Spring Equinox Integration Ritual!

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Today is the Spring Equinox and the eve before the New Moon in Libra, which its all about beauty, balance and shadow and light.

And and I want to give you the opportunity to make the next 6 months extra special with a powerful and magical energetic integration ritual.

But magic isn’t always pleasurable star dust.


The truth of magic always first lies in the darkest places within you. Those places you do your best to deny and ignore.

So, if you have been seeking a personal revolution, evolution, or epiphany but have been doing your best at keeping a tight lid on the aspects of yourself you’re fearful or ashamed of, well let me be straight – it aint going to happen for you unless you go there.

I have to say, this ritual is not for the faint hearted, but it will have you more whole, aligned, balanced and clear, plus a darn sight lighter, so you can go fluidly forward!

Be brave…. take this adventure.



  • Grab all your goodies (pen, paper, crystal, candle, incense, tea, blanket) and take time to create a space with the intention of opening and exploring all the elements of you, light and dark. 


  •  Centre yourself through grounding, awareness and breath. You may like to use a crystal or oil essence to anchor and raise your energy. This time is really about you, so create your space to reflect your beauty.


  •  When you are ready, reflect upon how you wanted this year to look.


Did you have plans that haven’t come to fruition, unexpected curve balls sending you seemingly off course, or disappointments leaving you feeling lost?


Take the time now to swim through your experiences. This will most likely summon an array of emotions, mental constructs, behaviours, out dated beliefs and internal blocks that have been weighing you down.


And we want to no longer be weighed down…


Give yourself the freedom to let the emotions rise.


No doubt there will elements of your darker shadowy self that will feel uncomfortable. Let me assure you, it is in fact beautiful.


We are not going to release them, we are going to integrate the condensed juicy goodness your darkest places hold in their core.


  • As the uncomfortability is brought to the surface, I want you to begin to engage your energy body.


  • Imagine two large, inwardly spinning circles on your left and right side of your body that intersect at your crown chakra and again at your base. This is the vesica piscis, a sacred geometric shape, that supports us in transforming.



  • Use your feelings and internal guidance system to identify the shadowy parts of yourSelf that you are ready to embody, and as they rise up use your breath and the sacred circles to facilitate integration.


  • You may like to imagine the spinning circles as a light. Take note of it’s colour, and how it feels in your body and energy body. 


  • You will notice that after a while the initial discomfort or pain will dissipate and be integrated, leaving you with the mesmerising beauty only darkness can create. 


Ah, see how wonderful you feel now?

So light, open and free.

I bet a whole lot of insight has landed on your lap too.

Journal it, and know that there is no need to hide from your darker sides or carry the heaviness of the past with you.

Your energy is here to support you, guide you and empower you. Take time to get to know it and use this process to shift the funk, process emotions or experiences or ease through a transition period.

Now that you’re feeling all light, rejuvenated and invigorated, get ready to set some luscious new moon intentions tomorrow.


Lauren x

2 Comments to “Spring Equinox Integration Ritual!”

  1. Hello,

    I just wrote on my blog about some of my reflections regarding the equinox.

    I am going to take your exercises and explore further tonight.

    Loads of love

    B x

    • Wow! So much of what you wrote in your blog is reflected in my words. How cool is that!
      If you give it a go, I would love to know how it went. :)
      Big love back to you. xx

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