Tending our Genius – Your Way or Their Way.

Living With Soul


As an Intuitive there is not one individual that I’ve come across that isn’t a genius.

It’s just how we have chosen as a society to measure genius that has us blinded to it within ourSelves and others.
And that is something that I’m all about shifting.

You see, Genius is a Latin word that the Romans believed came from God and denotes to an inner spirit, that is holy and inviolable. It is something that lies within us, and if allowed, guides us to our calling. It is the vessel that holds our “being-in-potential”.

Genius is within everyone who creates, and you see, we all create. It is only a matter of how much dedication, time and focus we spend tending our genius that allows us to know it, experience it and share it with the world.

For the most part, we fortunate Westerners are in the position to be safe, prosperous and comfortable, with our energies no longer tied up in surviving. Boredom and resistance are perhaps our only threat with which we have attempted to placate, alongside the still emptiness and churning hunger of our genius with consumerism. And the more we become involved in the game of “keeping up with the Jone’s” the more latent, idle and shell like we become.

So that feeling, that may just be a feeling right now, ready and waiting for you to give youSelf permission to explore – that is your genius!

It aligns with your highest truths. It is the expression of your essence, it is the way that you choose to live your life, the way in which you care for yourself and others and the contribution you wish to share with the world.

Do not deem and measure your genius based on what society has categorised and classed genius to be. Measure it only by how good it feels within you. How much energy it generates from within and how twinkled toed you become once you unleash it.



Warning: Worst enemies of Genius are, Resistance. Self Doubt. Rational Thought.
Best friends of Genius : Intuition. Creativity & Commitment. Day dreaming.

How to coax out your Genius….. With the goodies and the baddies.


I spoke about this fella last post. He lurks everywhere. Our world expands to the degree we allow ourselves to embrace uncertainty. And it is in our ability to distinguish between
what I name as “Positive Resistance / Positive Fear” and “In-congruency / Out of Alignment.”

“Positive Resistance” is when something deep within YEARNS to be experience, but the fear of taking a step towards it is large. This is when we must embrace and act!

“In-congruency / Out of Alignment” is when something is not in the interest of your encompassing wellbeing.

Self Doubt

It’s insidious. It renders us stuck and it weakens our ability to dream about what living unleashed would look like.
This here sums up exactly what I wish to say about self doubt….

“ A child has no trouble believing the unbelievable, nor does the genus or the madman. It’s only you and I, with our big brains and our tiny hearts, who doubt and overthink and hesitate.” Anonymous .

Rational Thought.

Well, your genius is quite possibly laying under Rational Thought, still, quite and not used as often as it would wish.
Don’t throw Rational thought away, just set it aside momentarily as you dive to your depths.

Intuition and Connection.

Go within. You know what I mean, I know you do!

Align with your greatness. Allow the mortal, of flesh and blood you to disintegrate to make way for the Universe.


And whilst we cant be sure, where else do you suppose Leonardo Da Vinci went when he concocted his works of art. Or Beethoven with his Fifth Symphony? And what about that awesome jiggy song we all bop too, even if you don’t dig it (c’mon, I know you do…) “Happy” by Pharrell. My only summation of where is here… to the infinite-ness of our Being. To the part of us, that just IS the Universe, with all its magnificence, beauty, knowledge and wisdom.

Steven Pressfield urges “We want to work from the Self, that is, from instinct and intuition, from the unconscious. For the deeper the source we work from, the better our stuff will be – and the more transformative it will be for us and for those we share it with.”

Creativity and Commitment.

Explore, explore, explore!

What were the activities, places and foods you loved to partake in as a child? As a teenager? As a young adult? And “Lock it in Eddie!” as a highlighted part of your regular routine.

Committing to creativity was something we never had to consider until we became all Rational Thought and Routine like, we just did it, and we did it at every opportunity we had. The freedom, the excitement, the uncertainty. Oh the fun, as we clumsily commenced a new endeavour, the fist pumping when we aced it, the thrill of momentarily falling into another world. These places, are all linked to our genius, and deserve to be given kudos.

Committing to creativity in all it’s heights and depths is not time wasting! Encouragement or envy of it in others, indicates it’s time to get involved.



Your desires reflect what’s truest about you.
Those daydreams you have about your ideal life is life affirming and vitalising… nut them out, for within them holds your genius. Your genius naturally encapsulates the kind of abundance, wealth, prosperity, wild wicked fun or calm soothing peace you desire.

Einstein (among so many many many other genius’s) believe that using your imagination is very good for wellbeing.

You right now, in this moment, and in every moment are standing at a fork in the road.
The white peeling painted sign above has two arrows pointing in either direction.
With you being behind the wheel you can trust that you will get exactly what it is you’re attracting on either path, however you will experience it a varying degree’s of “realness”. So you have a choice. One arrow states “Their way” and points in one direction. The other says “Your way” and points in the opposite direction.

Both have their merits. One path is proven, safe, stable, secure. It might save you a little bit of heart ache and time, but time for what? The path that says “Your way” is uncharted, so what lies ahead cannot be imagined. Its a touch “fly by the seat of your pants”, it summons creativity, intuition and all of your skill. But it reveals all of your might, your strength, your love, your creativity your passion and your compassion. It locates your genius.

So, which path do you think will be more fun, have more heart rushes and belly laughs, boogie traps and breath taking scenery? It is why we LOVE Indiana Jones, and every other path forging adventurer, right?

Their way? or Your way?

Much love to ya,
Lauren x

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