For Creatives & Life Architects.. what you may be missing.

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This post is for you if you’re in the processing of making things happen!

If you’re creating some kind of change in your life or business… and are having a little trouble bringing it into being OR are keen to really get it moving and shaking…

This is for you if you’re feeling a little fearful, in need of some inner nourishment and confidence too!

I’ve spent a good lot of my life feeling scared, unsupported, and not grounded. Living up in my higher chakras was safe.

But I realised I couldn’t keep doing this if I actually wanted to make my dreams, real.

I knew I needed to address this issue and I also sensed it wasn’t going to be through an external action..

I needed to ground. And learn how to switch between the higher and lower states pronto!

Let me tell you… it’s been THE BEST decision and commitment I’ve made to myself in forever! And it just keeps getting better.


CREATORS… Which one are you?

For us creatives and spiritual adventurer’s we find it very easy to dream and vision.

I could almost bet inspired idea’s flow in frequently and rapidly when they do!
Your mind and heart see’s the world creatively. You have an innate ability to be able to grasp hold of the deeper message and meaning and you FEEL really hard.

You’re a visual consumer and a heart based feeler.

These are your primary creation modes.

What this tells me is your heart chakra and your third eye are frequently getting a work out. Depending on your unique structure.. I would also add that your crown and sacral chakra get a decent flexing too.

For the more practical creators…

You guys are about your base, sacral, and heart chakra’s. Maybe your throat chakra too if you’re a good communicator. You folk are all about practically giving something of value and nourishment that is functional, logical, structured and serving.

But here’s what I am wondering?

Are you have trouble bringing your deep desires, soul yearnings, and creative visions into reality?

Over the past 8mths I’ve been embracing and working my chakras and seeing some incredible results from it. And I want to share with you what I’ve been doing to create some exciting and much needed shifts!

The missing factor is GROUNDING or ANCHORING into your Base and 10th Chakra.












Part of the base chakra’s role is to open us up to our passions, drives and desires.

It is where we receive the energy required to actualise our physical and soul based dreams and fulfil our primal and foundational needs such as financial stability, strong relationships, and the beliefs we hold in regards to our right to manifest and create an aligned and flourishing life.

The programming we received from our family and society originally as a youngster around how safe it is to express our truthful selves in the world is stored within our base chakra. This of course links to how safe we feel able express and create a life aligned with our soul and passions – that is (wait for it…) going to make us money, create stability, connect us with our tribe.

So… if you’ve been feeling fearful or anxious about grounding down and opening up to your soul-filled truth, concerned no one is going to accept you or receive and embrace your gifts and talents, I would say a little exploration and adventuring here would be useful.










As you may know, there are 5 out of body chakra’s. And I want to talk to you about our 10th chakra.

This is located roughly 1-4 feet under our feet.

If you have done any work with me, you know I bang on all the time about becoming aware of your energy field. I get you to feel out and observe how large you are at a resting state.

And your energy field doesn’t just stop at your feet, the energy “bubble” your physical body is within, goes further than that and connects you with the earth, (and the heavens) with chakra’s positioned lower within your field and higher above your head.

Well…the tenth chakra allows us to combine and assimilate our natural intuitive and psychic qualities that provide us with inspired ideas, visions and soul insight WITH our practical faculties such as clear thinking, focused directed energy, in touch with our feelings, and having high levels of awareness around our mental,physical and emotional processes.

When you anchor down and connect with your 10th chakra you are able to flow more easily and fulfil your soul’s mission and life purpose.

It’s a really magical and warm chakra, it sort of reminds me of gooey warm chocolate. And for us conscious creators and lifestyle architects it’s highly important we ensure we’re grounding down and anchoring into it.











When you do you will notice;

  • You feel very present in each moment.
  • You find it easy to “pull down” inspired ideas and visions and convert them from a large concept to a step by step structure that you can implement.
  • You will feel more safe and confident in your soul work and who you are.
  • Financial abundance, relationships, connections will naturally strengthen and begin to fall into place.


This is important – (!! )

You need to transition from your higher chakras – where you are in receive and visualise mode to grounding and anchoring yourself down into your base and 10th chakra when you’re action mode, actively using your logical processes to implement your strategy and plan.
How to Ground & Connect.

  • Take a moment to close your eyes and centre yourSelf. Try it out now, or wait till you can create some “quiet time”.. whatever feels right. Do this little exercise in a sitting or standing position.
  • Become aware of your energy (vibe) and your energy field.
  • Visualise and “see” your body and your energy field in your minds eye. Your energy field is the bubble you sit within (you feel it when people enter into your personal space).
  • Connect to the centre of your chest and visualise a ball of light (any colour) radiating there. Feel it glow, tingle and warm you.
  • Intentionally direct the ball of light downwards, through your lower chakras. When it gets to the area between your legs, feel the light splay outwards and your feet chakras become activated.
  • Allow yourself, your Base chakra to connect with the Earth. Allow yourself to feel safe in having your feet, your soul planted firmly in this earthly reality. Let Earth’s charge warm and invigorate you.
  • Open your eyes, while you are still consciously grounding your energy and notice how much brighter everything looks. How much clearer you feel. Present you are.


If you had trouble comfortably connecting… perhaps these questions maybe helpful for you to explore..

  • What does your foundation feel like? How would you describe your foundation?
  • How would being more firmly grounded and anchored support you?
  • What would it mean if you were to step into your own truth?
  • How would it feel to consciously create your life so that it reflects your inner rad-ness?
  • How would it feel to be supported and embraced by life? By yourSelf?
  • How and what can you do to slowly bring those feelings into your days?

Our 3 lower chakras, along with our 10th chakra are HUGELY important when we’re getting aligned and creative! Belief and value culling and replacing almost always is required, it can sometimes be uncomfortable but the effort is duly rewarded!

Happy grounding!

Lauren x

11 Comments to “For Creatives & Life Architects.. what you may be missing.”

  1. So glad to have come across you and your beautiful energy. This year is all about energy for me, and understanding and connecting to my chakras has been life changing. Thank you for this post. It’s exactly what I needed today. My base chakras definitely need some attention. X

  2. Lauren,
    I wish you a wonderful solar return!!!
    and thanks so mcuh, you describe exactly what I experience in my life but today it was so strong this intention and then I read your post!!
    thanks so much
    such a blessings…. i will order your deck but I am afraid if it can travel safe to guatemala!
    love to you

  3. Timely! I’ve been feeling a huge call to be more grounded. I’m naturally grounded as a Capricorn, but there’s something about my business that gets me all amped up and outta control which leads to ineffective action, like you’ve mentioned. Thanks! <3

  4. Y’know, I think there’s a bit of me that has always been drawn to connecting with my 10th chakra. When I was a kid,I had lots of teachers and other adults say I could very easily see the details among the big picture, how ideas could be practically applied and used, and how concepts fit in the real world.

    Fascinating post to read, thanks Lauren!

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