Chakra’s – What the HECK are they? (A comprehensive guide)

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When you come for a reading with me or feel the pull to explore more deeply your layers, including your natural intuitive powers through Soul Food Sessions … one of the thing’s we’re going to explore is your chakras!

And, not just talk about them generally, but swim around your chakra’s to see how they are supporting you.

So… what are chakra’s? What do they do? And how the heck do they work in your life?

Well, I like to call them our energetic organs. Everyone has them, but like all things human they are unique to you.

Chakra’s can be described in a number of ways, such as; wheels, vortex’s or funnels of energy that serve as doors or portals between our body, mind and soul. Our chakra’s are energy centres that support us in understanding ourselves more wholly and assist us in accessing, processing and refining our truths and purpose.

These “energetic organ’s regulate, manage and maintain our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being.

Wouldn’t it be incredible to be able to duck into your energetic layers, poke about and spot what has been causing tension?

Well guess what? You can!

If you have re-occurring themes or experience similar “problems” in your day to day life, such as… lack of motivation or energy, inability to express your authenticity, feeling safe within your life, stagnation or lack of clarity, but just can’t seem to put your finger on what’s going on – Chakra Adventuring may be the go.

It’s a place of exploration where, if needed, you receive insight into the issue, along with action steps towards healing it.

However, simply by paying attention to your chakra’s through intentional and directive visualisation boosts and supports them so they are able to rectify themselves on their own accord – doing the work for you.

We all have the power and ability to be able to access our energy system with time and practice.

Just like anything new (a new device, for instance) it takes a little practice, time and exploration to figure it out, but once you have it enhances all aspects of your life empowering you.

Chakra Diagram Option 1

So… what do they do?

  • Store information
  • Process information
  • Transmit information into your external world, people, places, environments, etc
  • Communicate between all other chakra’s


And.. what’s in it for you? How do you benefit from giving yourself some chakra love?

  • Uncover out grown programming that may be affecting areas of your life, enabling you to consciously create new ones.
  • Support you to Heal and move through past trauma or wounds that have blocked energy flow impacting your ability to experience your desires.
  • Supports you in attracting opportunities into your life.
  • Allows you to function, not just energetically, but also emotionally, mentally and physically with clarity and vitality.
  • Increase’s your intuition and energetic sensitivities enabling you to trust gut feelings, unseen information and tap into the unlimited smorgasbord of wow-ness the Universe offers to benefit you.

Wanna jump right in?


Well… here are some hot tips to getting to know You a whole lot better….

Carve out some time and enter into that space with your buddies Willingness, Openness, Non Judgement/Neutrality and Curiosity! Grab a pen and paper too. My guess is you’ll be wanting to scribble juiciness down.

How you will receive the information will be unique to you, and will come through in the form of moving images, pictures, feelings, sensations, audible information or a gut knowing. You may be taken back to a past event or experience, or thrust forward into a future possibility.

Just like the device analogy, the more you practise and play with your energetic organs and layers, the more adept you will be at understanding the insight and guidance given to you.

This comes down to the Big T – Trust. Yep, here is where you really begin to start the journey forward into trusting you and what you know.

  • IMG_3427








Chakra Meditation Guide

Centre and ground yourSelf.

Connect in to your inner worlds.

With every breath release any tension.

Open your crown chakra up and allow Universal energy to flow down into your central energy column, through all your chakra centres and into the earth. Feel your connection to earth. Allow her energy to enter you.

Call mother earth energy up, though your base chakra, up your central energy column out your crown and into the cosmos. Feel your expansiveness.

Bring your energy back down again and connect in to your centre.

When you are ready, move into your base chakra and start the journey upwards.

With each chakra you are going to visualise it as a coloured globe and through your intention, expand your chakra globe so you are sitting within it, or as far as you can expand it in size.

Channel white light down your central energy column and fill the chakra globe with it, cleansing, clearing and harmonising it’s energy.

When you are ready to move to the next charka, visualise your chakra globe reducing back to it’s natural size and position then move on. Ensure that it feels good in your energy.

