Beautiful, simple morning & evening rituals to start & end your day.

Living With Soul


Everyday living is important.

We shouldn’t wait to enjoy ourselves or our life until the weekend or an exciting event or holiday. Life should be loved everyday. And more importantly, your life and your unique take on it should be enjoyed and expressed at every opportunity.

To me, Rituals are routines with Soul.

They are a space we create that reflects our essence and brings to us and our world connection, depth, clarity, expansion, peace, joy and a sense of calm centred-ness. Rituals are a way we develop and experience meaning in our world, to our environment and the people we surround ourselves with.

They can also be a supportive tool when we are going through a transition period, needing to centre and calm after a crazy work day or disagreement, or when seeking clarity around a decision that needs to be made.

Personally, ritual is now a part of my everyday. The benefits have far outweighed the initial effort it took to commit and carve out time for, and I have no doubt that you will experience the same.

So consider this….. how do you wish to begin and end your day?
How do you want to feel going into your workday, your weekend?
How do you want to feel before you rest your weary head?

Here a few Rituals you may wish to consider….

Warm water and Freshly squeezed Lemon


Yum! What a way to start these cooler mornings too. Swap the morning coffee for something zesty and nourishing. With every sip feel it awakening your digestive system, and gently warming you from the inside out. Lemon juice aids in flushing out unwanted materials and toxins from the body. It encourages the liver to produce bile which is an acid required for digestions, as well as being a great source of vitamin C.

Starting your morning with some warm water and freshly squeezed lemon juice, you’re supporting your immune and digestive system, as well as replenishing the natural loss of fluid overnight. When you’re body is deprived of water, you may feel the side effects, which include; feeling sluggish, constipation, lack of energy, lack of mental clarity and feeling stressed.

Why not ease into your day with some warm water and Lemon.

For a dash of magic….. visualise the Lemony goodness travel throughout your body, gently waking up your cells. And in between each sip, breathe in deep rhythmic belly expanding breaths of crisp morning air.

Grounding / Earthing


 After spending a night in the clouds dreaming, taking a few minutes out in the morning to ground your energy to the Earth increases clarity, calm and energy along with reducing stress, it improves blood pressure and blood flow and aids in healing along with many other benefits. And the process of grounding is now scientifically backed up and supported. Essentially, Grounding is spending time connected to a grounding element such as Earth.

Historically, we used to connect with the Earth for large portions of our day. However due to the busyness of our lives, and lifestyle changes such as living in houses, wearing shoes, and the growing exposure of electro magnetic fields along with direct contact with Mumma Earth and her healing qualities has decreased. This results in a build up of excessive positive charge in the form of positive free radical electron levels held within our bodies and field. For the same basic reason that we ground electrical outlets to avoid the build up of excess positive charge, our bodies need the same grounding elements as well.

Have you ever noticed that you sleep better on holidays after spending the day walking and playing on the beach or connecting with nature? Well, this has something to do with it.

So, before upping the anti of your day, or before you go to rest of an evening, take some time out to stand, sit or lay on the Mumma of all Mumma’s. Open yourself up to receiving all her balancing goodness and give thanks for all the ways she supports you.



Meditation prises open parts of you that you haven’t yet discovered, yet at the same time, feel like you’ve known all along. Guidance lands gently in your lap. Your energy shifts, fear subsides, clarity flows in. You sit closer to truth. You feel different. More whole. Your cup is filled, first, from within, rippling outwards. You expand creatively, magically….

Kick starting the day and/or easing into it’s ending through Meditation is a beautiful way to develop deeper personal and energetically anchorage to yourSelf.  The studies and research on meditation clearly demonstrate the vast and powerful impacts meditation can have not only on our individual selves, but also on collective consciousness. And, I’m all about raising personal and global consciousness!
However, we can experience resistance “quiet time” as we live in a society full of sensory stimulation continually encouraging our focus to be external whilst meditation is about cultivating coherence, mindfulness and adventures of the inner kind. So, simply starting with as little as 5 minutes a day will result in many lasting benefits, such as;

Better focus and memory. As meditation is a Practise of Presence. It is the art of focusing our attention and being aware of when it drifts, which then ripples out also improving our focus when we’re not meditating as well! Meditation also increases to larger amounts of gray matter in specific area’s of the brain. Gray matter leads to more positive emotions, longer lasting emotional stability as well as heighten focus during daily life and the reduction of age-related effects and cognitive decline.

Less Anxiety. Meditation actually loosens connections of particular neural pathways, located in the medial prefrontal cortex that process information relating to ourselves and our experiences. Simultaneously we strengthen the connection between our Assessment Centre (the reasoning part of our brain) When we meditate we weaken the “Me Centre’s” neural connection which means that we don’t react as strongly to sensations, experiences, emotions that may have once lit up this neural area. So when we experience a stressor we have more capacity to simply observe the rise and fall of the stressor without immediately stepping into anxiety overdrive.

More Creativity. Meditation allows us to be able to receive more inspired idea’s and creative outlets and processes through the conscious participation of re-aligning ourselves and opening ourself up to a receptive state of awareness. Have you ever noticed that the creative solution you’ve been racking your brain for lands in your lap when you are doing a “meditative” activity, like gardening, going for a walk, doing the dishes or partaking in an activity that naturally quiets the mind…

More Compassion. Research on meditation has shown that empathy and compassion are higher in those who practice meditation regularly. Whilst there is a whole lot of study been conducted on how the brain responds to meditation and it’s direct link to the empathetic and compassionate centres of our brain, I can personally vouch that my empathy and compassion for all living beings (plants, animals, humans) has increased because I now see my direct connection to them. And this has been incredibly life enhancing!

Spiritual connection. Meditation is a direct tool and pathway to be able to tune into ourSelves, and access the knowledge, wisdom and clarity of insight to support us in attuning to the our authenticity and unique expression and gently revealing direction to be able to action creating alignment, harmony and balance within our lives. Meditation is a vehicle through which we are able to raise our energetic vibration and access planes of consciousness that beyond our Earthly plane.



This is something I’m going to write a whole blog about, because it is an incredibly powerful way to work with the unseen Universal energies, create and project “blueprint” pathways and to develop momentum in the direction you are wishing you life to head towards. But for simplicity’s sake,  try beginning or ending you day through creating a space to intentionally daydream within. An intentional daydream is where you sink into your internal world and visualise yourself in a “moving mediation” creating, living and experiencing it in a detailed fashion. It’s through evoking and engaging your emotions and senses energy is built,  creating a foundational platform and tool to use to call forth and manifest the life your heart desires.

Yoga or Intuitive Movement.


Seeing as we are talking about morning and evening rituals, it is nice to incorporate an element of gentle movement to awaken our bodies, activate our meridian and lay lines and stimulate energy. It is also a beautiful way to release any built up tension and stress held within our muscles and encourage communication and harmony between our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers. Yoga, stretching or any form of gentle intuitive moment combined with rhythmic breath is an easy and supportive way to cultivate presence and promote calm.

As a Morning Ritual, use stretching to iron out stiffness or kinks you may have. You may wish to combine this gentle movement with setting intentions you have for the day ahead through visualisation.

As an Evening Ritual, use stretching as a relaxation technique prior to hopping into bed to release any built up stress and tension held in your body, clear any lingering mental and emotional energy and prepare your spiritual and energetic layers for the dream state where your brain slows to the delta frequency.

Going inward is going home.

Through developing the connection to you and all your Inner Hues, the world will open up and the Universe will step in with a bag of alchemy. Sliding in a few simple life enhancing rituals into your day will see subtle yet profound shifts unfurl.


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