Free Epic Intuition Adventure!



I’m going to bang out this post in a zippy, boom-flush manner!

Have you heard about SOUL SCHOOL MONTHLY yet?

Well if not, you’re in for a treat!

As of the January 20th New Moon (yep, next Monday) Inner Hue will be kicking off an exciting, epic, adventurous FREE E-BOOK workshop guide into all things Intuition and You!

I go into a little more detail over here, go check it out and see if it floats your boat.

Soul School Monthly will land in your inboxes every New Moon. The mini e-book guides will cover a different topic every month, building upon each other each time and filled to the brim with info, questions and activities for you to undertake, explore and play with.

There will be some FB time too. Every Monday night between 8pm – 8.30pm I will start a little thread where we can ask questions, share stories and support each other, just for a bit of fun and to make use of good ole’ FB in a pro active, connective, mindful way. I have a love hate thing going on with FB – do you too?


So, why am I doing this? (Because it is kinda nuts)

Well…. if you haven’t noticed I always want to jam pack each blog post with information and quite frankly, they can be lengthy. The thing is, the blog material is only a smidge of what I want to share with you! My big fat heart longs to give you more depth and trying to keep the word count down was making me feel all restricted and yuck yuck.

So one morning in meditation over the Christmas break this very light and tingly inspired idea floated in through my intuitive senses. An answer. Some guidance. Alignment. Ahhhhhh….. yes, thank you very much Universe, that is EXACTLY what I’ve been putting my feelers out for.

I literally (literally!) jumped on to the laptop and did not leave it for 6 days. From 9.30ish in the morning till about 6pm at night my fingers tapped away, my hand scribbled and scrawled out thoughts. I didn’t do any of that New Year’s dancing I had planned either. But you know what? This was better.

Not sure what the blog is going to be about now… maybe I will share some of my own intuitive experiences? Or client stories (keeping identities private of course.) Or cool resources in the form of books, websites or inspirational and insightful videos and material that I love, which you may like to check out also.

Something will come up, I’m not worried. You see, I’ve fallen into the flow…


Intuition and all the Soul School stuff we’ll cover is important for so many reasons! And I seriously cannot wait to share it with you.

2015 is going to be a great big for all of us. The energy is so different. Much finer, softer, yet don’t mistake that for less powerful, in fact it’s quite the opposite. It’s time to surrender.

To resist less and flow more, to restrict less and play more, to think less and feel more, to react less and respond more, to do less and Be more.

To take the step from just reading to actually actively beginning the journey into You. The more whole you. The magical you.

I would love for you to join me. Maybe you’d even like to get some friends on board and do it together! (hey, that idea just zoomed in, but it’s kinda cool! )

Either way, I’m busting to get started.

Check it out. Sign up. Come along.

Can’t wait to have you join me.

Big Love!

Lauren x

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