My Guides Hijack the Blog! A word on Assessment, Completion, Comparison and 2015


My guides want to speak today. So I’m just going to hand it over to them.
From what I can gather it’s about this year, next year, rest, and creating.

See you on the other side of this writing. :)


Hello Dear Ones,

It is very nice to be here with you and we’re grateful that Lauren has moved over for us so we can share with you. She really wanted to offer you something wonderfully useable but became stuck in the process so we came in to help her out.

As we are watching you proceed to the end of the year we notice common themes in energy. These themes are around Assessment, Completion and often times Comparison.



You begin to assess the kind of year you’ve had, measuring it up against rules, expectations and goals which are ill equipped measuring instruments to make assessements by.

For the tools you are measuring your year and it’s accomplishments, losses and success with are human constructed standards that are very broad and have no knowledge of your individual souls needs. Therefore this makes assessment in a true and accurate sense to the logical mind near impossible.

If you wish to assess, use your Heart.

If your year has been a rosey one and there is a deep knowing internally that reflects this – congratulate yourself.

If your year has been tumultuous or “just another year” feel into the space within, perhaps this year was not at all about external and outward growth, perhaps it was more about re-alignment, internal adjustments and preparation.

Your heart is a more accurate assessment tool. And it will reveal in wonderful accuracy what you’ve done well and where to focus upon next, if that is something you are wishing to begin to consider.

But remember … do not rush. Savour this moment. Here, right now is where you are meant to be.












We notice you like to have your loose ends tidied and tied.

This is a wonderful thing when loose ends are ready to be tidied and tied, but if they are not do not increase the resistance that is existing between you, your soul and Us but forcing the matter. This only extends the process of completion you are seeking to achieve.

Breathe into it. Breath is a wonderful thing! It allows you to hear and follow the internal guidance.

We notice you speak so much of Honour and yet you honour yourself the least, disregarding the innate knowing you have inside that is there to support you in all ways.

So listen.Take time to listen.

If you are forcing something into completion, stop. Soften. Breathe and allow Us and the Universe to support the process. You will find the results will be more than perfect.

If you are lingering and procrastinating in bringing something to a finale’, step up to the plate and finish what you started. You have the strength to do this.



This seems to go hand in hand with assessment and completion for you and we wish to say loudly and clearly this in no way serves you.

You cannot know another’s journey, you can only know your own.

Therefore to compare is fruitless and dangerous and life force depleting.

Comparison is also a result of not taking complete accountability and responsibility for yourSelf. You.
You, the miraculous creature.
You, the powerful creator.
You who says so clearly that you’re ready for abundance, joy, adventure and wonder but then chooses to compare.

Rejoice in another’s success. Turn inward if you wish to more accurately assess. Respect your own completion process. And trust that there is a larger and grander picture that you cannot know in it’s entirety. Just know that you are wholly supported at all times in whatever it is you intend.
The energy of this year has been finer, softer, more fluid than previous years and the coming energy will be more so. This is what you have been waiting and asking for. For there to more ease and grace and flow and it is happening, it is upon you.

And so we wish to say that it is easier to re-adjust the invisible, what is still formless than to make changes to form.

You are energy. Energy in expression. Energy in action.

For while your energy is powerfully potent and strong it is highly malleable. It takes far more time to change what exists in dense physicality than it does when it is still in energy. And with the softening and quickening of energy things are and will occur with a swiftness that was not previously accessible.

So chose to be awake! Your thoughts and the energy you CHOOSE to hold will come into being much faster.

So what thoughts are you choosing?

What energy are you choosing?

Where are you willingly taking yourSelf?

Start there….











You are feeling physically tired now, your body is ready for a rest and you are drawing on all your strength and reserves to get you to “clock off” time. Instead of offering you a technique or ritual, we wish to offer you a way of being that will assist you in harmonisation.

And that is to make all you do a ritual, a practise, a technique. Doing this will automatically feel like you are on holidays…. it will be one simple choice of freedom after the next.

What do you want to do now?

How do you want to be now?

What is in this moment for me now?

What can I give the moment now? And so on and so forth.

It has been a wonderful pleasure to share with you today and we thank you very much for your time.

In love.
The Crew.
Well…. there you have it!

This message is definitely for me.
And they signed off “The Crew”, how funny.

Hopefully this has been just what you needed to hear too.

Lauren x



8 Comments to “My Guides Hijack the Blog! A word on Assessment, Completion, Comparison and 2015”

  1. “[…] it is easier to re-adjust the invisible, what is still formless than to make changes to form.”

    Brilliant! I work with energy and this basically sums up what I always try to help other people realise.

    Thank you!

  2. Definitely what I needed to hear. I can relate a lot to completion and assessment. I’m feeling a strong desire to reflect, wrap up the year, tidy up loose ends and prepare for a big 2015. There have been moments of comparison but they have been released with ease recently. Thank you for sharing guides and Lauren! x

  3. Gorgeous. I love the idea of letting ego step aside and see what that wise, inner divine part has to say. The message about assessment was particularly helpful for me… always in evaluation mode over here!

  4. Oh so many nuggets of gold sweet Crew.. thank you for sharing this wisdom. It resonated so so much.. Especially comparison, so right that we can never walk in anothers shoes or know their story and likewise for ourselves. As 2014 is coming to an end, there is lots of turning inward to discover what lies there waiting to be unleashed on 2015,
    With love and so much gratitude
    Jane xxx

  5. Thank you Lauren’s guides or “crew”,

    You guys are truly heaven sent and you seem to see straight into my very soul. Thank you for your wise words, and please come again

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