3 Tips on Strengthening your Intuition

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1. Get to know your body.

Pay attention to the language of your body as you move through your day.

You will notice your body is continually and subtly talking to you energetically, in a feeling, a sensation or a thought, with every person you meet, every activity you undertake and every decision you are called to make.

Understanding the unique way your body speaks to you is crucial to developing your intuition and orchestrating the kind of life that is reflective your soul’s juiciness.

  • First, take a moment to centre (this literally should only take a moment or two)
  • Next, make a conscious decision to relax and take a breath.
  • Then check in with your body in regards to the activity, decision or situation that lies ahead or is at hand, no matter it’s size. Your body will provide you with feedback that will either feel open, warm and expansive or tense, constricted and unsure.

Starting small is a fun and great way to build the intuitive self belief file too.

For example,

What should I eat for lunch? Your body will intuitively guide you to a food that will perfectly nourish your body in the way it needs.

Or, for more heavier weighted questions,

Will that job offer be fulfilling and provide me the freedom I desire.

Stay unattached and take the position of “The Watcher” or the “Curious Observer” and allow your body to communicate to you in a way that not only increases your intuition but will also benefit your general health and wellness, including nutritional, emotional and physical needs.

Its also a wonderful way to experience more freedom, choice and creative fun in your day! (And who doesn’t want that, right?)










2) Develop a relationship with your Spiritual Heart Centre.

This is the very whole and centred place within you that is directly linked to your Higher Self and soul wisdom.

To put it simply, the guidance and wisdom that comes from here is one you can trust. It’s soul level.

The trick is more in distinguishing it between your emotional heart and your mind chatter.

The best tip I can give here is more of a description…. your spiritual heart centre is “the still small voice” within.

It always feels centred and calm with the kind of trusted support, direction and guidance you would expect from Yoda himself. It feels open, warm, supportive and strong with wisdom and knowledge that is in your overall best interest.

Ways to access and become familiar with it…

  • Meditation
  • Using oracle, tarot or runes
  • Automatic writing 
  • Or, tuning in and becoming familiar with the distinctive difference in energy between your Spiritual Heart centre, and the energy of your emotional heart and ego.











3) Expanding and contracting your energy.

This is a wonderful way to flex and develop your intuitive skills and learn to control your energy body and field.

Your physical body sits within your larger energy body. This is a field of energy that is emitted by you and contains an insurmountable amount of information that you transmit and share with the world around you.

It also “picks up” information from your surrounding environment.

Often people who are naturally highly intuitive and / or sensitive have an expanded energy body.

While this increases their receptiveness, it can also be a one way street to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual exhaustion, for they are constantly processing information and emotional energy that is not theirs.

I’m talking about when you go into a shopping centre for half an hour and come out feeling wiped out, depleted and floaty. You may even find your mood has changed from centred and happy to irritated and unfocused.

What’s happened? Your energy body has absorbed large amounts of stimulus that is not your own. I’m talking about the emotional, mental and electromagnetic data from other peoples feelings and physical thoughts to the environmental toxicity such as sound, light, and technological dross.

However, when we begin to familiarise ourselves with our energy body, consciously expanding and contracting it upon request, we are able to control and easily receive intuitive information that can be useful for ourselves or others.

Expanding and contracting our energy body is a simple technique and process you already do.

Think back to when you were a child playing hide and seek. If you were hiding, you instinctively and naturally contracted your energy and altered your breath. If you were seeking, you naturally expanded your energy and heightened your sensitivity.
This is also the case if you are enjoying yourself, your energy field will be relaxed and expanded. However if you are feeling threatened or unsure, your energy will be tentative and restricted.

Have fun and play with this useful tool that is literally at your fingertips!

And jot it all down!!! You will be blown away in months and years to come at the profound insights you perceived.

Big Love! 

Lauren x 

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4 Comments to “3 Tips on Strengthening your Intuition”

  1. So many great nuggets in this post! I’ve been working with the first two tools but love the idea of expanding & contracting my energy. One of the ways I’ve been connecting to my heart center is just putting my hand on my heart during the day – it changes my energy almost immediately.

  2. Such a good post! No just the usual suggestions. I especially love the last – really need to work on managing my energy field. Thanks for the guidance lovely x

  3. Lauren,
    Ohh thanks so much for this deep tips,
    the last one resonates so much with me, for example now my extrasensitivity makes me higher sensitive to outside noise, which living in Guatemala is difficult to avoid like low sound of bass music…
    and it is very difficult for me to stay centered and not be drawn by noise and feel I am getting crazy that vibration will enter in me!!
    I will try to play with my energy field!!
    Thanks a lot
    Love reading you!
    such an inspiration

  4. A beautiful post with so many great tips, thanks Lauren. You’ve reminded me of the power of automatic writing – it’s something I used to do a lot of but I’ve let it slide. I’ll be busting out a brand new Kikki K notebook and getting back into this habit – it’s such a wonderful tool for connection and release. Thanks, S. xx

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