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Are you ready…?

welcome to the navigation map

A 5 month immersive, deeply guided intuitive and energetic development training program and soul adventure, specifically designed for people who are ready for a paradigm shift in one or many areas of their life.

The Navigation Map will take you on a transformative journey for those who are ready to do the work and turn up for their Self.

This program is not a 7 step program that is about you becoming more or better. It is not a course you undertake motivated by a neediness to achieve or succeed.

It is a program that allows you to discover your true foundations for your own powerful alignment to create the life, emanate your soul energy and facilitate the work you are here to do.

The Navigation Map is a program that covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of understanding your own intuitive and energetic system and the development of your natural abilities and competency of tuning into your unseen self, energy system and field for aligned life navigation and soul connection.

It is a program that will strengthen your own vibrational system through the slow but powerful process of alignment, integration and embodiment allowing you to connect more deeply with the intuitive directives of your Soul Self and the unique ‘inner life map’ that only you have access to.

As you take this internal navigation journey you will experience both an unravelling of the you you were taught to be and the revealing of the You you are. Your sensitivity will heighten in a way that will be empowering and supportive because you be using universal energy from a harnessed, stable and anchored position of awareness.

This five month program also teaches you how to energy read people for holistic support and access other frequency streams of unseen data to assist you and others in the deconstruction of old frameworks to actively shift to new vibrational patterns of creation.

The Navigation Map is a highly guided and interactive program, led by me, with fortnightly webinars and live FB videos as additional support to the course content. The focus is not on intellectually digesting the content and concepts but in me assisting, encouraging and guiding you to actively explore, embody and applying the foundations and skills you will learn.

The course has been intentionally developed to first bring your awareness to your own energetic and vibrational make up and explore your internal infrastructure from which you live, think and create yourself and your life. You will come to see yourself in a mind-blowingly new way. It will be an adventure like no other!

The Navigation Map is the program you are looking for if you are ready to commit to your Self, build that strong internal foundation you are craving and step into your Higher Functioning Abilities.

We have entered the era of energy, frequency and soul. We’re in a period of transition and rapid growth. We as individuals and as a collective are experiencing the crumbling of our old self and old paradigms and structures while being intuitively called to step into our deeper nature to forge a new path.

the content

The modules will provide you with multi-faceted tools such as reflective questioning, theoretical information, energetic and channelling activities, videos, audios and meditations to encourage and support you to move outside any of your current paradigms and into the container of your larger leading edge Self.

From here, we deeply explore your vibrational nature, your toroidal structure and heart intelligence. While developing your self trust by learning to discern the difference between your Human Self and Soul Self and the purpose, wisdom and guidance of each.

Throughout the entire program you are encouraged to dynamically experiment and explore the new skills and heightened way of being into your world and work.

Whether your soul work is currently within a work place or you run your own business (or are in the transitionary phase between the two) this course is here to support you in a deeply practical way.

how we’ll move through the course

The Navigation Map is in-depth and comprehensive but should never feel overwhelming as the content is for supportive detail, insight and assistance only to back up the practices I guide you through and the internal instructions your own unique inner navigation map is providing. 

Remember, this is not a ‘seven step, one size fits all’ program. This is a program where YOU are the pioneer of your own frontier, ‘reading’ and following the unfolding adventure of your own ‘inner map’ as directed by your internal guidance and soul.

The Navigation Map has a core framework called The Foundations. Plus two streams of exploration – Alignment & Integration and Conscious Creation.

the foundations

The Foundations is the pillar of work that all participants are highly encouraged to explore and practice. The Foundations consists of simple yet powerfully effective practices that alter your state of being and open you up to your internal world and multi-dimensional nature.  

Within every module you will be introduced to a one or two core concepts and practices that will alone dramatically shift your vibration and expand your consciousness.

stream 1: alignment & integration

This is for participants who are ready to strip back the layers of themselves that prevents them from being Who They Are and actively and powerfully aligning to their Soul’s guidance. The Alignment & Integration stream is for people who are ready to re-synthesis their cellular structure through practices which lead to a shift in personal energy increasing the stream of insight, information and inspiration from their larger personal field. This body of work is for those who know they are naturally intuitive and perceptive but are still coming to understand how utilise their abilities in a practical and integrated way. 

stream 2: conscious creation

This is for participants who are in an embodied state of being. They are competent in understanding their intuitive and energetic system and are connected to their internal Navigation Map with the desire to actively explore the quantum field in a highly co-creative way.

This Conscious Creation stream is for people who are in an energised frequency state that requires new and dynamic personal ecology structures to take them to their next level of being, feeling and creating. 

Within the first two weeks of Module One all participants are taken through a series of guided intuitive, energetic and self reflective processes where you do a self assessment to identify which stream of the program you are ready for. 

Note : All participants are able to access the content and participate within both program streams. However, there is potential you may not be vibrationally ready for the content and processes within the Conscious Creators stream, therefore the practices will not be as powerful and potent as you may desire.  


  • There will be a one hour Welcome Webinar on day one of the program for participants and I to connect and establish our collective intention and go over any further program questions.   
  • Each module will be explored over four weeks with a scheduled fortnightly webinar for both the Alignment & Integration and Conscious Creation groups. These webinars are to provide further training and exploration as well as question and answer support specific to the module’s content.
  • Each webinar will be recorded and uploaded to that week’s course content for you to access should you be unable to join the live webinar.
  • You will have access to the Video, PDF, Audio & Meditation libraries where additional supportive tools and information will be available. You will have lifetime membership to these libraries and content will be continually added during and after the course.

