Date Night with the Universe + Powerful Vehicle for Change.



8 Transition

Me and the Universe had a date night on the weekend.

I highly recommend it.

Stuff has been brewing for a while. I began to sense it around 5 or 6 weeks ago. I know the signs of my cycle well.

Cycles are something we all experience and are unique and natural to us. Each phase of our cycle has distinct characteristics and attributes. Before I identified my cycle, I was, quite frankly driving mySelf NUTS until I realised I could utilise and harness it’s power to support, anchor and guide me.

And, I have found that the phases are almost – to a tee – similar for everyone… but that’s another post, or workbook or workshop even! (Ah.. then Universe is full of possibilities..)

Date night with the Universe kicked me over into a new cycle. And thank God for that, I had been getting pretty antsy. But, date nights with The Big Boss (aka Universe) aren’t for the faint hearted… because you’re usually called to play larger and grander.

And this is a good thing, and a scary thing.. because once again, I am being asked to step up.

Not in an ego driven way, but in an ego stripping way.

The parts of me I have ached to reveal and express, but hid with protective layers because of fear, rejection and kick back are dissolving.
For some reason now… I don’t care. Haters are gonna hate. And that’s okay, I respect that.
But I am no longer going to let it rule who I am.

So, I will declare…my purpose here on Earth right now is for the Universe to work through me. In a spiritual way. In a creative way. In a lets rock the socks off my Soul way. And, I would love for you to join me in it, in your own way so I may learn from you.

That I may be granted the opportunity to create change and have a rad time doing it! (cause it’s all about the fun!) To raise consciousness in mySelf and to enjoy and embrace the diversity of everyone and life itself.

I am a student and educator.
I am a change agent.
And, I am evolving and growing – and I want to do this till the day I die. And, I hope I die a long time from now. (But gosh, I am so excited for when that moment comes.)

Connected and Free - The Alchemist Oracle. Instant Intuition. Inner Hue. Lauren Aletta. Intuitive Coach

So, when the Universe tugged me to my book shelf, a force of energy seemed to pull at my hand scanning my books. I had no idea what was going on, just listened and allowed. Before long, my hands were filled with 2 books, a 12 year old intuitive journal of mine and The Alchemist, by Paulo Cohelo.

I sat. I closed my eyes and reconfirmed my intention….

Hey Universe, I am ready for further instructions, and I want them clear!

Again, my hands leapt at this old journal. I seemed to know to go to certain pages and read specific passages. I was dumbfounded…

The Universe was confirming concretely that… I am on track.

12 years ago, I write..
“I feel like I am here to support people spiritually, intuitively to have them connect with themSelves so we can create change…but I don’t know how to do this, and I am scared. I know it has to do with energy, chakra’s, counselling/guidance, meditations, inner work. But who am I to do this?”

I came across significant dreams that I recorded. Intuitive messages, channelled guidance… gosh I have been doing this for so long now, I had forgotten.

And then wasn’t the right time, but now is!

The guidance was clear.. and I share it with vulnerability and complete humbleness…

My role, through Inner Hue, is to be half student and half teacher.
Be the science experiment for spiritual change and then share all of it with you.

To be a guide. To share what I have learnt about our energy and life’s energy and how we can use this PRACTICALLY, day to day, to create change.

To become Midas ourSelves, and make all we touch turn to gold.

Call me a dreamer…… but I’m not the only one.

33 Strength

My lesson right now.. and one that I was encouraged to share is…..

Learning to Love where you are at is the Greatest Vehicle for Momentum and Powerful Change.”

My job is to take ownership over everything I have created, no matter it’s state, in my inner world and outer world if I want to experience the kind of magic my heart yearns for…

To see and love the perfection of imperfection.
The completeness of incompleteness
And recognise the love I’ve woven through (in varying degree’s) everything I do.

And that there, is the important mental note I need to remind mySelf of.

That, the area’s of my life, internally and externally are flourishing or wilting in direct proportion to the level of love I have infused it with.

That my “shit” isn’t really ugly, it’s beautiful and perfect. It’s mine. And it’s an opportunity for creativity.

The BIG message is – loving you and your life for where you are at right now is the VEHICLE to get where you want to go.

Baby, it’s consciousness with wheels! (And speedy race-car wheels at that)

I am getting ready to send out my first newsletter – and it’s going to be simple tips and tricks and How To’s for shifting into this vibration. (So sign up!)

And…. I will be holding the first ever Inner Hue, Inner Gym (juicy) meditation night in Brisbane on the 31st of July. It’s going to be like a plump peach you’re going to want to sink your teeth into.

Yes, this has become my small and growing business now. But, it is so much more than that.
It is me. It is who I am, and who I am becoming. And I dearly wish to share it with you, so we can make magic together.

Lauren xx








10 Comments to “Date Night with the Universe + Powerful Vehicle for Change.”

  1. Cant wait!! Will all the details be in your newsletter?? (How to book, costs, where abouts)?? So exciting. :)

  2. Lauren. This is beautiful. Just came across your lovely space today through Blog Hearted. And I believe I was pulled here!!!!

    I’d love to come along to your meditation night next week. Where can I find out MORE??

    Love what your all about!!!

    Big love,

    Meg xx

  3. Thanks for this beautiful post Lauren! It’s the third ‘The Alchemist’ reference that I’ve been drawn to in just over a week – I think I’d better go and read it?! I hope your workshop went well lovely lady! X

    • I think the Universe maybe nudging you to read it! :) It is the most beautiful fable that softly lulls you into a spiritual adventure. And meditation workshop went well! Thank you sending the love. xx

  4. Slowly soaking up your website…….I have journalised so many of your quotes……so many aha moments and laughing, so i am going to get into my red MG with the top down, my low energy, my heavy heart and drive off to where I want to go with my hair blowing in the wind (just loved this) :)))))

    • Sarah, thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to read my posts. Waking up this sunday morning to read that you have been laughing and “aha-ing” encourages and inspires me. So thank you! xx

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