Got Dream Fatigue? – Let’s have a Funeral.

Living With Soul


Full of possibility and potentiality we launch into this world, with our very first breath and beat of our heart.

If you can remember back when you were brush grass high, or you’ve hung with a bunch of little people, you’d know that dreaming and dreams come oh so naturally for us, they are our natural state.

As children we make believe and conjure, knowing our hearts desires are reality, ripe for picking straight off the Universal shopping shelf is the knowledge of kids every day living. There is no hesitation or what if’s in us – it’s all just a matter of when.

Somewhere along the line we begin to class this as dreaming – fantasising almost. The kind of wishing that reflects our essence melded with the bitter sweet taste of, if only this could be true.
How old were you when this kind of “Land of the Never Never” hit for you?

Well, I’m hopping on a soap box today to vouch for both sides of the Dream fence, with my best rose tinted shades on.

Your dreams and desires ARE real. They are how your Soul, your Essence communicates to you.
Sometimes our Dreams hit with a deep rooted knowing of – oh my gosh, I am BORN to do this! And other times we need to hold our dreams gently, loosely, knowing that there is a common theme our Soul is speaking to us about, allowing our dreams and desires to change shape as we grow.

And we all want the grace and space to allow ourSelves and dreams to grow, right?

But here’s what we sometimes do…

We troupe along continuing to carry all those dreams!


Us stoic little bundles of Light keep on dreaming and growing and dreaming some more. It’s one of our finest traits and treasures. But the sack gets bigger, bulgier and more burdensome while our hearts become heavier, our shoulders tired and our energy wanes because it all seems so large and overwhelming.

We begin to believe that this dreaming business really does belong in the Land of Never Never.

Right? Is this hitting home?
Cause, I have to say, it hits home for me.

But, you know what, we don’t have to carry it all.
In fact, we’re not designed to.
We’re meant to keep our eyes gleaming, ready like a fox to pounce on that one delicious looking chicken from each coop he comes across. Not despondently wondering how he can get the whole clutch of chooks into his one sack.

So, lets celebrate with a funeral!
Let’s take a giant swig of juju juice, fess up to being tired of the ever aiming and dragging of dreams we’ve outgrown, releasing and lifting the dream fatigue.

Here’s how it goes……

Make a Date with your Dreams

Commit. Pencil a time and place in.
You can hold the Dream Funeral privately for one, raise it at the next house meeting, or make a date night with the lover injecting some more spark.


Make it Pretty.

Funerals are celebrations.
And the dreams you’ve been lugging about deserve a darn good one! They’ve taken you to places you’d never been before, they led you down inspiration lane, introduced you to new people, places and treasures, altering your heart and the hearts of others.
Give them a good party! Play some tunes, light some candles, burn incense or cleanse the house with sage. Toast them with a glass of wine and dance them out the door.

This can be as creative, simple or ritualistic as you want it to be. What’s your mood, and what kind of hoorah would they like? How do you want this to feel for you?

Write Away. Rite of Way.

For me, to write is to make it real.
It’s where I reach below the surface, pulling from the depths of my Being something thoughtful and real.
It’s acknowledgement.
It’s recognition for what was.
And now is the chance to transmute it.

Returning them to the Ether for someone else to use. Recycling at it’s best. 



Not only will you find your load lightened, your lips will be curled to a smile.
The Attitude of Gratitude gets on.
It’s almost like your Dreams give thanks to you for hosting and holding them with care.

Let me share….

Some of the Dreams I am releasing are…..

Dreams of a gypsy gallivants around the globe before 30. This has been an issue of contention for-ever! But now, I’m leaving it at the door warm hearted and appreciative of the inner gypsy travels I take on the regular.

Dreams of a nuclear family…. makes me grateful and smile ear to ear for this rich diverse family I have created and am cultivating.

Dreams of completed university degree’s…. makes me excited to know that they will come. And right now i’m happy dancing that the “lectures” I am taking right are straight from the Big Daddy – The University of Life.

Plus a few smaller dreams that can still weigh you down at times… bank account balances, lifestyle challenges – whatever it is for you.

Letting go of outgrown dreams and heart desires enables me to hear the present ones loudly and clearly, with energy, focus and stamina to boot.

Handing back to the Cosmos the excess to be reused and recycled, whilst tucking away what I needed.

Yep. T.H.A.N.K. – Y.O.U. Universe!

So….. Let’s party. Dream Funeral style. ;)


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