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<p><strong>MAIDEN of SWORDS</strong></p>
<p><strong>Fresh starts, new adventures</strong></p>
<p>Your curious and logical mind is forever thinking up fresh ideas and new adventures to embark upon. Your spirit stirs you continually, seeing you craving adventure and aliveness that reflects who it is you really are. Perhaps you are feeling this unmissable stirring again? You hold a lot of plans and ideals for the future and you’re ready to act upon them at this time. Begin to communicate your desires, visions, information and theories to those that will support such explorations. Yet, at such a vulnerable and fresh time, be wise with whom you surround and expose yourSelf, thoughts and ideas to.</p>
<p>The Maiden of Swords can be a high energy, fierce and aloof creature and possesses a wit that will either charm or sting. A wonderful communicator and spokesperson who is more inclined to be truthful and honest rather than sneaky and deceitful, yet is known for both. People often seek out the opinion and insight of the Maiden of Swords, as her frankness is appreciated. Being naturally gifted at analysing, understanding and articulating complex ideas makes her a gifted teacher, yet she may lack the wisdom and life experience that would see her truly be able to relate to and guide others in a deeper and more meaningful way.</p>
<p>This card may appear reversed to let you know that you have become all talk and no action. As a gifted communicator you have the ability to be able to share a vision, articulate information or stand up for the rights of others, yet if there is no actionable substance under your words, soon enough people will see through you. Make an effort to commit to your word or do not speak at all. And cease the need to argue or disagree just for the momentary challenge. It would serve you well to find something that deeply ignites and challenges you.</p>
<p>You may be overwhelmed by the abundance of thoughts and feelings you are experiencing, leaving you feeling enticed by many avenues, yet unable to decided which direction to follow. You are adept at using your mind, yet in times like these it is important to anchor yourSelf and explore the guidance of your heart. There is no point in becoming frazzled over endeavours that lack meaning for you.</p>
<p><strong>ACE OF CUPS</strong></p>
<p><strong>The joy of blossoming</strong></p>
<p>The Ace of Cups indicates the stirrings of your inner spring of love, joy, new emotion, creativity and optimism. You are entering a new phase of your Self and life, potentially seeing you enter into a new romantic relationship, friendship or divinely aligned business partnership leading to further growth and opportunity for yourSelf, your vision and others.</p>
<p>The Ace of Cups may also represent a time of self care and self-exploration. Perhaps you have been feeling the stirring of exciting yet unfamiliar energy within you, calling for you to explore different areas of interest and aspects of yourSelf. This will feel exciting, adventurous and no doubt at times nerve-racking as you step further into the soul-guided elements of You that are ready for expression.</p>
<p>A card of celebration, fertility, birth, renewal and of making a new start! It is a joyous time, where good health, aligned choices and connected friendships are able to develop and thrive.</p>
<p>Give yourSelf permission to follow your intuition and gut. Let yourSelf quiet the noise in your mind.</p>
<p>Sadness, disconnection and a feeling of loss may be present right now. This card may herald an ending – often it can be an ending of a relationship, friendship or way in which we relate to another, denoting that your soul contract has been completed. This card may also be the ending of an aspect of yourself leaving you reflective.</p>
<p>Now more than ever, you must embrace yourSelf and your life with fullness and love, for it is you who is responsible for your own happiness. Life is full of contrast which is vitally important for growth. Yet, it is what you do with this contrast and your experience that is most important of all. What can you do to realign yourSelf at this time?</p>
<p>Take note and listen to what lies behind another’s intentions. Also observe the guidance of your body and its wisdom. What is it telling you? Perhaps now is not the most aligned and appropriate time to take action and move ahead with an endeavour or relationship – intimate or other. Trust your instincts.</p>
<p><strong>NINE of SWORDS</strong></p>
<p><strong>Dark thoughts lead to a heavy heart</strong></p>
<p>A card of excessive worry and anxiety. You may be experiencing psychological disturbances and physical reactions such as insomnia, tension or indulging in excessive behaviours. It is what’s inside your mind that is causing you disharmony. See this card as a gentle reminder that you are not your thoughts. Simply watch them, do not necessarily believe them. Use your feelings as a guide, they are clear indicators of truth. Begin to deal with these inner demons before your reality reflects them. Do your best not to allow natural fears and concerns for the future paralyse you. Be aware of emotional vampires at this time too.</p>
<p>Ensure that you are not being excessively hard on yourSelf, filling your mind and cells with negative self-talk and low energy. Take measures towards Self care, and explore forgiveness and self-compassion. Love is the secret that makes all things blossom and grow.</p>
<p>It is time to get a strong reality check! Through your now almost uncontrollable thoughts of lack, fear and worry, you are manifesting what you fear most in your life. Your health is deteriorating as is your life. You must do all you can to begin to get back in touch with your true Self. It is important to spend time in the now. It may be wise to call on the support of professionals or loved ones who you can explore yourSelf with.</p>
<p>Alternatively, this card may come as confirmation that you have courageously battled your demons and fears and are feeling increasingly clear and connected.</p>
<p><strong>KNIGHT of WANDS</strong></p>
<p><strong>Galloping in pursuit!</strong></p>
<p>You are feeling confident and connected to yourSelf and your vision! There has been significant action taken and your commitment to making changes and bravely moving forward is visible to those around you. You may be feeling swept up in the busy-ness of all you’ve undertaken. Your energy may swing from vital to flat but you’re managing yourSelf well. It is important you keep a level head and realistic view and move forward methodically. You may have a tendency to rush ahead and act without full thought, resulting in mistakes or setbacks. If you are to capitalise on the opportunities available at this time, then it is wise that you plan and strategise.</p>
<p>The Knight of Wands is a great communicator who easily elicits the support and backing of those around him. He is sociable, charming and full of life, always with the desire to live life to the max. He can be opinionated and rigid in his view at times and is known to act without thinking. Despite the warm exterior, the Knight of Wands can be hard to know. He takes pride in his work and bringing ideas to life. He enjoys the “I did that” satisfaction at the end of an endeavour, only to be quickly pursuing another adventure.</p>
<p>See this card as confirmation that you are on the right track and to act on any hunches or opportunities that are presented.</p>
<p>You’re exhausted and near burnout. You have been going full throttle, juggling many plates with little time to refuel the inner springs that allow you to thrive. You may be feeling frustrated, small and without energy to continue to carry on. If you are considering walking away from a venture, it would be wise to take time to re-energise and regroup first. Rash decisions may leave you regretful.</p>
<p>The Knight of Wands can be sign of impulsive action brought on by the desire to fix everything at once. There are some things that cannot be hurried and it is just as much part of journey to allow things to have their own process rather than always attempting to push forward by opting for the quick fix.</p>
<p>The Knight of Wands can be an individual who steamrolls over others, unaware or uncaring of how their behaviour may affect those around them. They may be erratic in their thoughts and actions, leaving a wake of ruin and rubble behind them. This person can often be all bravado, yet feels scared and alone internally.</p>
<p><strong>TWO of WANDS</strong></p>
<p><strong>Step outside your zone of comfort</strong></p>
<p>This is the coupling of intuitive knowing and emotional intelligence, with logical action and planning.<br />
