Professionalism – What does it mean to You?

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As you all know I am running a super rad workshop – Unravelling the Wild.

This baby is going to be a powerful, soul invigorating, intuition flexing day of yumminess where I share, guide and support you in getting down and dirty with your soul stuff!

It was one bright winter day that Unravelling the Wild landed in my lap and since then I have been channelling and formulating the best possible way I can deliver and share it with you. It is a practical useful and fun guide you will be able to draw upon not only now, but over and over again in the months to come!

It’s also of a professional standard. No hokey pokey here.

Yet, I found myself in a quandary.

Where would I hold this magical workshop…..?

I did my research on a variety of Brisbane based venues only to feel deflated.

There was nothing I felt would confidently hold the space for a punchy, potent, high vibing day of soul visioning and intuitive development.

I felt lost and frustrated.

This workshop is for those ready to dig deeper and launch themselves off into a stratosphere of creation, and I see it as my job and role to ensure that the environment meets them there.

How could I expect others to feel safe and buoyed up by the energy they were working within if I didnt?

How could I confidently deliver my best work in a setting that was clearly below the standard I wished to create within?

That just wouldn’t be professional….

What was I after in a venue, you ask?

  • A space that already had a beautiful energy. 
  • A space that felt warm, welcoming and organic. 
  • A space that was connected to nature. 
  • A space that spoke – straight to the heart.


Was that too much to ask…? Maybe, maybe not.
But that was what I wanted to deliver.

I couldn’t find a thing… so I cussed like a trucker, and silently had a two year old tantrum.
Then the Universe whispered…. What about your home?


I stopped silent.

Could I do that? Would that be professional?

I don’t know….. But it felt oh so good and right.

Argh! I needed some external input and perspective, pronto!

I hollered out to the gals in the private Such Different Skies group, which is comprised of trail blazing professional women and entrepreneurs and put it to them.

Let me tell you, I was biting my nails… expecting them to confirm my fear that it wouldn’t be appropriate or professional to hold a workshop like this at home.

Instead they challenged me and my view of professionalism, while unanimously confirming that my humble little home is where Unravelling the Wild is to be birthed!


They quickly quipped in saying if the likes of Steve Jobs (bless him) and Richard Branson could hold important meetings in their home, then I could too!

Others stated that it would be more interesting, warm and safe to work within my home, and that some of the best workshop they had ever attended were home based.

But the doozey they hit me with was this….  to re-define what professionalism means to me.

Boom. They got me. It was like a hit to the heart – in a very good way.

“Re-define what professionalism means to you.” 

So I have been.

  • To me professionalism looks like delivering quality content and service with a blazing passion that’s contagious.
  • It’s about being real and authentic – and sharing in the space of vulnerability. Really meeting you where you’re at. Giving you all of me, home, contents and all!
  • Its realising that it would be unprofessional of me to attempt to make magic in an ill fitting space just because it is the expected business norm.
  • But mostly…. It’s about breaking the rules when I need to. So I, and everyone else that’s joining me, can bravely go where we haven’t been before.

And so I sling my doors wide, with love and openness to have you join me in my sacred suburban space.


My home is your home.

Wanna join in? Book here. Registration closes the 24th October.

So… what does professionalism mean to you?

Much love.
Lauren x


6 Comments to “Professionalism – What does it mean to You?”

  1. Much needed message for me Lauren (you always manage that for me). My view of professionalism has been formed from a corporate career spanning 20 years. And now to take that into this new direction and new world I am dwelling in does not fit. Rather than an adjustment, I feel it needs to be completely leveled so that I can rebuild my view from the ground up. Thanks for the insight and direction! X

  2. I adore this post, Lauren! I have struggled with not feeling “professional enough” at times, too. Being a young therapist can be really tough, because especially early on, I often felt like I had to hustle for credibility or respect. And kept asking myself, “do I need a whole new wardrobe? Do I need to take out my facial piercing?” But then I remember… I work on a giant cattle ranch so wearing fancy clothes just is not appropriate, and I shouldn’t have to HUSTLE for respect in the first place! I can be professional in an authentic and organic way. I’m so glad you decided to hold your workshop in your home, and I wish I were across the world so I could attend! :)

  3. Lauren,
    Love this post
    Today I was reading a course about astrology and vocation
    and reminding the latin meaning of professiona is to declare aloud in public, to profess one’s vows,
    It is our declaration to the world, our vow of intention…!!
    blessings to you!

  4. Love this! Sounds like the perfect place to hold your workshop with flowing positive vibes and an abundance of your own energy. What a beautiful home too! xx

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