Conversations with your Cosmic Crew.

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This post is a little personal. But I want to share it with you to show you, as an example of the never ending support, guidance and love continually gifted to all of us by our “Cosmic Team”.

Yep, I am talking about your Guides.

On the last full moon, which also happened to be Friday the 13th, my guides, who I chatter with all the time, gave me a little pep talk.

It went like this…

“This full moon is significant for you as it heralds an ending, a death and a birth, a beginning.

Though, it is not without caution, you have work to do. Commitment and focus on your thoughts and energy – this is your work, all else is second to this.

And we want to say Congratulations for getting here. You’ve worked hard, you’ve continued to return and pulled yourSelf through the muck, always stepping forward.

And most importantly, you’ve re-membered.
Yes, Re- Membered.

You’ve brought yourSelf back into Being. Having experienced the connection and disconnection you can clearly see how the distraction and False Evidence Appearing Real (fear) in society pulls you and your energy off course.

However, you have achieved in the order you requested experiences that led you from one desired place to the next. And yes, before you ask, rest assured, in all confidence that the other “orders” are on there way.

But this is the message – for those orders to reach you, you need to stay within the frequency band you requested those orders in to begin with. This is your vibration, caused by your thoughts and feelings. If you drop out of that frequency band through distraction you will not be present and available to receive your “order” from the Universe.

Continue to stay connected to You, your Truth, your aligned Soul purpose.  You understand and know this as a feeling that resonates within. Keep close always to this, and bountiful abundance, love and clarity will always be delivered to you.

Today marks not only the power of Friday the 13th, but a mid year full moon, where the energy of this moon is powerful, aligned in action and full of dynamic potential.

You have almost reached the peak of this hill , with a belly full of adventure and a scenic smooth fast paced run down hill. It is your job to steer your “vehicle” so to speak, ensuring you don’t get speed wobbles and fall off course.

Continue to connect.

Continue to cleanse and clear.

Continue to make connection. Reaching out.

Offering. Always offering yourSelf.

Keep going. Keep going. Keep going.

All is as it should be.
Deepest love to you.


How cool is that, right?!

I want to reassure you that I am not special.

We all have a Cosmic Team. And that team is speaking with us all the time in subtle ways – through our thoughts, feelings and signs and synchronicities.

And, they would LOVE to speak with you directly.

Like anything, it takes a little practise, but pretty much everything you know how to do took a little practise, didn’t it?!

Cleanse your chakra’s and energy field – this is like brushing your teeth.

Ground and centre.

Shift from your Head, down into your Heart.

Flex that Intuitive Muscle

And before long, you’ll be knee deep in conversation with your Cosmic Crew.

If you wanna know more about this or have your own experience to share- leave me a comment! I would love to hear.

Sunshine at you!


8 Comments to “Conversations with your Cosmic Crew.”

  1. Lauren, you guides were giving you such a beautiful message. I think they were talking to me too! Thank you dear heart for sharing, I’ve been poorly with a cold, and it was just what I needed to pick me up!

    • Louisa! I am so pleased that my guides conversation reached you. They were definitely talking to you too! I love how a message to someone can actually be a message for others, too. It’s like overhearing a snippet of a conversation or song and just know that it was speaking to you. Ahhhh, delicious. That’s for leaving a comment, I will be honest, sharing this kind of stuff makes me feel a little vulnerable and nervous at times, so you taking the time to pop in and leave a comment mean’s a lot. :) xx

  2. Hello lovely Lauren!! Only a few days ago, a lovely friend showed me how to “balance my chakras” this was a very simple and lovely process where, for the first time I ‘felt’ the energy and felt it shift. I could say this was my first experience in actually working with energies and was so happy to actually have felt it and connected with it. That evening I worked with my pendulum and the positive energy and guides around me. Another first experience and am loving the exploration! thanks for all your beautiful posts, love and inspiration.. definitely keep going :-) xx

    • Hooray! How cool! Oh, I have such a rush of excitement for you. I love that feeling of breaking “new ground” with something, especially metaphysical stuff and then how possibility and insight expand from it. It’s better than chocolate! This is so beautiful and such an adventure, journal it all babe. Keep me posted too! And if you have any questions about your energetic adventures that you feel I may be able to help with just holla! :) Love your support. Thank you x

  3. Hi Lauren, wow!! Your fb page has stumbled its way into my path and oh my goodness, how blessed I am that it has. I have sooo many questions that I dont even know where to start! I love that you have shared your conversation… and I completely understand how it makes you vulnerable (I swear my own family don’t get me most of the time) but please don’t stop… those of us who are open to philosophy of greater things, will always see your wisdom. I too am very interested in energies as I’ve recently started having some slightly bizarre experiences that I don’t know what to do

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