You’ve taken an inspired spark and run with it! Now is where you begin to actively weave it into life. Often you’ll find yourSelf toggling between daydreaming and soul-visioning, only to proactively make a “to-do” list ensuring that this new venture gets off the ground!</p>
<p>You’re in the process of re-evaluating your responsibilities and re-scheduling your days to ensure that time and focus is given to achieving the short and long terms goals you have set. You are feeling very aligned, connected and ready for this next vibrant stage of your life.</p>
<p>Right now though, you are being called to step outside of your comfort zone. To think about your life and your desires in a new way and begin to really discover the seeds of potential and yearning that lie within you. You are ready to explore new worlds, so see this card as an omen of encouragement and acknowledgement that you can make this happen!</p>
<p>Steady and focus your energy, and move forward with confidence.</p>
<p>It is time to step outside of your now very small comfort zone and into what is calling you. Do your best to put the fear of the unknown down as it is causing you to feel diminished and depressed. Spend more time tapping into the radiant potential and growth opportunity that you have been presented with and see where it takes you. Start small and slowly if you need it, but start. Revisit your own beliefs, values and goals, and be honest with yourSelf as to whether you are actually a living expression of these things.</p>
<p>This card may also indicate that you have an immediate need to reorganise and restructure elements of your life that have now become unmanageable. This may be the result of taking on board too much responsibility, some of which may be outside your scope of authority or knowledge.</p>
<p>There may also be a power struggle within a personal or work relationship that requires addressing. It’s wise to nip it in the bud now.</p>
<p><strong>THE HANGED MAN</strong></p>
<p><strong>Release expectation to reduce confusion</strong></p>
<p>The Hanged Man appears often when you are feeling suspended between action or decision. There is often the sense that something Higher is calling you to pause a moment. To suspend in time and really See.</p>
<p>This card may appear to you today in relation to a situation or decision you are being called to make. It may even be in regard to your current perspective on yourSelf and life. You are being asked to elevate yourSelf a little higher and look at what is going on with a fresh perspective. This may feel uncomfortable or new at first, like a soft summer breeze, but the answers to the questions you have been asking the Universe lie within this pregnant pause.</p>
<p>At times the Hanged Man will be calling for you to make what will seem to others like a sacrifice. It may even seem this way to your lower self as well. But the larger aspects of your soul know that you are consciously choosing to flow with the creative force that will achieve greater good.</p>
<p>Let go of whatever it is you are holding on to. Release this energy and invite in what the Universe is offering you. In this state, your awareness is at full bloom.</p>
<p>Are you experiencing a loss of faith because you or events in your life are feeling stuck and stagnant? See this as a clear message to stay connected to the core feeling of trust and alignment as best you can. This pause is necessary for unseen synchronicities, events and changes to align. Yet, you must be active in this process! Stop holding yourSelf back in some way. Do not fall into the trap and restricted energy space of confusion and sacrifice.</p>
<p>Contradictory to this, this card reversed can also be a clear message for some that while you continue to wait for things to shift and change, the standstill will continue. You are the catalyst here and you are being called to act. Follow the internal guidance you are being given and step forward. Let go of the beliefs and strong holds that are prolonging this time of limbo.</p>
<p><strong>KING OF SWORDS</strong></p>
<p><strong>Truth, justice, power</strong></p>
<p>You are being called to rise above a situation through clear thinking and analytical understanding. It is time to speak out and speak your truth, whilst staying impartial to the surrounding energies and emotions that may be involved. You are a fair and just individual who others respect – if you or another are facing an ethical or moral dilemma, now is the time to share what you see as the potential options and outcomes, without attachment to the situation.</p>
<p>The King of Swords is a strong and powerful individual who speaks with confidence built from years of experience. A natural-born leader, he enjoys ensuring that the world around him is balanced and fair and strives to instil these values in others. A highly intelligent man, he is able to dissect complex situations and ideas, making them more malleable and functional for himself to possibly capitalise on. Yet he can be devoid of emotion, making him difficult to understand intimately.</p>
<p>You may be indecisive at this time. This may be in regard to taking action and moving forward or it could be that you are stuck between two or more options, unsure of which is the right path to take. The message is that there is no more opportune time than now. Make a decision based on what you know now. While you can manage some risks, you cannot control potentialities that may arise in the future.</p>
<p>The reversed King of Swords may also be calling for you to come back into your body. Have you become power hungry, manipulative and unreasonable while trying to get your own way? Obsessively micromanaging and controlling others will never serve you well. Come back to your true nature – that of a leader, change agent and gifted communicator; from this place all things are possible.</p>
<p><strong>THE LOVERS</strong></p>
<p><strong>The love of choice through the adventure</strong></p>
<p>The Lovers card is all about choice – the power of choice we have in the love we invite into our lives. This stretches from romantic and intimate love to loving oneSelf and one’s life. This card represents that you are calling in aligned vibrations of love and union, whether it be that you are ready for a romantic union that reflects your soul’s desires, or simply fun company. Receiving the Lovers suggests uplifting and radiant heart surging feelings of connection and mutual appreciation.</p>
<p>Perhaps you have reached a place within yourSelf where you are loving and accepting of your journey and yourSelf. This can feel like a spiritual experience of the deepest kind of love, leaving you in full appreciation and gratitude for your life.</p>
<p>This may also be confirmation that a decision or new direction you are considering embarking on will lead to fulfilment and abundance.</p>
<p>Love comes in an array of forms. It is a wonderful time to begin to ask yourSelf how you want to feel and what kind of love you desire across the depth and breadth of your life. Make choices that are your own truth.</p>
<p>Reversed, this card is one of encouragement. It may be that you need to come into love and acceptance of yourSelf first, before you pursue a romantic partner in your life. Remember, we draw in the vibration and reflection of ourselves.</p>
<p>This card reversed may also represent infidelity, dishonesty, lust or misaligned energies. Take a step back from the situation and turn within. What are you choosing not to see?</p>
<p>Another important question to ask is – where in yourSelf and your life are you not allowing yourSelf to receive love?</p>
<p><strong>MAIDEN of WANDS</strong></p>
<p><strong>Wild and free</strong></p>
<p>Change is in the air! You are feeling the fiery spark of enthusiasm with a drive to break free from anything that has you feeling heavy or trapped. You may begin to push the parameters of your life with a fresh perspective and a leading edge way of thinking. You are beginning to sense that a new adventure awaits, and you’re being asked to be both bold and grounded enough to step into this dynamic energy that your soul is ready to explore.</p>
<p>You may feel the stirrings of a defining moment or decision nearing you, calling to embrace yourSelf and life with a level of lighthearted intrigue. You are being encouraged to connect with and express your own sense of Self, tapping into your pure potential and truth as the light to guide you forward. This card may come at a time when you are seeking freedom. Perhaps even tasting the kind of unbridled freedom that ignites you with abundant energy and sees you partaking in a variety of roles and activities where you can not only add value but also express your playfulness. It is time now for you to set aside all the rules you have adhered to and to truly turn up for yourSelf in a transformative way.</p>
