We are not Vessels to Fill and Flog.

Living With Soul



Ah, what a week.

School holiday madness, a website launch and incredible clients beautifully woven together in an epic week.

I never, ever imagined this time last year I would have my own website, living intuitively as my foundation(which is what my heart yearned for), and sharing my gifts and passion. It’s quite surreal when I stop to think about it. It’s amazing what a deep seated uncomfortability slash “depression” can transform into if you step towards the yuckiness of it.

Right now though, I am a little low in energy.

Long days and nights equal bags under my eyes and a snotty cold. But I have to say, it is all worth it.

If wrinkles want to take up residence because I have been passionately living my truth, then they are welcome to move in and pitch a permanent tent. (Note to wrinkles : I ideally would like you to live around my eyes, and in the kinds of places that results from an awful lot of smiling.)


But, I will be truthful. I have this urge to push in a really forceful, non-flowing way right now too, which is conflicting with what my body and inner guidance system is telling me. Its coming from a fear place, a prove yourself place (Boo to you Duality of Life!) .

You see, there are many more beautiful things I want to offer you, which also means giving to myself, because darn it feels so fine to create from your heart, right?

I know you will love them. Simple resources and practical tools for every day living, with a spiritual / energetic twist. And it is underway….

But right now, I am faced with a choice.

To ignore my inner wisdom and push, which feels very clunky and robotic, almost out of body like. It’s also lowering my energy and vibration and I am buying into cranky pants irritability – sorry kids!

Or, sink deeper into mySelf, because my body is telling me to take a breath. To rest for a moment. Bath in the beauty of Inner Hue and enjoy the diversity, radiance and love that is in my life. This feels like flowing. And it raises my energy and vibration.

When I choose to sink into mySelf, I immediately relax and inspiration and insight follows. I feel in alignment and more like me.


And that’s what it’s all about, this big playground we call Life.

In each and every moment we get to choose. Push or flow, cranky or accepting, resisting or embracing, your truth or another’s truth, to relax into life or swim against it, to love your flaws and amplify your assets, or conform and work to hide them, to release the need to control everything or open up to the surprises of life.

We get to determine how we play.

The more we anchor into our own knowledge and wisdom and honour that in another, ease and grace will be created.

The more we familiarise ourSelves with our built in Internal Guidance System and steer this ship from there… the more love based creating and contribution the world will receive, and the happier and inspired we will become.

We are not vessels to fill and flog. We each know this at our core.

We simply have to befriend our deepest Selves and be brave enough to listen and follow.

And so, I am gently playing away…. creating some delicious “How To” resources that will be in your hot little hands real soon, but right now I am going to take a moment or two to look around my life, and life in general and pinch myself.

Wholly heck Life, how gob-smackingly beautiful you are.

Love to you. Lauren x

6 Comments to “We are not Vessels to Fill and Flog.”

  1. Beautiful post.
    I just had to tell you, I LOVE your website. I notice myself getting lost in your words and ‘instant intuition’… Such a beautiful, vibrant place to hang out. xx

    • Thank you Morgan for your beautiful words of encouragement and support! So pleased you connect with my little online home. Stephanie who did my web design I’d incredible!! Thanks for touching base with me and sharing some feedback. It means a lot. Xx

  2. I just completely and wholeheartedly melted into your words Miss Lauren. I felt a sense of peace just reading this post – I love the times I sink deeper into myself and sometimes we just need to hear from someone else it is ok to do so – ignoring the push and just breathing xx

    • Thank you Lyndsey, it’s so funny how often the hardest part is giving permission to ourselves to just stop pushing and flow. :) Glad these words spoke to your heart. And congrats on all your hard work too! Nice recent blog post! x

    • Thank you Elizabeth. It’s an interesting journey isn’t it? So fascinating at how much we swing between the two before finding at foothold. What I wish for, what you wish for yourSelf! xx

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