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Last night I had the very amazing opportunity to feed my chatter box passion at The Little Window’s “Journey Inwards” evening workshop about intuition, our Internal Guidance System and how it supports our personal wellness. Honestly, I just had to pinch myself as I sat within the beautifully crafted, intention laid space at how darn lucky and grateful I am feeling right now in being able to share this burning message and passion with the likes of the incredible people I met last night.

(Thannnnkk – yoouuuu Universe!)

So, this is a really simplified and condensed bit of information broken into segments about Intuition and our Internal Guidance System (IGS) – and it’s still lengthy! (Sorry!!) But I feel deeply driven to deliver useful, info packed content! Perhaps I should move into doing V-blogs? (Yikes.)

So here goes….!


Intuition as we know it can be described as a hunch, a gut feeling, inspiration, an inner knowing, an urge or a feeling or sensation that is communicating to you in a way that you sense and understand.

At times your intuition can be very clear in the way that you receive it – this can be visually, (images and mini movies in your minds eye) audibly (hearing words or sentences that feel very solid, centred, calm and loving) or kinaesthetically (receiving a clear feeling or sensation in your body) or a combination of these, allowing you to have greater insight into a decision you need to make or a situation at hand.

Other times insight and intuition seems more hazy and unclear, where you just intuitively sense there is more underlying information or get hints of a feeling on the peripherals of your being, but due to whatever reason you weren’t able to entirely grasp it in that moment.

We also sense, regardless of whether the intuitive information we receive is crystal clear or foggy, that it is there to support us in some way. To guide us towards pleasure, to keep us safe, to support us in expressing our true selves.

So where is this intuitive information coming from and can we call on this tool intentionally, rather than having it “happen to us”? Yes!!

But I want to share with you where your intuition stems from to give you a greater understanding.


Intuition stems from our Internal Guidance System (IGS).

Our Internal Guidance System is the communication junction point between our physical selves (including our emotional and mental bodies) and our soul or divine self / essence, making our intuition and our IGS intrinsically linked.

Our Internal Guidance System exists between you and You. And is there to support us in living the fullest, freest most joyous life we possibly can.

Our IGS can be described as our Internal Compass, the part of us that lets us know how far away we are from ourselves and how to navigate back to our centre, where from there we can continue to use it’s guidance to create an ever changing state of harmony, wellbeing, and fulfilment.

Our IGS is not intended to be used in order to manipulate and control others. Fullstop.

It is intended that we utilise our IGS to enhance our life experience, to give ourselves a broader, more encompassing view and to use it’s greater wisdom to unify our mind, body and spirit in the creation and expression of ourselves.


So what does it do?

Our IGS is the union between the masculine and feminine, the yin and yang, the seek and receive, the heart and the mind and it’s role is to seamlessly facilitate direction and guidance as to how we can grow and create harmony and balance that is uniquely tailored to you.

And that’s the biggie right there – your internal guidance is uniquely tailored to you!

It translates, integrates and understands the breadth and depth of who you are at a soul level, it also understand the simplicities and complexities of this human life and then tailors the guidance to propel you forward so you can express and experience your deep desires as well as heal what may need to be healed. Moving you each and every time you listen and take action in a direction of bomb-diggerty amazingness!

It is also why when we look outside ourselves for guidance the result is the feeling of being stifled or the experience of greater confusion, this is because no one can decide what is appropriate or inappropriate for you because what is appropriate or inappropriate for you is between you and your larger self.


How does it work?

It responds to your dominate intent.

Your intention for yourself as a whole and your intention for how you wish to experience this world in any given moment is a vibration you buzz at. And it is clearly communicating to all of your surroundings as well as your IGS what your intention is… what it is you are seeking.

From there our Internal Guidance System responds to support you in actualising what you are seeking, and it does this through our intuitive sensitivities and perceptions.Those inspired ideas that ignite something, those gut feelings, the hunches, the warning signals, the excited flutter, the flash image in the minds eye, the deep insight, and even really clear, structured, logical maps! …. yep, that’s your IGS delivering.

So what is your dominate intent right now?
So, what is it you are deeply seeking?


What gets in the way of hearing, knowing, feeling Internal Guidance?


The energy, any energy that is in opposition to receiving guidance.

This is what writers block is for example . The sustained focus and intent on the experience of not being able to write.

It is when you are choosing to continue to look at the problem. Head on. Blindly. Opposing any other guidance. This blocks the continual and natural messages the higher aspects of You are giving you.


What supports you receiving and strengthening your internal connection.

  • Meditation.
  • Mindfulness 
  • Reflection

But I know that this isn’t for everyone and that’s completely okay!
So work out what you zen bliss state is…and do that.

Do anything you LOVE doing that gets you in that soft, receptive receiving space.
Going for a run, or a skate, cooking, gardening, drawing, whatever you bliss space is. And then trust. Trust in the guidance you are being given and do your best to act!

This will increase your self confidence, self belief and will heighten your ability to access your creative genius! Your body (energy body and physical body) is a wonderful feed-back mechanism that wants nothing more than to support you in creating a delicious life!

You will find that when you are taking time to get in the zone and then take action all your senses will be heightened, engaged and there will be harmony and integration between all aspects of you – mind, body and spirit! You will be working as a whole, rather than using individual aspects of yourself for tasks.

And you know what happens then? You will be energised, alive, excited! (Argh!!! Im getting that feeling right now!)

I could write SO MUCH MORE on this! It’s something I am massively passionate about as I truly believe (a really deep seated knowing) that through willingly opening ourselves and using this NATURAL skill and tool we all have we will reach next level amazingness not just for ourselves personally, but for Earth and us as a collective!

Big lovin to you all!

Lauren x



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  1. Hi Lauren!

    I have just come across your site through a friends facebook post and this article is amazing and speaks to me on so many levels. I can tell that your website and I are going to become very good friends. I would love to attend one of your meditation work shops if it is local to me, so would love to know where you are based and if you have any scheduled for the near future?

    Many thanks, Mel :)

  2. I love any-and-everything you write on the topic of intuition. It’s an area I’ve been exploring more in my own life and with my clients, and I would love the opportunity to attend an in-person workshop like the one you did! Keep up the great, heart-filled work :)

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