<p>The Maiden of Wands has a passion for life and an unquenchable thirst for movement and action, always seeking new horizons and being a catalyst for change. She is a straight-talking, genuine woman who thinks outside the square and doesn’t like to be put in a box. With a diverse range of skill sets and a wonderful intellectual capacity, she is able to lead or fly solo. She is a valued member of any project and a welcomed sight at any event or gathering.</p>
<p>Are you experiencing a negative response from others when you share your enthusiasm, fresh perspective or breakthrough, leaving you feeling uncertain and disgruntled? Understand that this is to be expected if you are forging your own path or instigating change. Alternatively, you may have initiated action only to be roadblocked by external factors or complexities, leaving you unmotivated and lacking direction.</p>
<p>The Maiden of Wands can be an individual who is flighty, erratic and lacking self belief and commitment to oneself. They may also feel high levels of insecurity, leading them to partake in gossiping, petty quarrelling or viewing the world through a pessimistic view of others and life.</p>
<p><strong>SIX of WANDS</strong></p>
<p><strong>Riding out the storm to success</strong></p>
<p>You have managed to negotiate any confusion and setbacks, seeing you now come out on top, a little wiser and somewhat transformed. By embracing your natural skills and strengths and focusing this energy into one goal, you are nearing the finish line which will see you stand out from the crowd and come out on top!</p>
<p>For some time now you have been working hard at creating an authentic life, inside and out, building reputation and respect within your community for how you conduct yourSelf and what you do. You may begin to be increasingly recognised for your personal ethics, unique style and natural talent. Now is not the time to be shy – let yourSelf and all you’ve worked hard for shine!</p>
<p>Appreciate your own worth and value and allow others to do so also. You are inspiring and are living the life of example. Good work.</p>
<p>You are misaligned in your thoughts and energy. Maybe you are feeling less-than, or lacking the self belief, strength and confidence to forge forward. This may come from spending too much time comparing yourSelf to others which denies and erodes your own skills and gifts. Pay more attention to your thoughts and course; correct them when you notice you are indulging in comparison and self-criticism.</p>
<p>This card may also be suggesting that you are trying to achieve too many things at once, leaving you flustered, unfocused and dissatisfied with your lot in life. Strip your endeavours, goals and commitments back to only what is necessary and important. Connect with Who You Are not who you believe you need to be.</p>
<p><strong>SEVEN OF PENTACLES</strong></p>
<p><strong>Recoup, regroup, reinvest</strong></p>
<p>The energy of the Seven of Pentacles has to do with expanding your quality of life, making it a conscious act of creativity and art. However, right now you may be questioning if your hard work and efforts have been worth the potential returns. You may find that you are reflective, perusing your decisions and actions, wondering if you should have taken a different path.</p>
<p>See this card as an affirmation that you’ve done everything right thus far, despite the fact that you may not feel this way at the moment. Allow the subtle pull of the future to wait a moment as you take stock of where you’ve come from, what you desire and where you are going.</p>
<p>Your vision is that of long term investment, and it is now an opportune time to rest and collect your thoughts and visions, so you can reinvest your energy into taking you into the final stretch of this chapter.</p>
<p>Trust in the intuitive leads you receive at this time.</p>
<p>This may come as a gentle yet firm warning for you to re-evaluate where you are outlaying your time, energy and money and to ensure that the effort you are putting in will give a return. It may be prompting you to revisit steps within a process that you missed or overlooked. The reversed Seven of Cups can be highlighting scattered or unfocused energy within your activities – calling for you to take time to gather yourSelf and your thoughts before you make any rash decisions.</p>
<p>Within relationships, this card symbolises that you may be pushing for things to deepen too rapidly and with a sense of neediness or that you are fearful you will lose what you have. It is also a reminder that not all connections are meant to be long serving. Be true to you right now, not to what you imagine.</p>
<p>Sometimes you can pour your heart and soul into something, yet there may not be results. Allow your inner wisdom to speak truthfully so you may move forward freely and with ease.</p>
<p><strong>THE FOOL</strong></p>
<p><strong>Going your own way…</strong></p>
<p>The Fool denotes the beginning of a journey. Often, to those around you, what you’re embarking on often seems reckless and foolish. For you, it may feel like you are reaching for the stars – unclear and with little knowledge regarding what’s at hand, yet you’re filled with an unexplainable knowing that this is the right way to go. Innocent, naive and with your heart full of light, you step forward into the Unknown. Butterflies may fill your stomach and you may ask yourSelf often: “what am I doing?” But something has changed very deeply within you now. You are listening to your own drum beat. This journey takes courage, determination and independence. You are made of all this and more!</p>
<p>The Fool is the ultimate beginning. It can appear after setbacks or endings. It’s about going your own way. The spark of life! It often marks the beginning of a significant period, not only in your material surrounds but also within. It can feel like your mind, body and spirit have aligned and you’re now moving forward as a new and increasingly powerful being. Do not worry that you may not know how to do what you are being called to do – you will overcome this along the way. Back yourSelf. You are the true pioneer now. This is where you discover and come to know yourSelf as who you truly are.</p>
<p>The Fool may represent the beginning of a new relationship, job, travelling adventure, study or business. Whatever it is you are being called to do, do it your way on your terms.</p>
<p>Trust your intuition. Be spontaneous. Follow your inner being. Beauty and wonder await you.</p>
<p>The Fool reversed brings the message of caution. Are you being too reckless? Are you acting without thought of consequence? Have you put yourSelf in a situation where you’re potentially being taken advantage of?</p>
<p>This card is calling for you to keep following your own lead but to be wise about it. Adventuring without awareness only creates danger.</p>
<p>It may also represent blocks or false starts or strong beliefs that need examining, as they may be holding you back from your true potential. Be daring, but not impulsive or immature.</p>
<p><strong>KNIGHT of CUPS</strong></p>
<p><strong>Be bold in your love</strong></p>
<p>It is a time of creative action and passion. You are being called to start something that ignites your heart and soul. This may be a new activity or hobby, business, relationship or enrolling in a course that sets you alight! There is no need to rush with this new venture, as it is important that the foundations are built out of love, your inner strength and creativity to ensure that you continue to stay invested and inspired.</p>
<p>This card may come as the nudge forward encouraging you to turn that hobby or interest into a living or to potentially have a friendship move into a relationship. Be open at this time to the guidance of your heart.</p>
<p>The Knight of Cups may also be a person who demonstrates unwavering passion and charm, using these traits to his advantage in the pursuit of relationships and the acceptance of others. He is ruled more by his heart than his head. This can result in him being exposed to others taking advantage of. It may also mean that he is unable to truly commit to any one person or thing, as he is enticed by every shiny object or person that catches his heart and eye.</p>
<p>Perhaps a once seemingly appealing situation or person has turned out to be no more than empty promises, leaving you feeling disappointed and almost betrayed. Upon reflection you may have come to realise you were wearing rose coloured glasses, believing that something external to yourSelf would bring you the joy and love your heart is craving. Do not wallow in self-pity and blame, see this for what it is: a wonderful lesson that you are the only one who can bring yourSelf happiness.</p>
<p>Do not become entangled in overly emotional states of jealousy or depression. You do not want to spend your life swinging from one extreme to another.</p>
