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This is a call to flow though your Christmas and New Year period differently.

This is a call to do it intuitively.

To honour and follow the spirit of Christmas… the spirit…. your spirit. Because Christmas (and New Year) are really made by you.

You BRING the tone and energy of the Christmas and New Year you want to have.
You bring the Spirit to it!

This is a call to do the festive season with a new sensitivity. A softening.
One that allows you to be more of you, and less than who you were, or who you’re expected to be.

This is a call to tap into and contribute to the collective!

Because we can no longer continue to think of ourselves as individual units but rather a giant web of colourful christmas lights, all blinking individually but working together in show stopping fashion!

This is a call to listen to what YOU are needing… and feeling the full force of your soul’s support to make it happen.

So lets prick our senses and flex our intuitive muscle.

Let me show you how.

  • I want you to start by softening, so you can let your natural intuitive nature and skills take the lead.
  • Breathe in and move your attention to your heart at the centre of your chest.
    Begin to feel You.
  • Slightly tune yourself as though you are trying to listen to a quiet noise. It is where you purposely attune all your senses so they are heightened. It is a softening of yourself, an opening, where you become the sensitive receiver.…

That’s it, you’re doing well.

You are becoming translucent and fluid and very present.

Suddenly everything has popped! It’s brighter around you. Isn’t it amazing?!

Just feel. That’s all you have to do. Feel.


Practise this. As often as possible. At any point in time. Multiple times a day if you can! This is your super sonic power! (No joke)

This is how we will change our moments, ourselves, our life, our world.

By softening…

Let’s waltz into this party period in a new way.

I want to break this down for you… because maybe, I need to break this down for me too.

Follow the leads of anything that really ignites something inside you!


End of Year Reflections…

With your intuitive senses flexed (following the guidance above)
Let your inner guidance speak.

How do you need to complete this year?



  • Is there anything you still need to do? A task, organising, projection completion?  (And by need I mean as encourage by your soul and higher self)
  •  Do you feel called to contact a friend or speak openly with a family member or loved one?
  • How can you best complete your year leaving you feeling satisfied and restful with a feeling of accomplishment?



  • What perspective and position can you take that will allow you to see an encompassing view of what you’ve created in 2014?
  • Would it be helpful to write a little closing note? Highlighting your successes and acknowledging with gratefulness the gaps for exciting growth.

(The new moon is next Monday 22nd! So a perfect time to do this. Follow the Moonmentum guide you get for free when you sign up to Inner Hue)



  • Has there been an energy / emotion / feeling / vibration / tone you have held a lot this year that you are ready to leave behind in 2014 or embody less in 2015?

Take a step back from your thoughts. Become the watcher. And just observe.
See your thoughts.
See you energy.
See how you chose to spend your energy this year.
What FELT good?
What FELT restrictive or yucky.


Christmas Celebrations

  • Perhaps it is that you need to halve the “To Do” list and just be more present and available for yourSelf and your kindred folk?
  • Maybe you need to evoke your Christmas spirit in bountiful and beautiful yet simple ways. It is the warmth and energy we feel and remember most, not the gifts and decorations.
  • Do you need to “check in” with yourself and your body in regards to the kind of food and drink you actually need. This is a beautiful time to let you body guide you!



  • What’s the best “gift” you can give to yourSelf?

(Remember.. you are using your intuition and internal guidance system to reveal answers intuitively to you here! So soften, receive, listen and act! Click here for the low down on your Internal Guidance System)

  • What’s the best “gift” your can bring to a Christmas family event?



  • What kind of energy do you want to ooze out of you? Relaxed? Peace? Love? Openness? Firecracker joyfulness? Evoke it! Feel it in your body now!
  • Is there anything you can do that will support you in holding this vibe?

And finally…



New Year Ceremonies…..


  • Have you rested? What does rest mean to you? What does your mind, body, soul need? Do this first before you launch your energy into a new year.
  • Are you feeling called to brainstorm? Write out some intuitively guided actions, steps, ideas to propel you forward into 2015?
  • What is the BEST way you can see the New Year in and powerfully kick of the coming year?

(What feels good? Eg. For me last year it was to be quiet and low key. This year I am feeling totally called to music, juicy conversations with old and new like minded people, and a good old dance!)



  • What gaps were highlighted to you in your End of Year reflective process that you want to devote energy to this year? Perhaps brainstorming and developing a loose map or guide on this would be helpful?
  • What is your Internal Guidance System and Intuition guiding you towards doing or being in 2015?


  • Spend some time with your chakras. (To find out more about your chakras click here)
  • Scan your chakra, cleanse them, clear them. Get to know them better over this rest period.
    Allow them to speak, for they are SUPER useful, insightful and helpful when you’re ready to powerfully create!
  • If you could put a word to it.. what kind of encompassing energy do you wish to anchor into for 2015? (Remember… let your soul speak!)


Incorporating your intuitive gifts into your busy mental and physically driven day nourishes your soul, reducing a tendency towards attempting to meet your internal needs and desires through media, consumerism, food, alcohol, control or other emotional neediness, as it comes from within and straight from the soul.

It also allows you to experience more creative freedom in your life and Christmas! And that means rockin fun, adventure and playfulness.

The more we align and strengthen our unique intuitive skills, the more we can honour, serve, contribute and transform our incredible little planet and our experience of it!

And then our childhood dreams would be answered! It would  be Christmas every day!

 Cherries & Chocolate to you!

Lauren x 

FooterBanner_Seeker2Lauren_circle2Lauren Aletta (aka Magic Maker) is the forever curious Intuitive that guides you in wild adventures of the inner kind. She is the creator of Inner Hue and the Connected & Free Oracle Cards and offers one on one sessions and workshops to develop and hone your Intuition for Life skills through;

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  1. As always, you are spot on with your timing Lauren!! You have just completely summed up what my heart and soul has been yelling at me. I have had a few things on my plate as we all know how it can be but im on track now and was already knowing i need to check in again. Thank you for your beautiful guide to help me get started. Merry christmas to you and your loved ones, may your tummy and heart be full this festive season. xoxo

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