To all the Visionaries, Revolutionaries, Believers and Change Agents out there…

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To all the witches, healers, herbalists, medicine men and women, out there…

To all the shaman, guides, teachers, and visionaries….

To all the change agents, revolutionaries and believers…

This is for you.

You know who you are….

On the surface, you meet the requirements that modern society and living entail.
You work the job.
You care for your loved ones.
You pay your bills.
And you sense, in times of stillness the part of you that knows there are other ways… better ways, to do things.

There have been moments when you have tuned in and touched your power… for a glimpse in time you feel whole and aligned. You understand that you are guided, and that the guidance you are given supports you and your life in ways that are so unique, potent and inspiring that it feels almost unimaginable.

And I am here to tell you it is not.

For far too long we have lived cut off from our intuitive self.

We have disregarded it’s wisdom, knowledge and guidance.

And I sit here and wonder, where has this got us?

We are a society disconnected from ourselves, our bodies, our food, our environment, and from one another.

We are a society where medication and depression and violence are the norm.

We stuff ourselves full of consumer goods to get the quick fix… because we want that niggling low lying pain to go away….

Disenchantment fills the books, disconnection rules the roost, and longing lies in your heart.

I know it.

And now I am un-knowing it.

And it feels good. Real good.


You remember this, I know you do. The emails in my inbox tell me so.

But there is fear, caution and nervousness that lies inside, and I want to validate that for you.
This journey is not for the faint hearted. No, it’s for the courageous, the brave, the lovers.

And that is why I am talking with you now… because you are one of them.
It’s been calling you for sometime, hasn’t it? And you’re ready now, to embrace a new way.

It doesn’t take much… I assure you. It just calls for you to listen and then put one foot in front of the other and act. There will be mountain highs and dark valley lows, but you must remember that it is an adventure, that you have all the skills and tools you need within you to experience the wonderland the Universe offers.

And, I do not need to tell you where the magic lies…do I? For you know – it’s in your heart.

Yes, yes, that soft whisper. That is it.

The distant dream.

That is yours and yours alone, and you would not have it if you didn’t know how to create it.
At first, no doubt it seems hazy, which is possibly why you haven’t given it any more attention, but attention is what it needs.
Some quiet moments, a listening ear, and an open heart.

Intuition is the missing factor.

And I will be bold and say that embracing and harnessing our natural intuitive and psychic nature and re-connecting with whole Selves is the next step in our evolutionary growth.

Yes, evolutionary growth…..

I say natural, because it has always been there hasn’t it?
That still small voice, the inner urgings, the sense that you should turn left, when external factors say turn right.
That deep inner knowing has never left… it has just been muffled.

But it is to be expected, when there has never been the support, encouragement or safety for you to strengthen that muscle.
To learn it’s language.
To trust in it.

So we must cultivate that support and safety in one another again… open conversations, encouragement to explore our truth and to do so even if it means stepping outside the current structures and parameters of our life… change, my friends, whole hearted, loved based change.

And I stand out now, on a limb and say, intuition is the missing piece.

Intuition allows us to connect with our purpose and then offers guidances specifically suited to our personality and situation enabling us to “download “ or envisage a map so we can move forward in an aligned direction, in our own way and time.

It is what guides us to happiness, soul based fulfilment and purpose.

It is the rudder that supports you in guiding your ship, while the Universe fills your sails.

It is the mystery and tool you seek for the life that meets your needs and the adventure your flesh and blood long for.


Tune in now and hear what it has to say to these words, this energy.
Embrace what resonates.
You know a truth when you hear one.

Much Love to you,

Lauren x

Ps: Just because I don’t have a space ready yet to invite you on my website… I want to let you know that the next Meditation Night will be happening on Thursday the 28th of August. Bookings are essential, as there is limited space. There will be a post of FB shortly outlining more details. xx

I also classed this post under “Health & Wellness” because, in my view… this is where it sits. How you do it is your right and choice – it can be spiritual, or not.  The encouragement here is that we come together now and embrace our intuition as an important aspect of our make-up, instead of denying it. xx

13 Comments to “To all the Visionaries, Revolutionaries, Believers and Change Agents out there…”

  1. Oh gorgeous one. You speak straight to my heart. You know it.

    The universe conspired for me to find you.