<p><strong>ACE OF PENTACLES</strong></p>
<p><strong>From little things big things grow</strong></p>
<p>The Ace of Pentacles is the seed of life, full of powerful vitality and potentiality. It will take a little of your effort and focus to cultivate and tend to this dynamic idea. Water it with action and practical measures and within time it will grow into something of worth and value – a reflection of your soul’s desires and your own personal values.</p>
<p>The Ace of Pentacles is for beginnings, new opportunities, business ventures or investments or the birth of fresh ideas inside an old and perhaps crumbling structure. It is confirmation that prosperity and success are to follow should you buckle down and devote yourSelf to the task. It is a card that asks for you to start where you are, with what you have and trust that the momentum will build and grow, attracting the support and contacts necessary to see this idea or venture to fruition.</p>
<p>Begin now to inject light, aligned vibrations and love into this new beginning. For each time you do, the energy behind it will grow. Remember, everything first starts as a wondrous explosion of feeling and thought – and from there form begins.<br />
<p>Perhaps it is a time to take preventative measures or revisit what is at the core of your desires. This is to ensure that you stay connected to your endeavour and creations. If you are pushing forward with a sense of rush or recklessness to achieve an outcome, it may be best to pause, to take stock and reevaluate what you are doing.</p>
<p>Whether this is in regard to business or personal relationships, projects, home improvements or work opportunities, you are being called to take a moment to stop and truly listen to your inner guidance and ask – what do you want? Don’t allow greed or superficial success and wealth to drive you. Align to your own definition of healthy finances. You may also wish to tend to your personal health so you can be the best version of yourSelf.</p>
<p><strong>FIVE OF CUPS</strong></p>
<p><strong>Healing or self-destruction</strong></p>
<p>Not all has gone to plan. Recently you may have experienced some kind of loss. Be it the ending of a relationship, the loss of a position or job, or the loss of a loved one. This card may even represent the betrayal of a friend or loved one. Things have not gone to plan and you are now deep in the grief and challenge of it.</p>
<p>The Five of Cups suggests that you are having difficulty in accepting and letting go of what has occurred. Instead of moving forward, you are choosing to stay stuck in a place of lack, causing you to become disillusioned by life. Happiness and opportunities are being missed because you are dwelling on the past that you now have no control over.</p>
<p>Self-pity and blame need to stop. It is time to heal. Begin to practise forgiveness and acceptance. Understand that there are some things out of your control and move with them. Embrace what it is you can do and lift your eyes to the horizon, for there is light at the end of the tunnel.</p>
<p>This is a friendly and playful reminder to stop beating up yourSelf! It is okay to be sad and disappointed but do not let this stop you in your tracks. Give yourSelf the space to grieve if necessary but ensure that it is in a cathartic way not a self-destructive way. Playing the victim will get you nowhere. This card reversed may also indicate that an old wound that has not been dealt with previously has resurfaced for you to finally work through. See this as an opportunity, rather than getting stuck in the murky rut of the past. Take time to put the past behind you and then move forward.</p>
<p>There is immense value in this pain or disappointment and you are beginning to recognise the beauty and power in the lessons it has offered you. Perhaps you are beginning to feel encouraged to take a risk – a bold step forward, with your eyes and heart filled with hope for the future. You are increasingly aligned to yourSelf and your desires. Rather than feeling trapped by the heaviness of the past, you are beginning to feel empowered by the wisdom and knowledge you’ve gained.</p>
<p><strong>QUEEN of SWORDS</strong></p>
<p><strong>Strong, determined and intelligent</strong></p>
<p>At this time it may be wise to disconnect from your emotional faculties and use your discernment and intellectual abilities to navigate through this period. There is a need for unbiased opinion in order for clear decisions to be made. You are a strong and powerful individual who has worked hard to achieve the title and position you have, despite the challenges and obstacles you faced along the way.</p>
<p>The Queen of Swords is a strong and resilient woman who is highly perceptive, possessing a keen sense of herself and a sharp intellect. She is an incredibly loyal individual, extremely gifted in her profession of choice, with years worth of knowledge and experience behind her. This makes the Queen of Swords a wonderful person to seek out when you’re in need of an honest and comprehensive insight into a situation or endeavour. She is a woman who finds it easier to understand others and the world around her intellectually, rather than emotionally. At times she can be unsympathetic and overbearing in her questioning.</p>
<p>Your senses may be distorted due to your emotions becoming overly involved in your decision making process. It is time now to step back and acknowledge how you feel but not allow decisions to be solely emotionally based.</p>
<p>If you have been passive or shying away from speaking out, take this as a sign that now is the right time to express your insight and perceptions, as you are often on the mark. Have confidence in yourSelf and your knowledge and use it to the advantage of both you and the greater good.</p>
<p><strong>Conscious awareness within decisions</strong></p>
<p>You are being called to take responsibility for your thoughts, words and deeds. This is a powerful card to receive. It speaks of seeking balance between your higher and lower bodies, ensuring that your choices will also be balanced and in harmony with the greater good.</p>
<p>The Justice card reflects truth, honesty and fairness and extending these ethics towards not only oneself but also others. Perhaps there are decisions to make. You may be at a crossroads and are being called to make choices that require conscious awareness. Consider all aspects of the situation whilst looking within at your own beliefs and values. There is not necessarily a wrong or right choice, simply a cause and effect. Remain objective at this time and use your internal compass as a means for guidance. When you are aligned in your own truth and love, your decision will reflect this.</p>
<p>On a more practical level, Justice may appear today regarding a legal matter or personal situation. Do not allow yourSelf to be exploited by others and do not be fooled into believing you can exploit others without an equal return of energy.</p>
<p>Consider the ideology of karma.</p>
<p>Are you acting irresponsibly and making rash decisions, ignorant of the potential outcomes of your actions? Or perhaps you are simply putting your head in the sand and ignoring the consequences of your actions. You are being called to be mindful of the domino effect you are setting in motion. When you are still within yourSelf, are the decisions you are making a true reflection of you and your desires?</p>
<p>It may be wise to take time to reflect and gain perspective. While it may be satisfying momentarily to act impulsively, you could regret it later.</p>
<p>This card reversed may also be reflective of obstacles or challenges you are currently dealing with. Stay within your own integrity at this time. Truth, fairness and justice will be served.</p>
<p>9 – THE HERMIT</p>
<p><strong>NINE of WANDS</strong></p>
<p><strong>The end is in sight</strong></p>
<p>You don’t have far to go now. You may feel tired, worn out and as though it is hard to go on but you are near the end. Fear and uncertainty my be rising up from your depths but know that this is normal and natural at this time of nearing completion. Courage and resilience is needed at this time. Draw on all you have achieved and feel secure in the stability you have created in your structures and vision. This is more an internal test – do your best not to waver.</p>
<p>The Nine of Wands can also represent one final setback or inconvenience. While it may be wise to consider the worst scenario, do not give it your energy. Instead, view it as an opportunity for you to practise diligence.</p>
<p>Along this journey, be it an internal or material one, you may have experienced loss and setbacks, potentially leaving you distrustful of others. Now is a wonderful time to acknowledge all that you have learnt and gained and release whatever is unnecessary for you to continue.</p>
