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I started to write a post on what happened on Saturday “Unravelling the Wild” but I just couldn’t.

The words didn’t flow like they usually do and quite frankly I felt irritated at my own voice! So I scrapped it and with humbling honour would love to introduce you to a few of the beautiful, inspiring women who joined in on the soul adventuring and have them share in words how it was for them…











Michelle from Eyes of Love photography captured the tranquil and fun moments with perfection! This woman is your go-to- photography pro when you’re wishing to capture the life and heart of a moment or your soul. Not only is she magic in behind the lens, she is just down right delightful!

And I cannot thank Jess from the Black Olive Project enough for exciting our tastebuds with delicious organic lunch and treats. It was unanimous – this lady knows a thing or two about creating tantalising fresh food!

But enough from me…  (ladies – THANK YOU!!!! As your words rolled in the happy tears did too!)
























“Snippets of gold. Nuggets of wisdom. Kindred spirits and beautiful surrounds … What more could one ask of a day?”

– Kelina, Brisbane –


“I am so grateful for the space you created for us to dive deep, unravel and reclaim!
Your light and open-hearted way left me feeling beautifully held, supported and more able to tap into my own knowing and wisdom. Thank you.”

– Star, Byron Hinterland –


Where do I start? Thank you so much for a wonderful day on Saturday. I really enjoyed myself. I had a lot of “ah moments” where things finally clicked.  Thank you for welcoming us into your home. It was peaceful and tranquil, I felt welcomed, connected and grounded.

The food was…AMAZING! (Thanks Black Olive Project! Check them out here

I loved how you poured your heart and soul into the Workshop. I loved that it was not rehearsed but authentic, unique and organic.
I love the special gifts you gave us of the crystal and card – they were SO spot on!!  I am using my crystals on a daily basis.
Your practical advice was a blessing. The booklet is a great reference as it is easy to read and not overwhelming

I am so grateful and honoured to attend your Workshop.The more you can spread your message the better the Universe will be.

– Kylie, Sunshine Coast –





















Thank you so much Lauren!! Yesterday was perfectly “Unravelling” for me. I feel as though some of my own inner mysteries have been unlocked or at the very least surfaced. So much information came through (and is still coming in!) putting together like a puzzle of my soul., helping the bigger picture come into vision. Words cant express how much I am learning through your awesome REAL way of teaching.  You are one very special lady!!

– Jessica, Brisbane –

Oh my good god WOW!! You have changed my life Lauren.
How amazing was the energy yesterday. I am positively buzzing :)
In creating what you did for us yesterday, you have changed my world as I knew it.Tools! Yay!! These are the life tools I need and have been yearning for all my life.
I just was blown away by how awesomely cool yesterday was. You, the information and the like minded super interesting people around me.. I found everything so inspiring and wonderful.

Katie, Brisbane –


When I walked through the gate, straight away I felt comfortable. A peaceful and welcoming energy flooded me. It was exactly what I needed. I spent the first few moments settling in to my place in the room, then spent a few more moments being intoxicated by Lauren’s smile and shining vibe. Lauren is so humble, completely unaware of her infectious enthusiasm and passion. I had no expectations on the day, I didn’t even read the agenda. I just sat and took in each stage as it came. And through this my mind opened to a whole other world. And I am ready to start tapping in – 2015 is going to boom!

– Anika, Lockyer Valley – (Check out her site here)

To the 14 radical wild hearted seekers who joined in on the fun – thanks so very much for kicking the Unravelling off with me!

Lauren x

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