What I KNOW about You



Here is what I know FOR SURE  about you.

1) You are a radiant burning light.

Within you lies a flame that burns, dances, sways, dims, blazes…. and  whispers.

Yes, whispers. It speaks to you in your silent, quiet moments, encouraging you forth, pointing you in the director of your grandest desires and dreams and yells BINGO when you’re on the right track.

I know you know this light, I know you know its voice, and I know that you’d probably like to tune in and work with it more.

How do I know this?

Well because, I have a little flame too… and all it does is whisper and coax for me to come near so it can share beautiful soul centred secrets with me.

2) All you need to know lies within you.

You have an inner niggle and you’re trying to tie puzzle pieces together. Maybe you’re in the midst of a transition period and your Soul is reigning you in, pivoting you and your life in a HUGE directional change.

Perhaps you’re requesting loud and clear that you’re ready to unlock more of your voice, expand further into your truth, raise your vibes and access the maps etched into your heart.

I’m going to shoot it straight here – There is no point looking outwardly for answers and direction.

It must first come from within.

It must resonate and ring deeply inside with it’s melodic hum rippling outwards as you gently tune into it’s message. Even if it is ever so quiet initially, do not waver, put your ear to your heart and begin to sing your very own song.

Our vessels are already filled. You did not come into this world empty. You came in with a bucket load of information and energy, specific talents, passions and gifts. The blank canvas is how, (or even if), you want to use, utilise, live and create yourSelf you life in a way that is aligned with your unique goods.

So if you’re wanting to live that way, tap into your own internal resources and knowledge, download the guidance, hear those bells ring, then seek the support, direction, training.

Follow the BINGO’s and Trust.




3) That ignoring youSelf is detrimentally harmful to you.

I know you’ve felt it, we all have haven’t we. The painful ache or heart jolting fear when we don’t want to own our brilliance. Or when we are shameful of ourselves and all the ways in which we hide out, shut down and deny.

It’s okay, It is called being human.

But the more we hide, deny, ignore, run, the more we constrict our joy, our connection to ourselves, our family and life.

A movie would be BOR-RING as, if it was all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows wouldn’t it?

So, why would you want you and your life to be like that?

In those movies you’re barracking for the hero or heroine aren’t you? Silently, on the edge of your seat, saying – go on, do it, I believe in you, I know you can. You’re urging them to over come that inner turmoil. Yes? And when they do, that’s when the magic happens, right?

So…. why not do it for yourSelf?

This message today is simply to honour yourSelf.

To urge you to recognise that you are powerful beyond measure. That you are more than skin and bones. That you do know the way, and that you always have.

So today, (or right now) rest your eyes shut, turn in to your sacred cave, open yourSelf up to the grace and openness of Willingness and have a conversation with your Higher Self, your Soul.

What do you need to know right now?

What do I need right now?

Heart, Soul, what are you whispering to me? What are you urging for me to embrace?

What do I need to ease away from to embody more of mySelf?

How are you able to do this today?

Finally, what is the grandest vision of who I am?



Trust and allow the answers to come.
Listen to the sound of your inner singing bowl hum.

Big love to you.



If you’re looking for some nuggets of Soul Food – I have created “August Expansion”. August Expansion rolls out every day as a support tool focused around how you create your own Abundance and Money. It’s a fun inspirational investigation on what and how we radiate! Go check it out on FB. Once the whole month is up, you’ll be able to download the set for free.

Juicy Meditation Night! This was so much fun. The feedback just keeps rolling in days after our evening together, and I feel so humbled that those who took time out for themselves were still, days later receiving insight, information and guidance from the Energetic Meditation and Chakra discovery session we did together. Make’s me so excited and honoured to share with you ways you can tune into your Spirit more.

And if you’re feeling a big internal shift awakening inside you or are seeking to learn how to connect with your intuition and the guidance and knowledge of your heart so your life can reflect You – then hit me up! I have a couple of Soul Food Session Spots available, and I would LOVE to make more magic!




8 Comments to “What I KNOW about You”

    • Thank you Lisa, I love how often the things that spring up are not only cathartic for writer, but also has the potentiality to affect another. So pleased this welcomed you today. X

  1. Another beautiful post Lauren. I’m a little off kilter this week and can’t seem to get back into my grove. So your ‘number 2 and 3’ come as very timely reminder. Hope you are well.

    Love and light
    Jess xo :)

    • Jess :) I am well. Thank you. Being off kilter is never much fun, but I find often the juiciest goods come out of these times. Not that it makes it any easier when you’re wobbling around. It will come together for you, that I have no doubt. So glad number’s 2 & 3 landed in your lap when you needed it too. x

  2. Lauren, your words and the feel of your site just make me feel good to be here! I’m heading to check out your August Expansion and am going to have to see if I can find more on Juicy Meditation Night from your site! xx

    • Valerie! Thank you. It seriously makes me beam knowing that you felt all the love that went into creating the Inner Hue site. :) This next night will be on the 28th of August and I am considering making the meditation nights a regular thing… depending on interest. Would love to have you there! xx

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