5 Signs You’re in Transition

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Ah… take a breath. A big one. One as large as you. (and you’re pretty big)

Now exhale the excess. Let go of the day, the last moment, the last hour, the last minute.
You’re here. And you’ve chosen to be here. So relax and give yourself this moment.
Thats it…..

You’re growing. As we speak. And it’s beautiful and unseen.

But growth is rarely straight forward, and often disguised as chaos, a feeling of irritability, confusion, and moodiness, among many other things. We feel “in a slump” depressed, continually tired with little energy.

I get it. Really I do. But I want to reassure you that all is okay. You are most likely in Transition .

So, what is Transition. Well, Im almost certain that can be described many different ways, from one person to the next. And that is an important detail to consider, that each person experiences transitions uniquely to them, and differently from one Transition period to the next. However there are some common characteristic of the process of Transitioning.

First, allow me to share with you the dictionary meaning of Transition;

The word Transition comes from the Latin word Transire, which means “to go across”. And that is exactly what is happening, you are “going across” an uncharted period of your life, no matter how large or small. It is the process and period of changing from one state or condition to another.

The definition of Transition in relation to music is also useful, described as being; “A momentary modulation from one key to another.” (Perhaps this could be seen as transition from one vibrationary state to another?)

Physics use the word to depict “a change of an atom, nucleus, electron from one quantum state to another, with emission or absorption.

Wow, to me, all three definitions encompass various attributes of ourSelves as Human Beings, and what it entails to be in Transition.

But being in transition can feel like rubbish. We don’t need to jazz it up. It’s crap. But it’s worth passing through.

So here it is, 5 Signs you’re in Transition….

Lack Life Lustre

You’re feeling, flat, there is a lack of energy or interest in your day to day life. You’re dragging yourself out of bed in the mornings and scowling at the chipper bunch of joggers, cyclists and dog walkers you pass on the way to work. It’s the all day yawn even when you know you’ve had enough sleep. The inability to experience yourself, your loved ones, your life through meaningful connection, that spark, you once had. You know it, you’ve outgrown activities, friends, workplaces. You feel blocked, stifled, constricted in varying degrees. Starved almost. And as you scan the landscape of your world there is a level of disinterest in the things that once had you enthralled and passionately involved in.


Perhaps you’ve gone off your food, or your eating has taken to extremes.Perhaps it’s “empty eating” in an unconscious attempt to “fill” the unexplainable void that’s coming from somewhere. Maybe it’s the void where all the socks go. You’re gobbling foods high in sugar to give you the momentary “pep me up” “feel good” energy you’re craving. Only to crash and burn, prompting more sugar hunting like an addicted fiend. Often our eating reflects our internal states and a beautiful indication of how we are treating ourselves.

Food, and my relationship with food is often my first signal letting me know I’m in the process of transitioning across something, no matter the scale of transition. I may not have even be consciously aware that I’ve been out of sorts until I take note of my eating behaviours. It’s always such an incredible insight!


Your emotions are erratic. Your moods are swinging from pillar to post, with everything in-between. Tears, fear, anger, joy burst like popping candy and sometimes for no apparent reason. There is a continual underlying discontentment or uncomfortability that is present even when you are “meant” to be feeling happy or content. Often transitions make themselves known through your level of tolerance and irratibility as well.

Fear and Pain

Transitions are often periods in our life that we link to the experience of pain and fear. It is the uncharted-ness of the waters we are crossing, that we face the uncertainty of initially not knowing what’s next, or knowing what we need to do, but uncertain and overwhelmed by fear of how we are to do it.

This is completely normal and natural, and a survival instinct that is in built in to keep us safe. However, if we allow ourselves to buy into “survival mode” our lives begin to reflect this. We live to just get by, rather than inspire.

Transitions take a level of courage and bravery. And simply in viewing Fear and Pain as our friends filled with information for us to draw upon makes all the difference. It is our perceptions and the relationship we choose to have with uncomfortability that makes room for transformation.

Yearning Soul.

Often times it is our Soul’s desire for growth and expansions that propels us forward into the unknown landscapes. It’s the continuing niggle that you may have had for years about something you need to change, alter, discard, move toward, step into, create and embrace – and let me say this does not and will not go away.

Us funny little humans have a real knack for being able to manage the “niggling” whispers of our Soul that lay present yet unexpressed within, yet we placate and bribe those internal whispers with substances, shopping, food, entertainment .

But it gets boring, you know you want more and you know that you are the more you want.

My curiosity always lays in wondering how would I,  and my life be different if I was to take the leap of faith and explore what my Soul is whispering.

And, can I reassure you, if it is coming from a Soul space it is safe, loving, in your best interest and most likely an element you chose to experience and be the expression of before you were Earth bound.

Be brave Wild Heart. Sail those uncharted seas with the swagger of a peg legged pirate, on a mission to hunt for gold.

Enjoy the skullduggery, or holla for help!

Lauren x


Your internal Landscapes are, if not more beautiful than any external landscape. Explore them. x

4 Comments to “5 Signs You’re in Transition”

  1. Lauren, your timing is perfect. I was just talking to someone yesterday about transition. You have nailed what I am feeling and experiencing! Thank you for helping me make sense of it all. Xx

    • Oh, so pleased it hit home. It’s a funny old thing Transition isn’t it, it’s always the ebb and flow… Ride it out babe, there is gold at the end of it. Thank you for sharing with me where you’re at. Big love to you. x

  2. Hey Lauren,
    Thanks for sharing this, it covers the essence of what I was asking about on Wednesday when you were speaking about the natural ebb and flow of life.
    You kind of hinted at it and my experience is that some transitions can last for years and that Resistance does cause some of us to drag it out way beyond its natural time.
    I wonder as well if the change that is necessary becomes inevitable anyway and is this when life kind of forces a change on us that might seem to be catastrophic.(because we forgot to notice or listen to the 5 signs and to welcome the transition instead of fighting to avoid or prevent it)

    • Andrew, you are so on to it! And yes, it is a brief summary of our beautiful little discussion the other day in our session. Resistance is such a sneak, and if we’re not onto him we’ll linger in places longer than necessary. Love your insights. Thanks for sharing them. :)

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