In the midst of Change?….Give yourself a Mini Reading



It’s a complex word.

It invites all sorts of emotions, from excited anticipation to hesitancy and fear.

We crave it and loathe it at the same time, which makes being human so wild yet so much fun.

Uncertainty often tags along with change too, doesn’t it?

No matter how right we feel we may know something, a spicy pinch of uncertainty is always thrown in there – and I say for good measure, there’s nothing like a bit a pepper.

Yet, the quality of my life is in direct proportion to the quality of my relationship with uncertainty and change.

A strangling controlling clutch on my life reflects in my energy, my thoughts, my emotions, my body and surprise surprise – in the events that then occur in my every day life.

Chaos, suffocation and constriction occur. Which ironically is the complete opposite of what I am trying to create.

So, while we are the orchestrators and directors of our lives, we must also come to accept, embrace and invite the magical way the Universe knows how to flow and dance into and through our world.

I am still trying to get a handle on it, just like you.

So today, I have created a special little mini reading blog post on change.

And sneaky little me is hopefully not only delivering a well timed insight into change for you, but also getting you to flex that intuitive muscle and have a bit of fun while doing it! Cause as you’re all coming to know… I’m all about the fun and the magic.

So… here’s the deal.

Breathe and centre yourSelf for a couple of moments.

Focus your energy and move intentionally from a head space to a heart space.

Visualisation is really helpful here if you struggle with that process.

Notice (visualise) in your minds eye where the condensed majority of your energy is at in a coloured light. Usually in our head area, and then direct that light downward into your chest / heart centre area.


Now, scroll through the images below and take note of the image/s that you really feel drawn to. You may just connect with one picture or a couple. Read them in the order you connected to them in.

Underneath the images you will find a little love note from the Universe.

 1) IMG_5701

2) IMG_4097

3) IMG_6114


4) IMG_3670



5) IMG_3815

6) IMG_3763

7) IMG_3967


1) What is your body telling you?

Your body speaks in an egoless language that you are able to trust.

Ground down and connect in to it.
What is your body telling you to release, let go of or lighten your grip on?
What is it guiding you toward? To take action and make some subtle of bold moves forward?
Where and when do you experience resistance or heaviness, or invigoration and lightness in your body?

Take note, for your body is always speaking with you. Becoming curious about it’s wisdom which strengthens the communication lines between all layers of your being enabling you to move through change and uncertainty with pizazz and fun… for what you seek lies on the other side.

Spend time visualising how you and your life would look and feel like once you’ve committed to making the changes your soul is desiring and take note of how your body gently shifts when you do this.
Take this message as a sign that now is the time to re-connect with your body and it’s higher guidance and wisdom.


2) You are being called to embrace and explore your higher perceptive abilities.

You have been feeling called to integrate your intuition and hone your psychic abilities as part of your journey towards creating the life that reflects yours essence. You understand that it is through the use and nourishment of your mind, body and spirit that will have you experience the depth of connection with life you’re aching for.

Change and the uncertainty of change will become more anchored as you use and open your third eye, crown and heart chakra in regular practise. Take time to meditate, flex your intuitive muscle, explore and cleanse your chakra’s and journal and get out doors.

Most importantly, implement the higher wisdom and guidance you receive and stand in the exhilaration of being a fluid co-creative energetic being.


3) Your alignment changes moment to moment and it is asking for you to honour this.

Imagine for a moment that you are soaking in the bright radiant warmth of the sun, absorbing all its nourishment and healing that every element of your being has been craving.

This message calls for you to be the Sun for yourSelf, for it is the time to grow.

When you continually choose to step towards the things that lift you up and inspire you, you create high vibing feelings rippling out and magnetically attracting your desires. You are consciously choosing to love and back yourSelf, opening the doors for change to be abundant and flow to you in the forms that you recognise.

Aligned change comes from continually attending to how you FEEL about yourSelf and your relationship to your thoughts, actions and feelings.

Begin to notice when you are feeling light, vibrant, excited and flowing and when you are not.
You will recognise limiting beliefs and blockages as heaviness in the way you feel, and when you do, replace them with the aligned, cleansing, radiant rays of the Sun within your Soul.

Shining times lay ahead of you.


4) Energise your Dreams 

The deep Soul yearnings that lie inside you wishing to be created and experienced, but feel far away or out of your reach are simply because they are not energised enough yet.

Density is just a matter of how energised something is and in what way it is energised.
Are you calling for change but energising it in a way that is saying “it will never come, or it will fail”?
Or are you calling in change in a way that reflects you and your true energy?

The emerging You and all it wishes to create feels light, distant and unreliable only because it has not been consistently infused with your energy, and the life energy it needs to become more solid, reliable and dense.

By intuitively selecting this image the Universe is confirming that your near and distant desires are supported, yet it is up to you in how you wish to go about creating them.

Immerse yourSelf in your daydreams, and activities that mirror the change you are seeking.


5) Let go and back yourSelf

By choosing this image you are being guided to let of any guilt, blame, regret or longing you have for people, events and circumstance passed.

You are no longer there. It is time for you to see with your heart and back yourself. The Universe has a funny way of amending what is required when we let go of the past and re-focus on where we are heading.

You are being called to make a true and deep commitment to You.

Let go of the fear and embrace the adventure, this is your life, let it be a true reflection of Who You Are.

6) The Inspired Muse 

The Muse has been visiting, whispering in your ear, inspiring ideas, daydreams, and possibly a change of course that you did not expect.
The message is to confirm that the Muse is visiting on behalf of your soul’s desires and will deliver fulfilment, happiness, abundance and adventure, reinvigorating you and your life in the way you have been craving.
However it is up to you to carve out the time to sit with the firing inspiration within and have the courage to step bravely forward in this new direction.
You have been seeking for sometime now and this inspired idea or heart guided direction will provide the experience and thrill you have been seeking.


7) Rest and Re-energise. 

Rest. It is time for you to take a rest. You have been pushing and are becoming exhausted from the energy it is requiring.
You know this at some level of your being. Acknowledge it.
Through resting you will find that your all layers of your body are able to recalibrate, balance and harmonise. Inspiration will begin to flow, and the seeds you have planted will begin to germinate.
Allow the magnificence of the Universe to tend to your crops now, while you spend time enjoying the human experience.
Spend this time sitting within the contentment of all you have done.

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  1. Lauren, this is so very timely. Twice this week, I have been given the same message and your post reconfirms what the Divine is telling me: let go, release, reconnect. Thank you for this insightful, invigorating message. :)

  2. What a special post :) number 7 brought me tingles + acknowledgement. I’m off for a nice meditative lunch break now + plans to do nothing this weekend (yay). Thank you beautiful! xx

  3. I like the valuable info you provide in your articles. I’ll bookmark your weblog
    and check again here regularly. I am quite certain I’ll learn many new stuff right here!
    Good luck for the next!

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