Intuition and your internal guidance system – what are they?

Ever wondered what the difference is between your intuition and your internal guidance system? Then it’s worth tuning in to find out! 

If you’re ready to shift up a gear and begin to function from your higher knowing, then understanding how you perceive unseen data is paramount! 

In this video, we discuss:

  • How your intuition and internal guidance systems works together.
  • Why your dominant intent is important and how it vibrationally attunes you to intuitive data. 
  • The benefits and challenges of opening to your natural intuitive abilities. 

About Lauren

Lauren is a seeker and forever curious intuitive, teacher and guide that supports you in connecting with your internal compass, teaching you how to understand and harness your own natural intuitive and energetic system so you can powerfully navigate your life. She’s a spirited writer and speaker, author of the much loved Soul School Monthly resource and workbook series and now the potent and practical guidebook Into the Woods.

Lauren is the creator of both the Connected & Free oracle and Lumina tarot card decks that will greet your heart with illumination and insight. She offers a variety of services from workshops and courses, intuitive readings and Soul Food Sessions. Her purpose is revolutionising the way you connect with yourSelf and life by expanding your knowledge and understanding of your own intuitive and energetic abilities.

You can find Lauren at Inner Hue, the online spiritual safe haven and home base that provides an abundance of resources to support your adventure of awakening and aligning to your truth in this modern world.

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About Alana

Alana is a podcaster and story-teller. At her core, she is fascinated by the inner pull we all feel to move away from the mundane and create meaning and purpose in our lives. Through her story-telling podcast, Untangled, she deep dives into the lives of her guests to find out how they untangled from society’s giant rule book to create a meaningful life.

Through her 1:1 podcast coaching packages and her online program Ignite: Podcasting for Changemakers, Alana teaches women how to soulfully and strategically ignite powerful conversations on the podcasting platform.

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