    It’s hard and scary but once you start there is only one ‘straight path’.

    The biggest bit is the trust. Trust. Believe that feeling. It isn’t lying. It is truth.

    I love you and I needed this reminder tonight! Thank you.

    L xo

    • It is mutual, soulful woman! It has been such a blessing, honour and inspiration for me to see your really dig deep and thrive!!
      Yes… Trust is the greatest obstacle! But, that feeling – it never lies.
      Thank you for choosing me.
      Biggest love to you! xx

  2. Thank you for this dose of inspiration and reminder of the truth, Lauren. Your words are beautiful. It also got me thinking about something else I heard recently about how sometimes when we ARE being true to that inner voice, that intuition, and we start those conversations with each other — it can feel like we are walking toward trouble. People are not always ready to hear what we have to say. The truth about the state of the world and the questions that need to be asked can be scary, and we’d rather ignore it. So, from a place of love, we can listen to our intuition and speak the truth, having the hard conversations, even when it feels like walking toward trouble.

    • I love this question Valerie… it’s such an interesting and multi faceted question. You are right, we are all at different stages of our awareness and growth, and not one stage is better than the other, it just IS. I guess, I have, and still at times find myself at times in situations that could potentially cause upset, but have learnt to listen to my inner guide on what it is that I say and share. And have found, that if I get really genuinely curious about someone and their views and how they see the world, it opens up opportunities for expansions for both me and them. And so, we all benefit it ways that may not have been imagined! So, I guess my answer (although I do not expect it to be yours..) is that yes, being genuinely present and curiously interested in another, is an energy that is felt – first and foremost. And so this allows the incredibly opportunity to not only be in touch with our intuition, in regards to how we project our energy, the questions we ask, and our openness to learning about another, it also cultivates connection and change. And in this way, we are being true to ourSelves and our inherent nature. Big long winded. Sorry. Super question though, and one that i expect would have any different angles to. Thank you so much for asking! xx

  3. Your words were pure magical in this post and exactly what I was looking to hear in a cosmic “read this post right now” kind of way.

    Just this morning I was trying to dig deep into myself, telling myself to explore every burning sensation inside of me with more action and intuition.

    This was the exact push I needed to do just what I was already telling myself.

    You are such a love bug xx

    • Love bug! That put the biggest smile on my face. So glad I could provide the encouragement you needed. I love your work and the beautiful images that speak so much… now they are divine. x

  4. Oh Lauren, absolutely loved this post! Beautiful and powerful words that felt like they were written just for me, they resonate so well. Thank you for your inspirational page and guidance.
    Love and light to you
    Jess xo :)

  5. Gorgeous, diving timing. Today I am sitting here feeling this post like I wrote it myself, and loving that I didn’t because it means that I am connected no matter how far I drift from centre!
    Your writing flows with a grace that I know resounds so much with those you speak to, so thank you lovely lovely Lauren!
    You are such a gem in my day! xxx

    • Anna! You did write it yourSelf! Ha! We are all connected. :) And I can assure you, that these words just flowed through me, which lets me know that I really had very little part in writing it. So pleased that they met you though. And it’s like wise – your support means the world to me. Thank you. x

  6. I absolutely love your writing, your website and your words about tuning in with our intuitive selves. This resonates so much with what I’m going through at the moment. Thank you for so so much for sparkling into my day! <3 x x

    • Thank you Laura. :) It’s so incredibly how rich we are in wisdom and knowledge isn’t! I love how all we have to do is tune in to be pointed in the right direction. xx

  7. Wow. What a poignant post Lauren. Beautifully written. It’s cuts to the core of so many of today’s problems – disconnection from self. I love when you said “And now I am un-knowing it” (disconnection). Wonderful post and really got me thinking. Thank you! xx

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