Cycle of Growth – A guide to identifying & mapping your own personal cycle.

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This started out as a personal observation, prompted from an insistent universal whisper when I was noticing that just like ground hog day I was feeling in a slump….again!

And as well all know, slumps don’t just effect us, they have the ability to impact the energy of our household, our food choices, out interactions, motivations and general perspectives

A little inner niggling also let me know that there was more to slump than me just having another “bad hair day”.

So a couple of years ago I began to retrace and chart my moods, my creative endeavours, projects, personal relationships and work circumstances (this was back when I was working outside of Inner Hue), and noticed a clear distinct cycle of order and flow!

Oh, the relief!

I honestly thought prior to uncovering this, I was stuck in some kind strange ground hog warp.

It appeared that I was not. Phew!

Over time I observed, charted and discovered six distinct phases of the cycle with each phase having clear emotional and structural attributes.

What do I mean by this? Let me give you an example using the Transition / Unknown Gestation phase.

When I am experiencing a transitionary phase I display certain kinds of emotions, thoughts and behaviours.

My household would then also reflect this to a small degree,with kiddlewinks being effected by my broodiness. And in general, I feel confused, unmotivated, unfocused, irritated and at a loss as to what my next move is, or even if there is a next move!

Transitions are something we have to work our way though. And what I mean by “work” is having and holding a curiosity about our circumstance and where we are at within our life, for although the heaviness and confusion of transitioning can be challenging, it always precedes the birth of something new.

Transitions also happen regularly and on different scales of intensity.

We are forever changing and realigning our life in small or large ways mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

So we can experience a large and intensive transition when we are feeling pulled to pivot our whole life in a different and uncharted direction, that isn’t clear or completely revealed.  And we can experience a transition within a project, or within a relationship, or within a new eating habit. These transitions are noticeably smaller, however still display the same or similar behaviours and feelings.












But here is the BEST part about identifying and understanding your cycle, is;

You know know the signs of each phase and you also know how to support yourself through itThis means that you develop your own tool kit to nourish, boost, support and get the most out of yourSelf, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. You are smack bang in the “now” of it, and whole heartedly bringing all of who you are to the table to create in wild and wonderful ways!

 You can give yourself a break!

There are some phases that are active and others that are kicked back and chilled.

There are some phases where you will naturally feel alive, high, energised and ready to rumble and other phases where the kicked back and chilled is turning now moving towards disenchantment.

This is totally normal, and once you understand it, you can stop worrying or pushing and begin to implement the tools and practises that will enable you to manage and tap dance through it.
















(You can down load the Cycle of Growth here )

The other thing I noticed is that if you don’t move though a phase you will loop back over and over again not completing the full cycle, leaving you feeling disconnected, frustrated and floating about. Which is why this cycle calls for us to incorporate and engage all our elements – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

When we are in tune with our intuition we know instinctively how to meet and support these aspects of ourselves in relation to the larger and smaller picture of what’s going on. This means we are incorporating learning & education, creativity, chakra’s, meditation, physical activity, rest, ritual and fun to adventurously move through each stage.

After studying this on myself for a while, I then began to share it with friends and clients who incredibly confirmed, identified and shared the same experiences! So now I am sharing it with you.

And quickly, I want to bring your attention to the “sets” or “waves” we experience our cycles in. Think of the ocean… waves come in sets, right? And with every wave there is the build up of the wave, the peak of the wave and the frothy release of the wave, only to have the next one building up again.

Well, we experience our cycles within each phase of the wave.The build up, the peak of the wave and the release of it.

Simply put, think about an event or project your working on or looking forward to. There is the hard work and excitement that goes into the the event or project, (build up) there is the unveiling or submission (the peak) and the bliss, contentment and relief of it’s completion, (the release).

Take a look at the cycle I have created for you for take a peek at.

I will be emailing all my Unravelling the Wild loves juicier details about “The Cycle of Change” out where I go into more depth, but wanted to share some of it with you guys too.

Summer Lovin to you all….. (how good is this weather?!)

Lauren x



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