I’m not in the business of Fortune Telling – Hell no!

Living With Soul


It’s 4.45am.

I’ve been up since 3am.

I fought being awake for that long. You know the feeling. Tossing, turning, attempting to ignore the fact that you’re wide awake with a buzzing or niggling feeling inside. This time, for me it was niggling.

I knew what I had to do (as we always do), way back at 3am and that was meditate. Grab my mat and crystal and flow into the zone.

You see, my Cosmic Crew were knocking.

They wanted to talk, and quite frankly the very human part of me really did not want to listen.

There is something self righteously luxurious about defiance. It get’s you nowhere and can become dangerous if you make it your friend for to long, but for the first few moments, it’s fun.So here I was, on my mat, blanket around my shoulders, crystal in hand and mind defiantly refusing to listen to my one of my guides

Until he said, “ So, are you going to listen?” with the kind of nonchalant charm and assertive authority that gets your attention.

Oh shit, I thought. (cue, round eyed 5 year old being busted for sneaking lollies face.) Uh oh.

I reeled myself in a touch and stepped up. Defiance – it’s been fun, but I have to go now…

Yeah, I would love to hear what you have to say. (which I still only half meant)

We’re about to accelerate your growth, he said as clear as day.

Yay!! I thought, and Oh noooo…. quickly followed it.

He heard that, and responds with, “Well, it’s up to you as to how smoothly you’d like this to go. He pauses momentarily then adds… What would you like to experience?”

I am silent.

He gently yet firmly says, – “You need to let go of what no longer serves you.
Your thoughts, your stories, your fear of fear, your avoidance of your truth and anything else that does not align…….”There was a Big. Long. Pause. Then finally and simply – “You know what to do.”

And with that, our very one way conversation was over.


But he is right.

I had peripherally and ever so subtly sensed that something was happening behind the scenes. I know it in my body, it kind of feels like the uncomfortable restriction of tightening jeans.

So here it is – I am ready for the next phase of Inner Hue and to unleash this bouncing excitement of magic and wonder inside of me, despite the fact I’m quietly crapping my daks.

I’m not in the business of fortune telling – hell no! Dial a 1800 number for that stuff!
I’m in the business of Soul Support!
Of Soul-ution Orientated strength based practise! (yeah baby!)

This is about me taking what I do seriously, and to do it unabashedly, with uncool excitement!

Why… ? Because I want YOU to take seriously the incredibleness of your essence that jumps out and slaps me in the face when you’re in front of me!

I wanna step it up, to bring a more fluid, expanded element to this mechanical thing we’ve created and call life.

I’m not a robot – and last time I checked, you weren’t either. We’re energy, that’s built cells with memory, and a memory that spans eon’s of lifetimes! Yep, you’ve got all that to draw upon.It’s about melding the light and darker shades of you in a alchemical way to create a new (more truthful aligned story) one that powers you forth!

So, what have I got in store…?

More love. More giving. More magic. More fun.

In the form of workshops!
And darn fine juicy workshops too.

Think modern magic, expansion, soul connection and practicality! (It’s gotta be practical, right?)

I cannot wait to see your eyes boggle with what you can do!

For the Dreamers, Visionaries, Shaman, Earth Mumma’s, Healers and Magicians out there – who are already feeling the tender fingertips of 2015 stroke your heart, I’ve got goodies for you!


Allow me to show you Me through –  Unravelling the Wild.

A workshop like no other…

(Yep excitedly crapping my daks.)

Sunshine to you.

Lauren x

ps. Want in on the workshop details, before they’re up on the site? Email me! laurenaletta@innerhue.com










8 Comments to “I’m not in the business of Fortune Telling – Hell no!”

  1. Hi Lauren, so much of this story resonated with me. I’ve been called to do some pretty big upheavals in my life too recently. Perhaps there is a shift happening at the moment?

    I just recently discovered your blog through your interview with Tara Bliss. So happy I found you. xx

    • So glad you found your way here Alana, but more than that, I am so pleased to be able to connect with your online home now too! What a beautiful and inspiring space you have created!

      So happy that this little story resonated with you. And, I’m with you..I think there is a bit of a vibrational shift going on. Hope you’re managing to gently weave yourself though this transition period. Thank you for touching base, it’s so nice to connect. :) xx

  2. How exciting! On a day where my own energy is feeling a little flat – some beautiful phrases jumped at me and ignited a little spark! “Your fear of fear”, “Soul-utiion Orientated strength based practice”. Your words and energy have lifted me. Xxx

    • This makes me super happy!
      The two things that struck at your heart, are also the two things that struck at mine, Lisa.
      I think it’s a case of great minds think alike!
      Glad to have been able to share in lifting you. xx

  3. Lauren,
    This post deeply touches me!!!
    I have the same experience, wake up at 4am do a cleansing meditation and realizing how much fear I hold!!!!!!
    How much fear triggers me the land of Guatemala I chose to live on!!!
    and yes I deeply deeply understand not to be a fortune telling! with astrology I always have to justify why i do not work with predictions
    thanks lauren,
    my soul is happy to read you!!!

    • Ah Caroline, it seems we share the same experiences!
      This is so nice to know. :)
      I am so happy that we are able to connect in this way.

  4. I love this Lauren. I’ve been listening to my inner guides too this week through some yoga practice. Can’t wait to hear what develops next for you xx

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