Step by step Intuitive guide on How to Start Something New.












Sometimes we know it’s time to start something new. Or even just start.

We may not know where, how or even what on, but we know we need to make a move.

Committing to that decision and intention in itself kick starts a whole bunch of magic!

And seeing as I am feeling the call to start a new project, the rise of old and familiar feelings of nervousness, fear, excitement and “oh boy, what if this fails” is pretty present.

Thing is though, I don’t feel near a terrified as I once did. And that’s because I’ve been around this little merry-go-round a couple of times now and I’m noticing a pretty familiar pattern of guidance and instruction and wanted to share with you, especially if you’re ready to start that thing.


Step One :

Every day. (EVERY DAY!!!!) step into your Self.

Got that?

Every day, multiple times a day even, step into You.
The You you feel. The You you witness when you’re daydreaming delicious daydreams. The You who is living and giving in a way that completely reflects Who You Are.

I don’t mean, watch yourSelf being awesome in the day dream. I mean STEP INTO that You.

You will know when you step into You, because instantly you will feel energised and alive. You wont have to wait, it will be immediate.

Try it now and see.

When we choose ourselves – when you decide to become You, you connect to Source. You will experience an abundance of energy! You will feel ignited and wonderfully content with who you are and where you’re at.

The more you connect with You, the clearer your direction will become. So if you’ve been feeling lost, start here.











Step Two:

Receiving Vision

As you develop and strengthen your connection with the real You, things will very rapidly begin to become clear.

There are two parts in how your purpose, vision and / or project is revealed.

Part One: You will be given the larger and grander vision (or project) of yourself doing, living, expressing, being your life purpose.

Part Two: And then you’ll be given the first stepping stone of instruction on how to bring to life that grand vision or idea.

So, lap it up!

Your job is to allow yourSelf to receive that vision.

This is BIG and important.

Don’t think – “oh that’s amazing, but I cant do that.”

Hear me clear. You can. This vision is You. This vision is a description of your life purpose. This vision is divine, it is God talking, it is a gift from You to you. Stretch yourSelf, open yourSelf and receive it!

After you’ve been given the grand vision or project you will then be gifted the first instruction step.

This is the first stepping stone and action / instruction you must complete.
(Yep, you’re in some wild Lord of the Rings epic adventure – hasn’t any one told you yet?)

Again, receive this first guiding instruction. No doubt you will feel a culmination of emotions. Eg. excitement, fear or puzzlement. Thats normal and part of the adventure.

Note : If you don’t action this step, you will go back to feeling flat, depressed and not You.











Step Three 

Now that you have received your first step, here is where you are really able to flex your intuitive muscle.

  • Tune in to the possible decisions and options that are presenting themselves as you move through your first guiding instruction. Trust the intuitive insight that comes to your in images, thoughts, feelings, to navigate the waters.
  • Tune in to your energy and work with it. Follow your energy’s guidance as to when you need to take action and implement or hold back.
  • Tune into your body, your chakra’s and your energy and do the work that may need to be done there. – This means begin to actively re-write the book of you! Your job is to undo what’s not You. Nighty eight percent of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and values are not yours, part of this adventure is undoing those and allowing your own set of beliefs, standards and possibilities come up.
  • Listen and follow the small daily instructions your intuition is giving you to lay the foundations of your developing new life / project. These routines and rituals are grounding and establishing the frame work for the next step to be built off.

By listening to your intuition and energy and implementing it’s supportive guidance you develop Self belief.

Self belief is not a given, it is built. And it takes you to build it.

Once you’ve completed the first instruction, there may be a pause. Allow it. It’s timely. You will know when instruction two is ready to come through because you will begin to feel it.

Then, it’s back to the top to repeat the above process.











Here’s what I think of fear and resistance.


Fear is part of the game.

Fear is an important and vital element to our growth. In fact, growth doesn’t happen without the fear. Which means fear and self belief go hand in hand. Fear allows us to build and develop self belief.

But keep fear in check. Counter fear by using your intuition and continually stepping into You and your truth.


Think of resistance as “weight or strength training”.

I see it as part of developing our stamina and highlighting any of our long standing yet outdated beliefs and values.

Resistance is always present when you’re doing something new and different.

It’s a good sign that you’re on point, so acknowledge and rock on through it. If you need to, tune in to your inner voice as it will provide ample cheer leading support.
This is exactly the order of unfolding that now allows me to feel more at ease when I am beginning something new. This structure helps me navigate the unknown territory of new-ness, maybe it will for you too.
Big love to you!

Lauren x

5 Comments to “Step by step Intuitive guide on How to Start Something New.”

  1. Thanks Lauren and thank you also for an amazing evening last night. I hope you run more of these events.

    The thing that really resonated with me both last night and in this article is that 98% of our beliefs are not our own. I only recently read the same in the 4 agreements. It’s not easy to look at them and ask hard questions, but it’s time to move that up on my to-do list.

  2. Thanks so much Lauren for your amazing insightfulness once again. You are spot on.
    Love to you, and may we all “feel the fear and do it anyway!” Xxx

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