<p>Have the boundaries and goals you have set for yourSelf become your cage? Have you been feeling a little tense, uptight or ‘on edge’? This card may be a reminder that while your boundaries, structures and intentional focus have supported you, they may at this time be causing you to feel irritated and somewhat trapped. Also be mindful of any judgement towards yourSelf or others. You may like to spice things up a little by easing back on your routines and expectations. Now would be a wonderful time invest to self care, indulge in a mini getaway or a stay-in retreat.</p>
<p>This card may also be a prompt for you to reconsider your outlook towards an aspiration. You may have been feeling the burden of responsibility due to the size and involvement of the task or vision, yet you are being encouraged to also look at the reward and satisfaction it would give you. Do not forget that life is as much about personal growth and aligned challenges as it is about fun.</p>
<p><strong>TEN of SWORDS</strong></p>
<p><strong>Traumatic endings, sudden change</strong></p>
<p>A time of endings. A sudden life circumstance or unexpected event may leave you feeling wounded, hurt and betrayed. This may see you being knocked off your axis for a period of time. You may be faced with making hard decisions and clawing your way back to a position of stability. This ending often lies outside of your own control so it is wise to not resist, for resistance may further complicate matters. During this time you may seek attention through playing the victim, seeking pity from those around you. Although this may be temporarily rewarding, long term it will erode your sense of Self and leave you powerless, leading you to hit rock bottom.</p>
<p>However, with every ending there is a new beginning. While it may be difficult to see the silver lining that the situation offers, it is available to you. There is no need to rush towards it. It is more important that you tend to your Self care and work through the array of emotions and thoughts, so that the heaviness lifts and clarity is reached. True wisdom will be yours.</p>
<p>You may be avoiding a situation coming to an end because you fear the sense of loss and pain that may lie on the other side of it. You may also feel scared of your own Self – that to walk away from a person or situation will also mean that you will have to reevaluate your identity and reconstruct life in a new and unknown way. What are your alternatives? To stay and fall into the depths of depression and darkness, or step into the unknown and create a life and future that is reflective of who you are? Trust in yourSelf. Know that you are strong and connected. Use your intuition at this time.</p>
<p><strong>THE MAGICIAN</strong></p>
<p>You are gathering tools and harnessing your creative powers within to powerfully and actively manifest your bold vision. This is about implementing what you have observed has worked in order to commence a new life cycle that is reflective of your unique self and soul. You have moved from the idea of doing something your own way, to now actually doing it! This is a highly dynamic process. You are beginning to understand how you and all your elements work. It is pure magic in motion – pure alchemy. This is the time to think outside the box. Test the waters. Small seeds grow – so start!</p>
<p>The Magician is charismatic and powerful due to the fact he believes in his vision and himself. Doors open when a person is completely aligned and connected to themselves. People watch with intrigue and wonder and inevitably get behind a person who is willing to give their all to a project or person.</p>
<p>Do not fear your own power and potential. Soften your edges, step back from conditioning. Unleash the bright and boundless energy condensed within you.</p>
<p>A reversed Magician may indicate that you hold a great many skills and talents within you that are lying dormant – often due to your own fear of them and of yourSelf. You are being encouraged to explore yourSelf and your uniqueness. It may also mean that you are aware of your abilities – especially your spiritual and intuitive abilities – but you’re not using them to support and serve you! Why are you holding yourSelf back? What are you afraid of? Now is the time to make that change.</p>
<p>If you have allowed yourSelf to be taken to great yet illusionary heights, bring yourSelf back down to reality. Your power is potent only when grounded. Bring your attention within.</p>
<p>The reversed Magician may also represent a conman. Often this character is highly personable and engaging, yet they are untrustworthy, manipulative and cunning.</p>
<p><strong>THE HIEROPHANT</strong></p>
<p><strong>A guiding authority</strong></p>
<p>The Hierophant represents authority outside of traditional structures. Often this means exploring esoteric and spiritual practices and wisdom or alternative lifestyle choices or simply actively choosing to disengage from some of the strong beliefs that have been holding you captured within your life and self. Perhaps following mainstream guidelines has left you feeling empty and unsatisfied and you are sensing an emerging interest or energy within you that you are desiring to harness and understand. You are seeking deeper insight and confirmation, calling you to reach out to a mentor or role model who has walked and is living the path you are considering. You are ready to expand your personal knowledge and undertake what you are coming to believe is a more authentic path and true aspect of your soul.</p>
<p>The Hierophant is a mentor, guiding authority, shaman or philosopher who provides support, allowing you to deepen your practice and existence. This card may come to you at a time when you are ready to expand your knowledge in a particular area or step out to live a more aligned life. It is important you do not limit yourSelf – stay open to new ideas and principles, you never know how they will support you on your venture forward.</p>
<p>A beautiful time to explore alchemy, ceremonies, rituals, rites of passage and new learnings through workshops.</p>
<p>You may have been running on autopilot and making life choices based upon seeking the approval of others, rather than from the aligned guidance of your own heart. You may feel fearful that if you were to make soul based decisions, you would be rejected or unsupported for having a unique perspective on life. It is time to acknowledge your own Self and begin to step further into Who You Are and Who You Are Becoming.</p>
<p>Do not let your past failures stop you from believing in yourSelf.</p>
<p><strong>THE EMPRESS</strong></p>
<p><strong>Flourishing growth</strong></p>
<p>Powerful feminine beauty is pushing up through your fertile inner worlds, offering warmth and strength to those around you. You are accessing the Empress within – a majestic and magical force who thrives on aligned living, grounding, connection and appreciation of the beauty that surrounds you. You may find that your experience of such rich growth in your life stems from your own state of consciousness and abundance within. You are noticing that your creations and connections are blossoming under your fingertips. A continual sense of fulfilment energises you, allowing you to share this wealth with others.</p>
<p>You have entered a period of creativity, giving you access to parts of yourSelf and the Universe you had previously only imagined. By observing and exploring these dynamic and feminine forces, you weave richness.</p>
<p>The Empress is the ruler superior to all Queens. An Earth Mother and Goddess, all things spring from her love and kindness. She holds very little physical wealth and few possessions herself – her abundance comes from the respect and reverence of those she serves.</p>
<p>Recognise that you already have everything you need. Connect with nature and loved ones and embrace the strong and powerful yin energy that is present within. Explore your own mother energy and the mother energy that you are surrounded by, from your matriarchal line to your kindred sisters and from Gaia herself.</p>
<p>A reversed Empress alludes to disconnection from your personal power and vibrancy due to investing so much of yourSelf in others, with little rejuvenation for yourSelf. Emotionally and spiritually caring for the people in your life has left you burnt out, stunting your creative fire and growth. You may feel exhausted, depressed, frustrated and bitter. It is time to come back to your core. Spend time in nature and in solace. Make room for playfulness and sensuality and find avenues for creative expression. Invite freshness in.</p>
