Visualisation – What is it and what’s it good for?




A couple of years ago I intuitively began to use visualisation as a regular part of my day and weekly practise.

This set me on the most exhilarating and empowering adventure, cementing my long time suspicions that the Universe would conspire with me if I let it.

With a level of conscious awareness, I began to notice things started to happen… on many levels;



I noticed that elements of my body and external life were changing. My eating habits shifted to a more relaxed, healthier in tune state, which boosted my energy and vitality. My commitment to creating a life that represented me felt more fluid with increasing focus. And, I noticed while some friendships and activities strengthened others peetered out. Overall there was a sense of ease and alignment.



There was a level of conscious clarity I had never experience before. I just knew what was in my highest good with every challenge and choice presented and proceeded to anchor into that. This naturally allowed me to make choices and decisions with a level of grace and ease reflecting what my soul just knew. This was super refreshing for me after many years of confusion.



I found that while I would experience the incredible range of human of emotions, I had begun to take the position of the Observer, rather then getting caught up in what was going on. By taking step back I was able to keenly listen to the underlying truth my spirit was communicating to me. I was more patient with my children, more compassionate with myself and more present. Significantly less crazy mind chatter! This was so liberating and freeing!



My energy and it’s base line vibrational state rose! I trusted and just knew that what I was putting out was being “picked up”. That the Universe had my back and we were tangoing together. Work opportunities presented that were in alignment with what I was calling in, and I attracted people and experiences that were reflecting my soul level desires!

Momentum was building and I felt amazing!

Deeply understanding that my life was mine and only confined by the parameters I set for myself.


My capabilities and boundaries stretch organically and naturally with a level of action and effort – but with an ease that just flowed…

I understood that through aligned visualisation I was creating the experience that reflected my soul essence and desires, at the same time as I was becoming that experience.


It was as though, I was “pulling” what my soul essence was visualising into reality in a metaphysical sense while at the same time physically taking action steps towards it.

A two fold approach!


So.. what is creative visualisation and what can you use it for?

Essentially, it is the technique of using the aligned energy of your imagination to create what you want in your life.

You do this all the time already – in small and large ways, from getting a specific meal / taste into your belly to landing that break propelling further onto your path. From the lover that lays beside you in bed, to the home you’re living in and that trip you’re planning.

It all starts with a desire you have and hold – which will equate to an energy frequency, at the same time you’re consciously and actively utilising the co-creative force of your imagination, projecting into the Universe with intent and power.


A Barbara Marciniak quotes sums it up perfectly…


“Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you, when you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence.”

Like everything.. there is a flip side – as we also have the potential to use our energy and creative visualisation in an unconscious way, having us imagine and create in a manner that is steeped in deep seated limiting concepts about ourselves that we’ve inherited or storied into our life.

This is where we imagine lack, limitation, difficulties and problems into our life preventing us from expressing our power.

Our thoughts determine our frequency, and your feelings immediately communicate to you your alignment in any given moment and what vibrational level you are on.

Our feelings and our internal guidance system is the truest and most reliable gauge, indicating to you if a belief, vision, desire or truth is in (or out of) alignment with your soul expression.

Thoughts are things… put a currency, weight or image to them, that accurately reflects the kind of thought you are choosing to have.

Visualisation is big fun stuff and a beautiful ritual or practise to slide into your life, spicing up your spiritual practise.

You and the heart’s calling is never by accident, they are like magical seeds waiting for you to tend to and visualisation is a great way to expand and create momentum in the direction of your deeply felt desires.

So – go get about consciously daydreaming (backed up by some action) ….. trust me, it’s one special kind of magic carpet ride!

Big love!



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  1. Oh my goodness… thank you Lauren. Absolutely loved this!! So many parts of this I could already relate to and the others… I am crazy excited to have coming up ahead. Thank you Lauren, you are such a gift to us all! xoxo

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