Why Meditation doesn’t Work

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The elusive meditation. It can feel like that at times, cant it.

I know what it’s like, you sit to ease into your skin and slow down for a few moments, then whamm-o, a pack of monkeys and all your to-do’s and worries roll in.

Some day’s it feels safer to keep your eyes open than to rest them closed in contemplation.

It’s like… MC Hammer walks in singing “You cant touch this.- it’s hammer time”.

Hammer- time indeed.

When we come at meditation with a “should” mindset, we’re setting ourselves up.

But I’ve learnt a couple little secrets along the meditation road,  leading in with Mumma of all meditation secrets.

Her name is Willingness.

She is soft, gentle, open, full of light, life and…. flaws. Yet, this what makes her divine.

Willingness is a tool and energy state we can choose to call in and use. And let me say, she’s the bomb-digity!

Go on, try her on for size now…

Where ever you are, at work, at home, on the road, in bed… You’ve got problems to solve and a stuff to do and sleep to be had, right? Well, slip into Willingness.

Feel yourSelf relax.
Feel yourSelf expand.
Feel how you’re opening up to possibilities, movement, freedom.
That suddenly, creativity has rocked up to your door, ready and waiting.

(You feel it?)

Yes. That is what Willingness does.


Meditation doesn’t work when we come at it as another “thing” to do.
And that’s because meditation is You.
And you are not another thing “to do”

Meditation is your special place. It is where You rendezvous with your Higher Self, and all your inner knowing and knowledge.

It’s where you meet and make with the Universe.
Where secret guiding whispers are shared like lovers.
Where your Soul soothes your mind, calms the anxiousness in your chest, and kisses your skin anew.

This Thursday night I am holding my first ever meditation night and connection night in Brisbane. (eek! super excited and nervous too.)

On this evening of discovery, I will guide you in;
– Becoming familiar with your energy
– Learning how to expand and contract your energy
– Learning how to cleanse and process your energy
– Introducing you to your chakras
– Uncovering insight and information for clarity, direction and support in our daily life.

It’s going to be an Inner Adventure of your Inner Hues, where we will walk with Willingness and her clan of co-creators.

If you want in – send me an email, I would love to make magic with you.

But right now….Let these words be the reminder that you are not a robot or machine. And we can no longer go about treating ourSelves in this way.

Fling open the doors of your Heart and bring the romance back with yourSelf.

Fall. In. Love.

You are a cosmic cloud of energy here for expressing and experiencing.

That the only “maintenance” you need is the daily reminder that you’re bigger, grander and more expansive than what you’re physical body perceives to be.

You know it.
You feel it.

Follow that.

Warmest cuddles

Lauren x





6 Comments to “Why Meditation doesn’t Work”

  1. So true that it seems silly for me to not have seen it like this before!! I do have things “to do” first but can’t wait to try out a date night with mySelf later on today. :) thanks lauren for helping me see. :) see you thursday. Xo

    • Liska… You have helped me! Today, I am going to hold my own words you’ve reflected back to me in my heart and channel it’s energy all day.
      I am not another thing to do…. which only leaves with, I am here to Be.

      Thank you. :) x

  2. My next meditation is going to be with a willingness mindset, I am not letting those monkeys throw any bananas my way!

    So much clarity in this post sweet girl, “And that’s because meditation is You. And you are not another thing “to do”…that went straight into my soul. Perfect, love it, doing it the willingness way from now on. Virtual hugs to you xx

    • Virtual hugs back to you, beautiful lady! So glad it hit a sweet spot for you. I have to remind myself of this frequently too! Especially when the monkeys are going bonkers. x

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