When you reach your crown, finishing the chakra journey, bring your energy to your heart centre and expand yourSelf into your whole capacity as a unique energy and expression of divinity. (Yep, you feel that? That is how brilliant you are!) and close the meditation down with gratitude.

NOTE: It is important for that you pay attention to your energy and vibration. Your vibration is the KEY indicator. You vibration should feel raised, open, connected and grounded.


Here are a set of questions and prompts for you to explore with each of your chakras.

  • What colour is the your chakra? Tomato red, cherry red, red earth red. Fruit orange, pastel orange, apricot orange, sun yellow, golden yellow… etc…
  • Is your chakra clear and bright, or slightly hazy?
  • How would you describe it’s energy? How does it feel?
  • When your chakra is expanded – use your senses to look around. Are there any pockets of stagnant or high frequency energy? Often these pockets can hold useful information for us. Other times stagnant energy just needs to be cleansed. Allow your intuition to guide you to explore, if you feel intuitively guided to do so.

Grab your adventuring boots and get exploring!

Oh.. and let me know how you go.

Big Love!

Lauren x



7 Comments to “Chakra’s – What the HECK are they? (A comprehensive guide)”

  1. Hi Lauren, this is great, thank you! I especially like the questions re: color – I’ve been assuming the basic chakra colors when I do similar exercises and not actually looking for nuances in shades or clarity, will definitely try this. I love your voice, so happy to have discovered you through BE+BH (I’m in it now, though quiet lately as I’m working through a lot of resistance, but loving the energy and space of it)…I’m already subscribed to your blog, looking forward to each post. :-)

    • Hello! Yes… we are all so varied and unique and are chakra colours are the same. The more you get a feel for your energetic organs the more insight you’ll have into your own energy and makeup! It’s very fun and insightful.

      Oh, I am so hearing you! BEBH is such a magical and revealing space that really has you peeling back the layers of yourSelf. I had the exact same experience the first time round and still find myself coming up against resistance at times. So it’s so nice to share in this together. Thanks for subscribing. Drop me a line and let me know how you go or would like me to write about anything specific. This space is as much yours as it is mine. :) xx

  2. Lauren, can I ask a question? When you speak of them being vortex of such can I ask if it matters how they look to the individual? I tend to picture/visualise mine as rings (like the rings around Saturn for example) but if I were to see them in a vortex form, should they run up or down or out front/back?? :/ sorry… I know I overthink things but I feel like visualisations are a big part of my understanding the metaphysical world, put simply. Thank you, this was very helpful for me. :)

    • Not overthinking at all. Really great questions!
      Seeing them as a ring is perfect for you. Trust what you see.
      As for the direction they spin in, well again this is entirely personally. You will know/sense automatically if the direction your chakra is spinning in right or wrong direction for you. You will know/sense if it is overactive or under active, or “wonky”. There is lots of information saying that there are specific directions of chakra’s spinning and from my experience it is super unique and different for each person. So use your own experience and own research if you like. :)

      Don’t get stuck in over analysis. If you need to know what’s going on, you will be shown. Otherwise simply observe, and intuitively listen to what you need to do and cleanse and balance with Light and intention!

      Hope this helps. xx

  3. This is amazing, along with Tara Bliss’s video this week on chakras. I’m totally ready to dig right in, and I’d love for you to share more posts on chakras.

    • Hello Lauren! Nice name. ;) I know.. was so strange and funny that both Tara and I did a chakra post this week! Her’s was awesome, as all her posts are. I would like to share some more chakra love too… so thanks for letting me know that it would be something you’d be interested in! Have fun exploring and holla if you need to. x

  4. Hi Lauren, just exploring some of your older posts (I love your site) and discovered this one! Such a goodie. I’m doing a chakra course at the moment which is teaching me how to cleanse my chakras. There’s lots of messiness going on. Ha! Just wondering if you can recommend any good books on chakras that would give me more indepth information about them. I like to know the juicy details. See you tomorrow! x

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