“The Hungry Soul Syndrome” and How to Feed it.

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Ever find yourself seeking something you cant quite put your finger on? The kind of feeling that lingers ever so subtly underneath your skin.

Ever notice you feel irritable for no good reason, like there is a hunger internally for something, but you just don’t know what. So you shop, eat, throw yourself into work, drink, fill up your every moment just so that “thing” doesn’t pipe up any louder than it’s current volume of the annoying whisper you cant decipher.

Ever had this feeling hang around for so long you start to become moody, depressed, and unmotivated.

Me too.

Until I worked out what it was. My Soul was Hungry.

And now, through many years of actively feeding my Soul, I can quickly distinguish very clearly the difference between being depressed, in a transition or having a Hungry Soul. A Hungry Soul can lead to the experience of a what is called a Spiritual Depression. If unaddressed, it presents itself in much the same way as a clinical depression. Without addressing this Hunger, the internal crisis can escalate and be misdirected into a problem within a relationship or a workplace among other avenues. What I am going to call “The Hungry Soul Syndrome” is often linked to transition periods, either prior to entering them or during the exiting process. The Hungry Soul pipes up as a way to let you know that an area of your life, internally or externally or both needs to be looked at and healed, re-jigged, or simply that you need to expand your current world to allow more opportunities to be “in the flow”.

Think of it as an Usher, guiding you to your appropriate spot.

 We take care of our bodies by feeding it healthy fresh foods and movement, we take care of our minds by feeding it new information, aligned challenges and projects, but how do we feed our Soul?

 And what is feeding your Soul, anyway?

Well, the more important questions is … What is feeding your Soul to you?

While I am going to offer some basic fun, and easy confirmation techniques you can use to support you in feeding your Soul on a regular basis, what I believe is more important is taking the time to identify where in your life (past or present) you have participated in activities that nourished and nurtured your Soul. It is when you felt filled up on the inside, energised in a way that is long lasting, and ripples out into the other areas of your life with a renewed and refreshed vibrancy.

Soul Food can be…

Climbing a Mountain
Listening to your fave tunes,
or, Getting the dusty instruments out and jamming.
Physical activity, solo or group.
Going for a surf, a skate, a bike ride,
Playing a game of back yard footy with the kids, or your friends.
Painting, drawing, cooking, dancing
Creating and committing to your daily ritual. Expanding the variety in your daily ritual.


Honestly it can be anything. Spirituality does not “look” a certain way. So the list could go on forever, absolutely anything can be Soul Food! While there are Universal Soul Foods, such as Meditation, the cultivation of Presence and acting in Love, Peace and Kindness, there are tasty morsels of Soul Food that you will feed you up in a way that is unique and personal to your energetic, emotional and spiritual needs at that time.

For example, sometimes the various ways I regularly feed my Soul doesn’t always do the trick, and so, I tune in and see where I am guided. A visit to the Mountains for the day combined with a fresh creek swim will often fill that Hungry Soul hole. Other times its a run up Mt Tiprogargan, an early morning ocean swim, or a day in quiet contemplation where all do is take stock, ground, write, be present and tend to my home and children in a peaceful manner. These are all things I have had to learn, skill sets I’ve developed through the experience of clinical depression, spiritual depression and times of transition.

Here are three handy and supportive confirmation techniques you may like to try. I call them my Soul Food Tool Kit

Cards and Runes

Using cards of any kind can be a really insightful and helpful confirmation tool. Some cards I really love to use are Osho Zen and The Wild Unknown Tarot cards or Oracle cards by Toni Camine Salerno. And to spice it up every now and then I throw in some Rune action. And may I say, there are great cards out there for the men too!
Cards and Runes provide clear and directive insight to a situation or opportunity.
Firstly, Take time to quiet and still yourSelf and tune into the encompassing situation through centred feeling. Next asking a clear open ended, such as;

  • Can you provide me with further insight towards…
What do I need clarification on in regards to…
What was the meaning of…
  • How might I know when…
  • What was the lesson to be learnt from…
How can I improve upon my chances of…

When finding your Intuitive feet, read the cards guide book, however watch the thoughts and feelings that rise up as they are vital keys of information and guidance. As you develop and trust the information that comes to you in the forms of imagery feelings, and clear sentences begin to use this information over the guide book.

Daily Signs, Signals and Symbols


The Universe is ALWAYS speaking to you, it is only a matter of broadening our perceptions and being present. We are given Signs, Signals and Symbols during our daily adventures, it is simply a matter of requesting to the Big U, insight into the situation or decision you are presented with and activating that Heart of yours to be on the look out for them. Trust that a sign will be delivered, and that you will know intuitively what the guidance is.

Signs are like little taps on the shoulders to pull you up, or Universal winks, saying, hell yes, you’re on the right track! They will often appear repetitively over a period of time, really to bring that message home.

Signs can be;

A song on the radio, or lyrics that just pop into your head.
A sign (literal) to confirm a decision
An article you read
Any kind of visual material, especially ones that you are linked with.
Animals and objects.
Or conversations with different people what seem to have strange coincidences within the subject topic.

Sit on the information you have been given. Feel into it, break it down further, and reflect. Tune into your Heart, as well as your Head, and then set in motion actions that support the guidance should it align.

Automatic Writing


Automatic writing is a tool you can use to open to your guides or higher self to receive specific guidance and insight. It is something which requires practice – the first time I tried I got some random words and super short answers. Now, I can quickly tune in and write pages and pages full information and insight.
By dating the entries, you can always go back to check what you wrote and how it linked to what happened. I have lost count of the notebooks filled with channelled goodness about personal predictions to Universal information on connectedness and energy.

Feeding your Soul and connecting to and living from your Spirit isn’t “woo woo”. It is how we ensure we are balanced, holistically healthy, while honouring ourSelves and others.

And, if you have any questions you think I may be able to answer, or if you’d like to share your experiences, I would LOVE to know. This is about community and connecting, pop in and share in the comments if you feel called to, I’d love to meet you there.

So, folks – feed your heart out!

Lovin at you.


6 Comments to ““The Hungry Soul Syndrome” and How to Feed it.”

    • Oh Darling Anna! I would love to write more on automatic writing! And I will. I am so pleased you asked. I have learn so much through the process of Automatic writing. Personal insights from supportive and gentle guides, calling me out on some BIG BS. Amazing “tutorials” from the Universe delivered in all manners. As well as other “WOW that was cool” and helpful stuff. It just takes practise. Maybe I will do a step by step guide or something. :) xx

    • Hello there sir I find that your answers to this solution in particular is very interesting and I totally feel this way. I feel so empty knowing that I have not accomplished anything in life so far to the point that I get depressed and cry at times no job I left school recently and things are hard on my side. And all of a sudden something popped up in my head bout soul food and began to research, I don’t only feel emotionally like physically but also spiritually as well. I would be so honored if u could help me.

  1. Hi Lauren, I loved this post. I am wondering if you do meditation groups/guided meditations. I am very eager to learn more about it. I have done guided meditations before but when im at home I struggle with it and I dont know how to bridge that gap. Any tips/hints would be greatly appreciated. xoxo

    • Hey Jess! I would LOVE to do guided meditations! And have thought about offering this a lot, it would just depend on the level of interest it would receive.

      Might sit on it, and potentially put my feelers out as to see if there was enough people interested. Thanks for asking. I have to say that is the best way to increase inner connection and intuitive receptivity. xx

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