in on the specific workshop you’re interested in.
  • Sign up for all four workshops and receive them at a discounted price.


The fee is $40 AUD for one workshop or $120 AUD for all four.

If you have happened to stumble upon this workshop series mid way through, no worries! You can purchase the content (recorded live workshop and supportive material) to download and watch even though it’s already past.


Workshop Outlines

Workshop One
// Primary Chakras & Archetypes //

25th September, 2017
9.30 – 11.30AM Brisbane AEST
7pm – 9pm Brisbane AEST

It can be super confusing and very heady trying to understand all the chakra information out there and how to actually apply it to yourself and your life.

Intuitively, you sense it’s important for you to know and understand but you have trouble connecting and integrating the very superficial and surface descriptions and you don’t want to read lengthy chakra text books.

Let me say, I’m hearing you!

Within this workshop we will cover the energetic mechanics of your Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus and Heart chakras and how to intuitively explore and understand them and why you are unable to receive the deep soul based insight and instructions you might be seeking until your lower chakras are functioning effectively.

Exploring your energetic organs (aka chakras) will reveal so many things about your – your hidden motivators and shadows as well as your skills and gifts. It will provide you with the confidence and confirmation you have been seeking about life decisions and opportunities you’ve been trying to make and create.

If you’re feeling ready to step into your Self like you’ve not done before, then welcome aboard!

Allow me to take you on an inner adventure where you;

  • Individually connect with your base, sacral, solar plexus and heart chakras.
  • Access the important stored information within each chakra to support you in understanding yourSelf, where you’re at in your life and what you need to do to navigate forward aligned and plugged in.
  • Meet the members of your ‘archetypal team’ and learn how they play out in your life.
  • Receive the The Primary Chakra e-book and audio guide in addition to the workshop.


$40 AUD for individual workshop:

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$120 AUD for 4 workshop package:

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Workshop Two
// Understanding Winter //

9th October, 2017
9.30 – 11.30AM Brisbane AEST
7pm – 9pm Brisbane AEST

Winter is the most transformational yet the most challenging of personal seasons. It’s a time when you feel disconnected, lost and heavy within yourSelf and life, rendering you confused as to how to move forward yet knowing you’re being internally called to.

Yet Winter, despite it’s bleakness is very much the season of transformation and change. It’s the season you must know how to use your intuitive and perceptive abilities because that’s the only way you can ‘see’ in the dark!

Within this workshop I share with you what’s actually happening in Winter and how to avoid getting stuck and bogged down (which is a real risk!) so you can arrive at your Spring plugged in and connected to yourSelf ready to fulfil the intuitive soul based ‘instructions’ you were given within your Winter.

This workshop journeys you through the 3 phases of winter. You will uncover;

  • The trademarks of Winter and why it’s vital for your soul’s expansion that you do not resist this season.
  • Learn 3 key intuitive tools that are essential for Winter navigation.
  • Be guided through a process of Soul Self to Human Self alignment and connection for insight and direction.
  • Receive the Understanding Winter ebook and audio meditation guide.


$40 AUD for individual workshop:

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$120 AUD for 4 workshop package:

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Workshop Three
// Healing & Integration //

30th October, 2017
9.30 – 11.30AM Brisbane AEST
7pm – 9pm Brisbane AEST

This is a powerful workshop that explores what it takes to heal and call back the fragmented aspects of your soul that potentially reside within past painful experiences and unfinished business.

Allow me to share with you what I’ve learnt about soul retrieval. If you intuitively sense there are ‘parts of you missing’ or notice that you’re perpetually exhausted, tired, depressed and heavy then this workshop may shed light on why and how you can re-connect with and re-member yourSelf.

We will explore;

  • How to uncover and call back aspects of your Self that are fragmented from you but still active and how this impacts you and your life now.
  • Understand what energetic cords are and be guided through a process of intuitively and energetically identifying the energetic cord attachments you have.
  • Learn how to your use intuitive and energetic abilities to support your personal healing and vibrational alignment.
  • Explore what it takes to rebuild yourself and your life aligned and in reflection of your soul energy.


$40 AUD for individual workshop:

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$120 AUD for 4 workshop package:

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Workshop Four
// Intuition & Your Emerging Self //

20th November, 2017
9.30 – 11.30AM Brisbane AEST
7pm – 9pm Brisbane AEST

Have you ever sensed the You inside yourself that FEELS different? The You that is full of life, plugged in and connected to who she (or he) is and is calling you forward, inviting you into more of your Self?

Well, allow me to introduce you to you, your Emerging Self.

Your Emerging Self is the vibrational replica of You that is a handful of steps ahead of the you now.

This means it has navigated the very waters you’re in right now. And it wants nothing more than to guide you through where you are now towards where you want to be.

It would be an honour, in this final workshop, to facilitate and guide you into anchored connection with your Emerging Self.

Here you learn;

  • What your Emerging Self is and how to develop a connected relationship with him/her through your intuitive and energetic perceptions.
  • Understand the different symbolic and vibrational ways you perceive information so you can know what your Emerging Self is communicating to you.
  • Learn how to actively shift your vibrational alignment to energetically mirror your empowered Emerging Self and detect the strands of your vibrational frequency that are no longer supporting you.


$40 AUD for individual workshop:

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$120 AUD for 4 workshop package:

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