Your guide to navigating the magic within you.

  • Have you ever felt heavy, disconnected, confused and stuck?

For some reason you’re just not so into life. You’re retracted and you’ve lost your spark. You don’t know how to move forward or how to stop feeling so sad. You’re looking at everyone else and wishing you were them! You’ve tried running from this feeling or pretending you’re okay but you cannot hold up the facade any longer. You’re in the thick of the woods.

  • Have you ever felt the fluttery excitement of possibility within your chest? Like you’re on the edge of an incredible new adventure and breakthrough?

The sensation of being led by an unseen force desiring to guide you forward. And it’s feeling oh so good! But you’re second-guessing and doubting yourSelf? Logically, what you’re feeling inspired to do makes no sense but deep in your bones you just feel it to be right.


Lauren Inner Hue Into the Woods

  • Have you ever tasted your own lush, blissful confidence and looked around at the changes you’ve made and the life you’re creating and pinched yourself? Like – holy heck, how’d it get so good?!

You take a moment to reflect back and realise that you arrived here by listening to the knowledge deep within you. That phwoah, somehow you actually understood your own secret intuitive language and energy and when you actioned it, you created something amazing!

  • Have you ever felt the subtle chill of discontentment creep back in?

You noticed you’re seeking again. Hungry. Ready for something more. Maybe you’re also quite tired. Exhausted even! But itching for the next good-feeling hit of the high life you’ve just come from. And no matter how hard you try to re-create where you’ve been you just can’t get back to those good time vibes.

If you’re nodding along, Into the Woods is for you!

Into the Woods

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Into the Woods is a guided adventure into You and your personal seasons, no matter where you’re at within your Cycle of Growth.

It’s a book that’s taken 9 years in the making! From studying, understanding and mapping my own personal cycle (and the cycles within the cycles!) to introducing this information to clients and witnessing the change it’s made to them.

Into the Woods summer

Into the Woods is the kind of navigational map that you’ll use for life. You’ll begin to connect all the dots and become aware and skilled at interpreting your own intuitive and energetic language, finally allowing yourself to fall into your own flow zone and create magic.

Within the highly illustrated book there’s four main parts – Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn, providing you with the kind of low-down you’ve been seeking. ’Tools of the Alchemist’ accompanies each seasonal chapter offering fun, interactive and energetic tools to rituals to plug you in and support you through.

Into the Woods artwork

Inside this adventure you’ll explore…

  • Your archetypes. The Archetypal Soul Team that is with you for life, helping you out on this earthly adventure.
  • The shifts and changes that occur within your mind, body and spirit as you traverse your seasons
  • What you can expect to experience within each season. The highs, the lows and the sticky spots where you could get stuck.
  • Get more of a grasp on the very cool and purposeful (yet at times confusing) relationship between your Human Self and Soul Self
  • How to hone in on your soul goods while enjoying being a human who’s perfectly imperfect.
  • Exploring your chakras and energy system.
  • And a whole bunch of supportive activities, questions and tools that are light hearted but will take you deep.

There’s also a handy crystal description guide and chakra guide that’s a little more meaty than your average e-book accompaniment.

Into the woods spread

Put it this way I created Into the Woods because it’s what I searched for! A manual and guide to understand the wonderful cycle of my soul’s expansion and growth! It’s light and fresh, but insightful and juicy. And it’s not just for those new to the spiritual and energetic world.

But… at the end of the day you’re going to have to find out for yourSelf!

So… an adventure awaits you. Are you ready to board?

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The best bit? Into the Woods is just the beginning! 

Into the Woods Lauren Inner Hue

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