<p>A disconnect from yourSelf may also be due to the sense of something being missing. Yet, continually yearning for it will only perpetuate and expand this energy of lack and loss. Listen to what your inner voice is whispering to you. You are always being guided and supported.</p>
<p><strong>TWO OF CUPS</strong></p>
<p><strong>Connection and balance, yin and yang</strong></p>
<p>The Two of Cups is the archetype of balance and harmony. There is a natural ebb and flow, give-and-take synergy between oneself and another – be that an intimate relationship or financial or professional harmony, ensuring there is balance within oneself and one’s life.</p>
<p>Traditionally, the Two of Cups is associated with twin-soul love – where connection is pure, honest, solid and respectful. If there are challenges within a relationship, look deeper than the surface level to create harmonisation.</p>
<p>This is a card of love – budding relationships and developing a connection that rejuvenates the soul and flows into all areas of one’s life. It may also indicate that a quarrel or mistake can be mended and healed.</p>
<p>If you are ready to call in more love in your life, take this as a sign that the Universe has heard your desires.<br />
<p>This card speaks of conflict and problems within a relationship. Perhaps the natural flow, cooperation and consideration is not present or a level of dishonesty has found its way between your connection. Something has shifted in your dynamic, potentially stemming from a personal, internal shift within yourSelf or the other person involved. A new platform of communion will need to be cultivated for the relationship to thrive, as your current way of relating to each other is no longer working.</p>
<p>Individually, the Ace of Cups may bring the message that you are at a crossroads within yourSelf, leaving you feeling depressed, confused, or internally conflicted. Instead of attempting to run away from the discomfort of this feeling it is time to explore it, making more of a commitment to yourSelf, your passions and natural gifts.</p>
<p><strong>KING of PENTACLES</strong></p>
<p><strong>Final fulfilment</strong></p>
<p>It is important to think methodically, embody generosity and passion coupled with steely determination, while keeping an open mind to opportunities that will come your way. The clearer your vision, the more power you hold at being able to take it the whole way, fulfilling your creative desire and eventually turning all you touch to gold!</p>
<p>You, or a strong yet kind figure in your life, offer stability, fairness, and practicality to others. There is a deep understanding that a well thought out process will lead to success. The King of Pentacles is a grounded and passionate man who has established a diverse and rich life, holding many interests. He is known to be an expert or hold great knowledge and wisdom in particular areas of his profession, business and life.</p>
<p>This card can symbolise the final fulfilment of a creative endeavour, business venture or life project, leaving you satisfied and accomplished in your goals, allowing you to enjoy your success with the close and important people around you.</p>
<p>In relationships, this person is quiet and unlikely to share his deeper feelings, yet is a stable and committed partner who will build a stable and successful life.<br />
<p>This card reversed may come bearing the guidance for you to pull back on excessive spending or risky and reckless investments, calling you to put more thought into what you are wishing to create and asking you to look a little deeper at why you may have the tendency to go on spending sprees.</p>
<p>There may be a level of laziness or lack of attention to detail regarding important tasks that won’t be realised if you don’t refocus and dedicate time and effort towards them.</p>
<p>On the other hand, it is possible for this card to symbolise that you are willing to use and abuse people to get ahead, holding an inflexible attitude while using power and control to ensure you get your own way.</p>
<p>Be mindful of the repercussions on the blind use of these behaviours.</p>
<p><strong>FIVE of WANDS</strong></p>
<p><strong>Stand up for what you believe in</strong></p>
<p>You are being called to stand up for what you believe in. This may be a time of struggle, competition or challenge and it is requiring you to stake your ground and point of view in a firm but kind and considerate manner. Keep an open mind and be in your own power should constructive criticism come your way, as it may be for your own benefit and expansion.</p>
<p>The Five of Wands is a card of conflict. There is little ground being made due to conflicting ideas and visions, even if there is a common goal. It is wise to approach this time proactively and facilitate brainstorming sessions, open and transparent dialogue and problem solving skills. Seek external mentoring or supervision with a superior or knowledgeable and wise counsel to ensure you are keeping a level head and even keel.</p>
<p>This card may also represent a personal problem that is causing internal and external tension. Perhaps you feel conflicted and at odds as to how you’re going to navigate forwards whilst considering other external forces that may be opposing your ideals. Go with what feels most right and aligned for you.</p>
<p>Are you running away from conflict or not wanting to recognise your role within a situation? How are you going to grow and learn if you continue to choose to avoid uncomfortable situations? Have you also noticed that by avoiding conflict, you are squashing an opportunity for you to raise your own concerns? Start by gathering your thoughts and centring your energy. Then approach the person or situation with the intention of resolving the issues.</p>
<p>On the opposite spectrum to that, this may mark a breakthrough and relief! Finally, an outcome has been negotiated and you are feeling at ease and satisfied. This can include relationship and internal conflict. You have worked through any anger, resentment or grievances that may have been holding you or the relationship back, allowing you now to move forward.</p>
<p><strong>The EMPEROR</strong></p>
<p><strong>Personal authority and responsibility</strong></p>
<p>It is time to reign over your own life! You are being called to create structure and stability through your own means and on your own terms within your world. It is time to stand strong within yourSelf, owning who you are and what you represent, bold in your visions and life rules. It is vital to have authority over your own life before you contribute to others. You may be beginning to see significant growth, momentum and respect for your offerings within an organisation or your own business. Others are recognising your knowledge and ability to be able to cut through chaos and create order.</p>
<p>The Emperor is the masculine to the Empress’s feminine. He is authoritative, decisive and stable. Loving and compassionate in his actions, yet firm and protective. He is a strong and fair leader who is able to reach clarity with ease and implement strategy. At his best he acts in love, holding the desire to improve the lives of those around him. When he is misaligned he can be rigid, stubborn and overbearing.</p>
<p>You may have allowed your thoughts to be misguided, falling into low vibrational territory. Amplifying this energy outwardly has potentially led to frustration, anger and loss. While you can sense you’re out of balance, you may feel unsure of how to restore order and calm, both within and without. It would be wise to temporarily step back from your duties and roles.</p>
<p>This card may also appear if you are feeling controlled and dominated by others – be it within a workplace or relationship. You are seeking freedom or space from this person or institution, as they are not aligning with your core values and beliefs.You may have non-conformist ideals which are needing to be expressed. It is time to stand up and assert yourSelf. Complaining about the situation will solve nothing. Neither will allowing yourSelf to be downtrodden.</p>
<p><strong>THREE OF PENTACLES</strong></p>
<p><strong>The depth and breadth of growth, success and achievement</strong></p>
<p>Many hands make light work – so goes the saying. And in many ways the Three of Pentacles embodies this idea. Progress has been made with an initial plan or goal and celebration is in the air! The vision and inspiration behind the initial idea has been concreted within the physical world and you are now being called to move into the next phase of the project, enlisting the expert assistance of others.</p>
<p>Trust that you have all the skills you need to navigate forward and accomplish what you have set out to do. Yet, know that collaboration is a powerful way to energise and amplify your venture and message, so call upon those you trust and reach out to others who may be able to offer you knowledge, support and guidance.</p>
