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Soul School Monthly

Soul School Monthly is a beautifully illustrated soulful journey to help you develop your intuition and expand your life. Part juicy inner exploration and part practical guided discovery, this is the manual that makes intuitive development playful and fun!

Originally released at each new moon, Soul School Monthly is now more than 300 pages of goodness that will guide you to uncover rich insight and answers about who you are, what makes you tick, your WHYs, your triggers and how you contribute to the world.

With a range of topics including intuition, chakras, crystals, intuition for children and connecting your energy to the world around you, plus inspiring interviews with beautiful creative souls and Lauren’s own journey developing her intuitive abilities, Soul School Monthly will help you to understand that the way you use and play with energy will make you and your life become a giant and intriguing playground.

And the best part? It’s packed with thought-provoking questions and practical activities to guide you as you manifest the amazing life you desire.



Into The Woods – Cycle of Growth Activity Workbook

Wondering where you’re at within your this cycle of your Soul’s adventure?

Wander this way. 



Chakras – What the HECK are they?

Download now a basic yet informative chakra guide to kick off your inner adventure.


How To Use Your Crystals Guide

Get up close and personal with your crystal friends! Download your basic crystal guide here.


Inner Hue Manifesto

Download this beautiful and powerful reminder of your magnificence!


Untangled Podcast

“Let life live through you”

Untangled explores the lives and stories of real people who are “doing life” in a different way.


She Makes Magic podcast

She Makes Magic: The Podcast Series is a collection of raw and gritty interviews sharing the real life stories of women who have left behind lives that don’t quite fit right to bravely follow their wild hearts.


Untangled podcast

A mummahood and spirituality panel.


Holly Lowery podcast

The Well + Weird Podcast with Holly Lowery

Intuition: A tool for sustainable & inspired transformation.


Curiously You Podcast Part 1 You Are An Energetic Being: Vibrational Communication, Energetic Inheritance, Plugging Energy Leaks and More

This podcast episode is for you if: You’ve always had this feeling that you only know half the story about who you are, and have a raging curiosity to fill in the gaps; Have an interest in humans as energetic-beings; Want to know how it looks to align with the “inner voice”, “inner-being”, intuition, or true-self (however you wish to call it), and what the result of that may look like in your life.


Curiously You Podcast Part 2 Align By Understanding and Harmonising With Your Life’s Seasonal Cycles

This podcast episode is for you if you: Feel like different areas of life: work, romance, and friendships (to name a few), are an uphill struggle. It could be you are fighting the approaching season (nooooo, I love summer!), or behaving out of alignment with the best practices of each season; Want to infuse your life experience with more meaning by embracing the struggles, and the learning that comes with them, as tightly and lovingly as the wonderful happy highs.


Free Spirit Woman Podcast: Boundaries, commitment, self-responsibility and embracing your special gifts

This podcast episode explores: Lauren’s story of learning to embrace her gifts and step into who she is as an intuitive, a mother and a woman; Craving acceptance from your family and community. What impact this has on your personal and spiritual evolution; How to set boundaries to strengthen your energetic system; Dishonouring your truth – the role this plays in depression and anxiety; Committing to and investing in your soul through daily spiritual practices; Intuition is a learnt skill, cultivated through curiosity and inner growth; Using self-responsibility to combat self-doubt; Lauren’s experience with burnout and having to rebuild her business from the ground up.


The Wellness Project: Embodying your soul, Energy upgrades, Vibration and Intuition

In this podcast, we move through energy and energy upgrades, talking about vibration and intuition. All the way into embodying soul and the experience of being human.If you are drawn to this human experience, yet spirituality and soul-work, consciousness, energetic work and more you will LOVE this.


Cosmic Talents

Tegan Swyny of Colour Cult | Graphic Design

This woman is beyond talented. Work with her once and you’ll be hooked! You only have to peruse the design elements of the e-book and the illustrative skill of the Oracle cards to know you’re in good company.

From her graphic and web talent to her incredible illustrative and artist skills, all served with a healthy dose of wit and humour. Tegan delivers above and beyond your expectation, … I am sure she can’t help it.

If you need web and graphic design, illustration, e-books, wedding invitation’s or anything creative – contact her.

Visit her site here.

Or, purchase one of her beautiful art works here.

Stephanie Blaszak | Graphic Design

The beauty and design of the Inner Hue website speaks for itself really.

The creative journey Steph took me on in building the Inner Hue site was second to none. She listened to all of my idea’s and the energy I was wishing to evoke, to miraculously create an online home that exceeded my day dreams.

With each new addition to Inner Hue Steph carefully crafts and effortlessly weaves her magic, leaving me shaking my head in gratitude and disbelief. Yep, I am high five-ing the Universe for aligning our stars!

Touch base with Steph here.

Little Window | Counselling, Psychology & Wellness. 

Little Window is not just a holistic counselling & psychology practise. It is a safe and intentional space for individuals to gently begin to look within and work towards feeling mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually well.

Thania & Christina are not only highly trained, but real, warm, visionary women who are transforming the way we view psychology and ourselves.

They offer an extraordinary service that includes individual sessions to group workshops for wellness.

They’re also mean vegan cooks (Oh my gosh, to die for) and have whimsically created a homely cottage they happen to call their workspace. Go check them out here.