How Prayer lead me to a Sci Fi Adventure

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I never thought Inner Hue would include Sci – Fi! But here I am, posting a very odd blog slightly conscious this will make me sound incredibly nuts.

This experience, and the couple others I have had like it, are as baffling to me as it may possibly be for you.

I no longer judge them, I just take them as they come. Shrugging my shoulders with a “wow, aint life beautifully strange” stashing the gold with the gratitude of a hungry circumstantial thief and moving on.

So, just take this as an adventurous tale with a message.

Think Star Wars, Avatar, Never Ending Story or any Marvel comic.

Which is kind of how I look at these out of the ordinary experiences.

Background Info


We’ve all got our “stuff”. Our triggers, our challenges, the things we push up against and fight.

Dragons like “abandonment” “unworthiness” “not good enough” “rejection” “unloveable” “victim”. We all have them. I’ve battled a few of these dragons, and I’m pleased to say they’ve ended more in an aware friendship rather than sword slain death, cause I’m not so keen on killing.

A couple months ago a quieter dragon decided to get all fiery. Her name is “Unworthy”.

This whole going out on your own, exposing your core to the world to be of service is exhilarating, beautiful and at times incredibly bat shit scary! Anxiety, which I have rarely experienced peaked. I was edgy and pushing to prove.

Fearful could have been my middle name. Actually nope, scratch that – it was my first name.

To me, nothing was working. Inside or out. I’m sure you know what I mean.

And then something magical, surreal and un-believable happened.

I had my friday night mentoring session with the ever wonderful Tara Bliss. (This chicka is the ants pants) Basically, she lead me to the valley’s edge of Self Worth where the dragon lived, then looked at me. I knew what I had to do.

Dig deeper. 

Move into and through my belief that I am unworthy.

And… come out the other side.


But I wasn’t sure how to do this. Because I had been trying and everything I had used in the past wasn’t working. 

So, I offered it up.

“Universe, I need help. And I know you’re going to deliver, with super speed and effectiveness.”

Then I trusted.

Next morning I woke early, instantly knowing the mornings meditation was going to be… shall I say – different.
Seriously, hold on to your seat here, cause this wild ride will take you “out there.”

Words are slightly inadequate to describe it.

Here’s what happened.

As soon as I sat for meditation energy streamed from my base chakra up, filling me with gold shimmering thick light. I was advised I was being deeply cleansed. I could feel my energy and vibration instantly and rapidly rise.

Gently yet confidently a guide informed me I was going to be taken back in time.

For a moment I got nervous and pulled back.

Fear kicked in. It felt like being buckled into a roller coaster when rides make you white knuckled and giddy.

I took a few centred breaths then sunk into it. Whoa…. here we go!

I was taken back to a time and place in the past where Earth was still some kind of mythical land open to life and Beings from all over the solar system. This time pre dates any recorded time we currently have on Earth. Sounds nuts I know, don’t worry my head thinks this too.

Strangely though, something inside me feels like it may be possible.

Didn’t I say it was going to push your beliefs?


No point judging though, just closes flow down, so keep rolling with the story.

In this place I was outspoken, I was in my truth, I was representing Light, I was serving as Seer. I was a Visionary that Light Leaders consulted. And, I became considered a “threat” to other forces that weren’t so light.

Here, in this place and time my only eye, (yep, I only had one eye) was savaging and brutally removed along with my pineal gland.

I could no longer serve.

The despair I felt was enormous. I felt like I no longer had any worth and I experienced this deep despair and heaviness briefly in my meditation.

I was then shown very quickly a long line of lifetimes, flicking like a movie reel, where worthiness had been a challenge and how I carried it in my energy over and over impacting my ability to create from my Soul and serve truthfully and authentically.

Suddenly and momentarily I realised I was back to 2014 before being told I needed to now see the “other side”.
Within moments I was guided forward into the “future”, but it was clear that this future is happening now.

This is beyond words, but let me try to explain.


I am shown my power.
And not just my power, because it was clearly evident that where I was everyone also had it.
Lived from it.
Knew it.

I was shown all my Light, radiance, perfection and brilliance. And it was the same and equal to everyone else’s.
I was shown what could be created when we chose to live from this place.