This course is specifically for the change agents who feel intuitively ready to expand and evolve further into themSelves, their leadership capacities and discover more of their unique gifts, creative abilities and purpose.

module content

+ MODULE 1 +

This is an eye opening module where you lift the lid on your underlying stories and beliefs to reveal your current internal framework and how this informs your personal vibration and where you funnel and anchor your energy. 

It is a multi-faceted journey of exploration into understanding your personal foundations and how they may be inhibiting your soul connection, intuitive and energetic abilities and the expansion of You.


  • 14 Day energy unplug. A guided exploration into your vibrational habits and how they inform your state of being, self connection and life creation.
  • Seeing outside the 5 senses.  Introduction to consciously learning how to ‘tune your channel’ and develop your parameters of perception.
  • Intro into your energy system and energy field. Understanding your toroidal nature and feedback system.
  • What is intuition and it’s purpose.
  • You as a multidimensional being and what that means.


  • Distinguishing the difference between your Human Self and Soul Self and their role and function.
  • Explore the current vibration of the conscious and unconscious stories you’re living from for soul based re-invention and alignment.   
  • Learning your intuitive language. Exploring the ways you receive intuitive hits, guidance and unseen data.
  • A glimpse into archetypes and how they support you.



  • The importance of emanating your Soul Song
  • Defining or  re-defining Who You Are vibrationally.
  • Tuning to your expanded soul energy to receive the purposeful ‘instruction’.

+ MODULE 2 +

Being connected to your intuition and soul energy and living an energised life requires you to be in an embodied state. Disconnection from your own flow of energy and soul intelligence can be for many reasons. Module Two takes you on the journey and adventure of your embodiment.


  • The importance of radical honesty and it’s purpose.
  • Honouring the grieving process that comes with healing and growth.
  • Healing your Sacred Sex.
  • Commitment to your Rise – The stages of preparation you go through before you commit and step into the next level of you.


  • The process of embodiment and how to navigate this intuitively.
  • The importance and impacts of your lower chakra programming.
  • Your multidimensional healing journey. The concept and experience of time travel to heal past experiences and retrieve soul fragments / connecting with deceased loved ones for healing. 
  • Energetic techniques to support restoration and healing.
  • Understanding energy leaks and energetic cords.
  • Supporting yourself through the experience of anxiety and depression.



  • Stepping into the field of the Unknown instead of recycling outgrown wound-ology.
  • The importance of Rest to Rise.
  • Cultivating your internal and external ecology as you grow and expand.
  • Accessing the Quantum Field for creation and manifestation.

+ MODULE 3 +

Module Three is a reality expanding module where you begin to actively navigate yourSelf into the aligned stream of soul information you’ve been seeking. There’s nothing woo-woo or magical about it – it’s a matter of familiarising yourSelf with your own higher vibrating energy and begin to consciously understand the energetic and intuitive information you’re being given and being bold and brave enough to act!


  • Being up to pace with your Self. Understanding and honouring your right timing.
  • The dynamic power of Self Love and Self Care.
  • Importance of ritual for restoration and creating markers of celebration for the beginning and endings of time lines.
  • Learning how to ‘feed’ yourself ‘nutrient rich’ universal frequencies. Understanding consciousness bands and frequency streams to vibrate higher.
  • Busting the Empath Myth.


  • Accessing your unique Unseen Map and intuitively understanding the information and directives you’re prompted to action to create powerful alignment and energy flow.
  • Exploring what ‘soul purpose’ actually is, which is far more diverse than the superficial spiritual and wellbeing trends sell.
  • The importance of Spiritual Weightlifting for transformation.
  • Moving into your Flow Zone. Exploring your brain wave states and creating Mind / Body / Soul coherence.
  • Understanding your life (and every area of your life) is built off an energetic grid structure that holds programming which vibrationally instructs the quality and function of that area of your life.



  • Visualisation and re-programming your energy centres.
  • Creating multidimensionally – 5d to 3d
  • Exploring your active alternate realities.

+ MODULE 4 +

Here we take an in-depth look at the number of ways vibrational frequency expresses itself and how you can explore and use it practically in your life. 


  • Cultivating boundaries for clear vibration and manifestation within your personal and professional life or business.
  • Why Be-ing is more energising and co-creative than Doing.


  • Learning to read your own and others energy.
  • Harnessing the skill of expanding and contracting streams of information.
  • How to use tools such as crystals or oracle and tarot cards to assist you in receiving clear information.
  • Practical component / partner work – optional.
  • Working with guides and other beings.



  • The energetics of your soul based business.
  • Understanding and leveraging your unique vibe.
  • You as the energetic value for your receivership in your business and life.

+ MODULE 5 +

Module five is a fun free-for-all! Here we take a peek at a variety of topics to round out our time together.

  • The consciousness rising of Earth and how we are actively involved in it.
  • Exploring the energetics of sex
  • Understanding that all beings – animals and plants are holographic and multidimensional and exploring how to connect with them.
  • Why spiritual growth is a lonely path
  • Supporting children in their intuitive abilities and soul connection.

Join this 5 month immersive inner adventure and exploration into the unseen world ONLY if that inner soul whisper and intuitive niggle is asking you to. Honour your own readiness.