<p>You may feel called to brainstorm (soul-storm) and develop strategy and plans that tend to your heart’s creative desires and your mind’s eagerness for action and implementation. This will ensure you stay true to your originality and passion.</p>
<p>Enjoy the success you have achieved so far! And build upon this energy to move you forward.<br />
<p>This card reversed may indicate that more effort, focus and work is required. Perhaps your desired progress has not been made or you’ve reached a stalemate in what to do next and where to invest your time, money and energy. Seek the support of a trustworthy and aware external party to provide support and feedback. This will create a physical and energetic shift and movement.</p>
<p>Think outside the box and gain a more encompassing awareness for what is needed.</p>
<p>You may also need to re-evaluate financial matters or time frames.</p>
<p><strong>FOUR of CUPS</strong></p>
<p><strong>The power is in your hands</strong></p>
<p>From the outside looking in, the world would see you and your life as somewhat perfect – full of pleasure, success and fulfilment in all areas of your life, maybe even excessively so. And yet, within your skin and bones you feel a deep sense of discontentment, lack and emptiness. Perhaps you feel you have worked hard, only to feel entrapped by your creations. Or maybe now you are regretting not taking another path. Whatever it is, now is the time to dive deep within your inner world to understand your desires, so you can make powerful choices about your life.</p>
<p>The Four of Cups comes as a message that decisions are to be made. And as the designer and creator of your life, they are to be made by you only. Create space to take stock. Ensure that you are not taking your life, its luxuries and the opportunities it offers you for granted, for this card may come as a message that you have become hollow in your hunger for happiness, which only ever results in ungratefulness and disappointment.</p>
<p>The power is in your hands. Fill yourSelf up spiritually. Open your eyes and really see the bounty that surrounds you. Decide what it is you are truly desiring and step towards it.</p>
<p>You are only steps away to breaking free from a situation from which you have felt trapped and stagnant. You have been brave to recognise that your heart and soul yearned for more and you went for it! This takes courage and determination.</p>
<p>You have put in the inner work and matched it with external action and you’re now seeing shifts and movement in your life, letting you know that things are indeed changing. Focus now on any projects or final steps that will see you make the transition from where you have been to where you are wanting to be.</p>
<p>Let down any barriers that hold you back from speaking your truth and sharing your heart.</p>
<p><strong>THE DEVIL</strong></p>
<p><strong>Warning to be watchful</strong></p>
<p>Your natural state is to be vibrant, happy, full of inspiration and joy. Yet, part of the human experience lends itself to the experience of pain, lack, addiction, entrapment and dis-ease. Often we are unaware that it is our very own Self that invites and accepts the opposite of what we know and desire into our lives.The Devil represents our fear and disconnection which often leads to self destructive and self sabotaging behaviours.</p>
<p>Where are you feeling trapped? Where are you sabotaging yourSelf, preventing you from achieving and receiving what you desire? It is a time for total honesty. Hide behind the scapegoat of others or excuses no longer. The despair and sense of hopelessness you may feel is only reflective of the stories you continue to buy into and make true.</p>
<p>Watch yourSelf. Do not be tempted by the current stories your mind has become accustomed to telling. Rise above. You may wish to reconsider your course of action at this time.</p>
<p>Reversed, The Devil may indicate addiction, destruction, powerlessness, excessive force and control, recklessness, disconnection and harm. It may herald a situation coming to a head, where one can no longer hide behind the untruths, excuses and many guises they have been hiding behind. The awakening and realisation of the traps one has set for his or her self has come. An unravelling or rock bottom must occur.</p>
<p>This card reversed may also symbolise the need to step back. You have become too attached and reliant on a person or item. Rise above your fear and move into a new space of self reliance and trust. This may take time but the benefits, great and small, will be immediate.</p>
<p>Finally, sometimes this card reversed can be seen as a clear passage. There is no risk of harm, you are free to move forward.</p>
<p><strong>QUEEN of WANDS</strong></p>
<p><strong>Limitless potential</strong></p>
<p>The natural and radiant leader within you is seeking to emerge. There are particular topics and passions that are near to your heart, that you are being called to speak out about and put into action. Recognise your limitless potential. You are capable of achieving whatever you desire. Align yourSelf with your vision, focus your mindset and intention and stride forward! The example you lead with will create curiosity and intrigue among those around you. Through your actions, you encourage others to consider themselves and what it is they are being internally guided towards.</p>
<p>Your vision, determination and positivity, even when challenges arise, makes you an individual that others seek out when they are in need of support. You mix realism and optimism well, instilling confidence in others, which in turn builds your own self belief.</p>
<p>The Queen of Wands may be a strong vibrant “mover & shaker” woman in your life or this card may be calling you to recognise the Wand Queen within you. She is someone who is not afraid to go out on a limb if she is feeling passionately called to make a change or go after a dream; an independent woman who has lived life by her own rules, successfully creating a life filled with abundance and success.</p>
<p>Have you recently lost your confidence, leaving you feeling angry, frustrated and even aggressive towards others? While you may have experienced setbacks, it is important that you come to see them as opportunities and not lean towards victimhood. Focus on balancing yourSelf through activities that fill you up and reconnect you with your own sense of Self.</p>
<p>This card may also come as a warning of someone who may be resentful and jealous, acting out in a bullying manner.</p>
<p>The Queen of Wands can be determined to the point of being rigid and stubborn, causing inflexibility not only in her external world but also within her own Self. She is fiery by nature which often serves her well but at times causes difficulty and heartache. A rich and complicated woman, she’s a powerful force to be reckoned with when her energies are channelled in the right direction.</p>
<p> </p>
<p><strong>THE STAR</strong></p>
<p><strong>Inspiration ignites from within</strong></p>
<p>You are surrounded by beauty! You have everything you need – and more than that, all that you witness in your life has sprung from the creative divineness of your core! After a period of trials or difficulty you are opening yourSelf to healing, love and abundance. This is a period of magic and transformation. Everything may not be perfect, but you’re no longer striving for perfection, you’re seeking authenticity.</p>
<p>A time of inspiration! Of listening to your innate nature, aware of how the Universe is working with and through you – offering guidance in the form of physical sensations and synchronistic symbols. You are uncovering the meaning, passion and purpose you are made of, allowing you to finally honour the person you are.</p>
<p>This is a card of renewed self trust and self esteem. Creativity abounds – you are seeing the world with bright and fresh eyes! Put this creativity and inspiration into action, making your life a work of art!</p>
<p>The Star may also highlight a spiritual mission.</p>
<p>The Star reversed implies that you may have lost faith in yourSelf or a situation. You may even be looking for a “sign” to guide you forward. Rather than continuing to look for external signs, it may be time you turned inward. Access the Goddess or God within. Take inspiration from the swirling energies inside of you.</p>
<p>Surround yourSelf with people and activities that inspire you! Spend time in nature and meditation. Believe in your innateness!</p>
<p>This card reversed may also appear if you have lost drive and motivation in your work or vision. It is normal for the mundane everyday-ness of life to at times steamroll inspiration, but it is your job to keep connected to yourSelf so that you may harness and introduce the next fresh element.</p>