Words cannot adequately describe this. It was so complex and yet so simple.

Tears were rolling down my cheeks.

The guide who took me on this “Night Before Christmas” like adventure strongly re-enforced that unworthiness and worthiness are a choice.

A challenge, yet a choice.

And that the “future” me I saw, is me – and you right now, we just have to choose it.

Then the meditation was over as quickly as it started.



Maybe my guides know I enjoy a good old story.

Or, maybe it is true.

Who knows.

What I can say is, my lovely Unworthy dragon and I are friends now.

An incredible shift occurred.

The fear that me and my dragon once held in our hearts has vanished.

A Course in Miracles calls this the “Holy Instant”

A line was drawn in the sand. 
And so…. a new chapter has begun.

Come join me in this chapter.

Make friends with your Dragons.

Much crazy wild Sci Fi love to you.

Lauren x

10 Comments to “How Prayer lead me to a Sci Fi Adventure”

  1. Keep it up Lauren, I love seeing you embracing your vulnerability and putting it all out there.
    I would love to hear more about the place you visited,
    It always inspires me when I read about your personal experiences, it makes you so real!
    Having met and worked with you and basking in that amazing energy you are and then reading that you feel just like me inspires hope and reminds me that I too can make different choices and that I too can befriends those Dragons. <3

    • Oh, thanks Andrew.
      I have to say, I do get a little nervous revealing these experiences.
      Yes, we are just the same. We all have our vulnerabilities, our fears, and our dragons. But, it feels nice to push through it when I am called too. It’s even better to have people like you that take the time to read it and receive it, regardless of what you believe.

      Thanks for this!

      I can only imagine what awesomeness you can create, and am really looking forward to hearing about it when you do. Go slay some Dragons! ;)

  2. Thank you Lauren for sharing that experience with us, so we can consider the possibility of befriending the dragons. Your humility and authenticity is inspiring as always. :)

    • Chris! I just smile thinking of you. What a powerful energy and beautiful effect you have on others. :) Thanks for taking the time to read it. Dragons…sneaky, cheeky, beautiful little beasts. They are really very good “friends”. I am learning to love all my aspects. Including the ones that I have hidden for so long, and it feels nice. Thank you so much for embracing and supporting me in this. It boomerangs straight back at you!! xx

  3. I love this Lauren, thank you for putting yourself out there to share such a non-ordinary experience. I totally get it. What an insightful and transformative outcome! Certainly gives me hope that I can also shift some of those deep and dark dragons and call for help when I need it (and trust that it will come). Thanks again, will continue to follow your work! xx

    • Thank you for your kindness and encouragement Rachel. It was such a wonderful yet unusual meditation. You are right, it’s effect was so powerful and transformation and kept calling me to share it. My intuition and spiritual side has always been so important yet so private for many reasons and am grateful for people like you who meet me here. Thank you. Do trust. The kind of trust that has you knowing the sun is going to rise. Stuff just happens when you do!! xx

  4. Lauren, I loved your sic-fi tale (!) and power to you for sharing so openly and honestly. You’ve reminded me how finding stillness and quiet in meditation is so important for me to connect to my true, authentic power, and you’ve really inspired me to deepen my practice. Thank you! x

    • Thanks Tammy, It did take a little grit to put it out there. No matter as to whether it was “real” or not, magic happened…. and I guess that’s what counts. Oh, meditation is so yummy. Although, sometimes it’s not always as easy as you’d like to quiet the hustle in our heads and sink into it. Turn up for it if you are called too, who knows what may happen. Daily inner adventures are definitely up on my list of pleasure activities! Hahaha. Thanks for reading babe, appreciate your open-ness and support. xx

  5. Wow! Thank you for sharing this journey. It’s take courage to share a deep experience like that so I really appreciate it. I too am dealing with unworthiness right now. This message came at the perfect time.

    • Thanks Katie, It was a bit of a wild meditation that is for sure. So glad that the essence of the post connected with you though. The Unworthiness dragon is a funny little beast, a bit of hard work to wrangle, but you feel so liberated when you do. Keep exploring and adventuring.. you’ll make her your friend in no time. xx

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