3 Soul Led ways to Rebel against Structure and Create more Flow

Living With Soul


You’re stalling and stuck up in your head.
Maybe,you’re in the pain place, swimming in the hurt.
Perhaps you want to come out of that shell of yours and show the world who you really are, but it feels unsafe.
Maybe, it just feels as though everything in your life is structured against you.

And its in these spaces we need to re-boot.

The tried and trusty restart button to slip us back in our bodies, back in our hearts.
To get the juices flowing again, to feel your creative power course through your veins. To know that, god damn, this is MY sweet precious life, and I’m gonna live it my way!

Structure and Flow. Structure to Flow. Lemme say this, there is Structure in Flow. The two go hand in hand. But getting all stuck up in the Structure leaves no room for flow.

So lets get out of the push and grind structure box, cause it’s leaving your body tired, your mind frazzled, and your heart exhausted. Who wants to swim up stream anyway? Let’s build our rafts organically, authentically, intuitively and slip down stream.

Embrace and Accept.

Ugh. I hear you sigh. Just give it a minute and you’ll see. Have a look around at your life. Inside and Out. Take stock. How’s it looking there for you? Wow, what a beautiful array of, well, crazy beautiful, right?.

Maybe your world isn’t entirely where you thought it would be by now. Maybe it is. Maybe, you’re still carrying a god almightily heavy load of long ago eff- ups, missed opportunities, and coulda, woulda, shoulda’s. Over and over they re-play up in you head. Those thoughts evoke emotions, (energy in motion) feelings, and generally not of the pleasant kind, your body responds, and no prizes for guessing what you’re vibe-ing now.

But I want to throw this out for you to consider….

Where you’re at right now is perfect. You’re on your way!
Go on, really open up your eyes. Breathe. Take a look around. See…..
There is all matter of tangible goods on the outside that you’ve manifested, and there’s a heap of amazingness internally just waiting to happen.

Getting stuck in the what might have beens, hurt or lack, not only has you locked into that low vibrating energy space, but also has you blind to all the blessings and magnificence floating your way everyday. And can I say lovelies, we only get more of what we ARE, not more of what we’re wanting. You got that? Sit on that one for a minute.

Embrace and Accept.
Stop shying away. Stop giving away your creative power. You are a radiant energetic creative Being. Resistance is what has you in that stuck space, that’s all. Open up to life. Open up to Flow. Accept, embrace and LOVE all that you have and all that you’ve created. Eff-ups and missed opportunities and all! When you relax into that, seeing and feeling the abundance, love, beauty, possibilities and potentials that have come out of your every choice, you will slip out of Stuck and slide into Flow.

Enquiry Question

Where are you stuck in the resistance of wanting, that you’re missing the flow of what you’ve received?

Why is my current situation just perfecto right now?
What is it allowing me to cultivate?
How can I milk the goodness out of it more?


Checking your Vibe.

Checking your Vibes is the easiest way to catch your thoughts.
We get so lost upstairs in our heads at times we become unaware that we’re stuck in a rut of a habitual thinking pattern, emitting great big vibes out to the Universe. And sometimes, not the kind of vibes we want to be radiating.

Set a new standard, and create a “checking in” habit. Link it to something as a prompt. For example, every time you eat, or look at the time, check in with how you’re feeling and adjust it.

Got some unhelpful shizz going round in your head? Here’s the opportunity to get creative, reframe those thoughts from rigid, lack and blocked to what’s available and what’s possible. And if you’re having trouble naming what’s possible in that moment, re-connect with who you are -(and thats) Love, Truth, Beauty, Creative energy and a force of nature sprung from the stars.

Next, tap into where you’re heading. You know it. You’re heading toward that overseas adventure, you’re heading toward meeting the love of your life, toward the journey of mummahood, toward launching your heart built business, connecting with your tribe, creating Soul Led Practices. You’re striding toward creating the expansive life you wish to live, with your unique and special kind of abundance, spontaneity and financial freedom and internal connection.

Feel it! Go on…. Right now, sink into that juiciness. Daydream it up! Feel it when you wake, swim in it as you re-adjust your vibe on lunch break, rest within that daydream space as you plop onto the train heading home. You know how it feels already, evoke it, radiate it, your brain knows no different, and the Universe responds to it! In fact, it activates the RAS (reticular activating system) part of your brain which instinctively scans for opportunities to support your goal.

And see how your, thoughts shift and your vibe changes. You are magnetic, baby!
You attract what you ARE. Not what you want. So BE the vibrating creative edge.

You are the Master Creator.

What’s stopping you? Name that dragon in your way. Shine the light on the little sucker because until you do, you wont be able to have that break though. Catch resistance out every time it kicks in and ask yourself, is it real, or is it just appearing real?.

You see, Life doesn’t just happen to you. You create it!

The truth of the matter is this, whatever you perceive is in your way, is actually the next ladder step up. It’s the super powered mushroom straight out of Mario Cart. Its another power tool to swing in your Tool kit. And it’s gonna have you raising momentum and cruising on Flow.

Intuitive Assistance – Seek Higher Help

Go inward. Connect to the part of yourself (The Higher Self) that has complete understanding, knowledge and awareness of the whole picture, internally and externally. This is you in your entirety. It is who you are now, and who are becoming. It knows the whole of you and your purpose and offers balanced guidance on all aspects of life.

Intuitively, move your focus from your head, down to your heart (centre of chest.)
Breathe. Be the Observer. The Watcher.
Offer up – “What is stopping me, and what can I do about it?”
The Higher Self, understands that it’s a non-physical block, more than it is a physical, that’s getting in the way. And it will have gentle, supportive and useful guidance to share with you.

So Bright Sparky Ones, I hope this finds you at the right time. We are all in this wild ride together, lets lean on each other, connect, create, build, rise.


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