Intuitive play time!

This is a sacred space of freedom and play. Where you can just BE.

So open yourSelf up.
Move out of your head, and dive into your heart…

Now, hold a question and evoke the feeling. Click “Hit Me” when you’re ready, a message for you lies waiting.

A little guidance in receiving whispers from the Universe and your guides:

Before launching into reading the intuited message, soak in the image.

  • What was your first thought and feeling?
  • Did you instantly have a flash of insight or confirmation, or just know what the message is before reading the guidance? If you did, trust and listen to that!

Ideally, cards are read individually and uniquely each time they appear. So back your intuition and receive any information with open-ness.

Go now and read the channelled guidance. Feel into the words and sit with them. Ask for further information if needed. Always know that you are guided and supported, with the Universe ready and waiting to deliver your requests!

And just so you know, your question could simply be “What do I need to know right now.”

For more structured and deeper insights you can use a 3 card spread:

Traditionally they are read in this way. Past/Present/Future.
1) Influences from the past that still affect the situation.
2) The present – and what is occurring positively or negatively.
3) The future – insight or guidance into what lies ahead.

But, I like to mix it up… Here are a few that I run…
1) What’s going on right now.
2) What do I need to do. What element, energy, action, quality do I need to bring into the equation.
3) Insight into the outcome.

You can also read these as
1) Body 2) Mind 3) Spirit
1) Who I was 2) Who I am 3) Who I am becoming/will be.

Each time you pull a card, hold the situation or question in your heart. You will notice that your energy subtly but naturally alters as you progress along the three card spread.

Most importantly, have fun, flex that intuitive muscle and enjoy the unfolding.