Finding your Guiding Light & Intuitive Games for You!


The process of sinking into your soul’s groove is rarely ever a straight forward process.

It often involves directional shifts that can have us experiencing 180 pivots, financial risks, further study, sea changes, and uncharted waters.

It is bound to happen, in a large or small scale at some point in your life.

And as Divine Dichotomy would have it, where our Soul yearns for us to move toward, also has us feeling the most fearful and uncertain. The Universe works in the language of opposites, or so it appears.

When we are unfamiliar with ourselves as a unique and distinct energy, filled with knowledge and information, we can become accustomed to lacklustre, monotony, and a level of low lying pain that feels so familiar that it’s safe, and secure even.

As Divine Dichotomy would have it, we often need to experience this with full recognition before summoning the courage to pursue where our Essence would like to have us go.

Your natural intuitive talents are a great skill and asset for you to use.
It is our internal GPS.
The inner guidance system we all have, yet undervalue and under use.

The primary benefit intuition offers is the ability to make more aligned, knowledge based decisions to create a better life.Intuition draws on all our wisdom and knowledge, much of which is ordinarily unavailable to the conscious mind. You would notice, that when you are tuning into that quiet, intuitive space within you are shifting from a mind/intellect/logic base to energy/feeling/frequency base.

And then, you combine the two.

Intuition and soul based wisdom is where you have the ability to “download” a map designed to your unique energy, personality and lifestyle needs.

Undoubtedly this information will come through a variety of ways – feelings, images, words, and you will know it to be true because you will feel it.

That’s when you hand it over to the Head.

Your head then smashes out all it’s stored logic, structure and information applying it to the “map” you “downloaded” for you to action.

Suddenly, at your own pace, through your own process you will have moved from where you are at, to on the road in the kind of vehicle you want to be cruising in, eyes (and soul) devouring scenery you had longed to experience to get where you are going!

And it’s never going to end. Just when you think you’re almost at your destination, your Heart, your Soul will expand and yearn for more!.And ain’t that grand! Who doesn’t want to adventure?


So here are some tips I recommend to support you in becoming familiar with your own grandmaster funky vibing energy.

(And with love, I say….. these are things you must do! Reading just don’t cut it. Alright.)


Meditation & Chakra play…..

Yes, yes, you hear this all the time.

And that’s because there is a reason for that.

Meditation is where you meet You. (Take note of where I placed the capitals.)

Where you come to know yourSelf not just as the concept and idea you have formulated or moulded into, but as the energy You are.

Through meditation you will learn your body is far larger than you possibly initially imagined. And it is FILLED with whole, supportive soul soaked information that your Head can devour and implement.

Meditation raises your vibes. Grounds your vibes. Expands your vibes. Synchronises, aligns and harmonises your whole Being.

Manifestation often first happens in Meditation.

Sink in.


Engaging your Intuition……

Im not asking you here to set up shop as a Psychic or Intuitive Reader.

What I am calling for you to consider is… how do you understand and utilise your inherent intuitive nature?

Is it by…

– Using tools or systems such as meditation, crystals, Tarot or Oracle cards.

– Taking a stab at an option without a moments thought

– Spending a few moments to feel into your bodies reaction to each possible scenario.

– Quieting your conscious mind to hear the small voice within.

– Practising the skill of discerning your Heart from your Head.

– Receiving information through energy and feelings.

– Using all of the above.

Next… how often do you do this?

Only when you’re stuck? Or on a moment to moment basis encouraging wholeness, alignment, integration and connected presence?

How would you like to be able to use it?


 Play Activities for You…..

– Check in with your energy…..and receive the guidance on how you can boost or promote your current physical, emotional, energetic state.

– Tune into your Food….At the supermarket, or in your kitchen use your intuition in guiding you to see the amount of “Life Force” energy food has. Combine this with the intuitive information you have received around the nutritional and energetic needs of your body. (Take note of how you know/discern/receive this information, through feeling, images, energy etc.)

– Formulate a set of questions….to open pathways and create insight into what you need to do to create a shift or change you are seeking. Switch to a heart / intuitive space and allow the answers to unfold.




If your try out any of the above play activities – I would seriously love to hear from you!

Sending you bucket loads of Sunshine.

Lauren x



6 Comments to “Finding your Guiding Light & Intuitive Games for You!”

  1. Hi Lauren. I’m glad I found my way to your site today. This message landed so perfectly and gave me a good reminder. Been looking through some of your other blogposts that have touched me as well. Thank you. xx

    • Oh Emelie, thank you. Connection is so important to me on so many levels, and to know that this has connected with you makes my heart sing. So pleased that this reached you when you needed it, and filled the gap. We are powerful beyond measure – that I have no doubt of. :) xx

  2. Thank you lauren!! I decided this morning that I am going to really start focusing on getting a feel for my energy and how it reacts to different environments etc so this post has just reaffirmed this and offered me a few guiding pointers to help me get started. Thank you again. xo

    • Jess, so nice to have the Universe fall at your feet and support you through these words. :)
      Let me know how you go with your intuitive play. x

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