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What a Wholly Darn Spanking Wildly Wonderfully Crazy year its been.

That’s a mouthful I know… but there is no other way to sum it up.

It’s been big and beautiful and beyond what I imagined really…

But I will cut to the chase here.

It is my absolute pleasure to formally introduce you to


– Connected & Free – The Alchemist’s Oracle –

You are NOW able to Pre-Order a set of the Connected & Free – The Alchemist’s Oracle with a 15% discount when you use the code word INTUITION in the code box provided at the checkout.

You will receive a beautiful GIFT CARD, sent immediately, so you can give a kindred spirit a soul inspired Christmas gift.

Rest assured then that you’ve secured your deck knowing that an Inner Hue package will arrive at your (or your recipients) door in early January.

In many ways it’s extending the magic of Christmas a little longer!

Learn a little more…..

This 50 card oracle deck will guide you to a place of inner alchemy.

With it’s emotive and whimsical imagery and channelled messages you will receive intuitive guidance to reveal internal growth points, personal clarity, confirmation and practical guidance for every step you take enabling you to confidently and magically adventure forward.

The 133 page guide book is not only the reference tool for the channelled messages but also holds within its cover;

  • Tips on Oracle Spreads and Free Form readings,
  • Guides on How to Cleanse your Cards, and
  • Tips on How to Develop your Intuition.

Connected & Free – The Alchemist’s Oracle has been made with love, intention and playfulness every step of the way and I am beyond excited to be able to share it with you all!

Visit the Inner Hue shop to order your deck.


Now… it would be an absolute injustice if I did not let you in on the incredible illustrator and graphic designer of this amazing deck.

Meet Tegan from Colour Cult.

This woman is crazy talented! I have no words for the level of skill this bad ass woman has. And it’s not only her illustrative skills… she is whizz bang with computer graphics as well.

Tegan is absolutely no fuss, always one step ahead and delivers with a knock your socks off smile.  Her intuitive spidey senses are pipped at all times enabling her to pick up what I was putting down each and every time. And  I must tell you this mumma of 2 (under 14mths)  cracks a mighty good joke often, leaving you busting out in giggles.

So… if you have illustrative, design or web work to be done – this here is your gal. Go check her out here.


Other News..

I thought I should let you know that I also offer Gift Cards for the Spirited Soul Wandering readings…

I absolutely LOVE doing these sessions. I am continually bowled over by peoples brilliance… sometime I just wish I could pop you in my body so you could see yourSelf in all your glory!

If you have someone in mind and would like a gift card, drop me a line at laurenaletta (at) inner hue (dot) com.

Next year is already shaping up to be lively, creative and connective!

I will be announcing the dates for the next Unravelling the Wild workshops which I cannot wait for! This is an amazing workshop that is a beautiful combo of intuitive muscle flexing with the practicality of soul mapping. What that means is – learning and harnessing how to receive intuitive guidance that springs from your soul to creatively yet logically weave into useable material.


And finally…. I will be ready to take Soul Food Sessions to the next level! So if you’re feeling called to dig deeper – intuitively and practically then walk this way.

Soul Food Sessions are where giant leaps in internal and intuitive development transpires to shift, expand and align you internal and external worlds.

I only take a limited number of rad folk at a time due to the amount of time and love I infuse the Soul Food Session with, so if you’re feeling the pull to investigate and develop your intuition further or wish to delve in your internal worlds to create change, sing out!

There is a bunch more coming…. (I know, my heart and brain are near bursting!) but I will hold on to my hat with the rabbit stashed hidden away for now.

I cannot THANK YOU enough for the the love and support you continually give me! Your emails questions and comments never fail to make me beam or spring to action. Truly Thank you.


Lauren x


3 Comments to “ORACLE CARDS are HERE!!”

  1. Congratulations Lauren! I have been watching the sneak peeks of your cards up on Facey and Insty over these past few months and waiting, waiting for them to be released. They are beautiful and I can’t wait for my pack to arrive in January! I’m looking forward to having them, along with my crystals from you, as trusty companions on my travels next year xxx

  2. Lauren, I know I already said it but congratulations again on these gorgeous babes!! I am definitley going to be ordering them in the New Year. I hope you don’t mind I showcased them on a new series I started on my blog link love. Big kisses xx Lynds

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